Written by LoverLou

29 Dec 2012

Are you worth another story? Yes my lover, always.

I was nervous, this was our second meet and the first had been so good. Could I live up to his memories and expectations? I was expecting to go out to dinner and the cinema, but as you will see that did not happen. The idea of the meet was to get to know together a bit better, socially, and start a friendship. He arrived at 3.30pm; I was dressed in my favourite skirt, top and underwear. I opened the door, and oh my! He was more gorgeous than my memory did justice. He smelt wonderful, and his smile was amazing. He had a twinkle in his eye that told me he was just as excited as I. Anyone that knows me will tell you that I am a very tactile person, but X reached for me before I could move, and I just melted into his embrace. Even when I wear heels he is taller than me and I have to reach up to kiss him, mmmm so sexy.

We went indoors and I made tea, well at least I tried to. His hands were all over me, my arse, legs, around my waist and up to my boobs. Oh so good, a gentle but greedy touch. I backed into him, rubbing my bum against his hard cock and hearing him groan with wanton pleasure. I handed him a cup and taking him by the hand, led the way to my bedroom. Putting our drinks down, I turned into his embrace and we kissed. Not hard, demanding, over-the-top kisses, but gentle, exploring, enticing kisses. His hands on my hips, lifting my skirt, stroking my legs until he reached my stocking tops, I felt him smile against my lips and knew he appreciated my efforts.

He broke away from the kiss and turned me, so now he stood at my back, wrapping me in his powerful arms. I was in heaven. His hands never stopped moving and never left my body, I felt gorgeous, sexy and very feminine. I bent over, bracing my hands on the bed and pushing my arse harder into his hard cock, as he held my hips and pushed back. Oh goodness it was so erotic; I was wet and very aroused. He lifted my skirt to reveal my bum, and allow himself access to stroke, slap and explore. I needed more kisses so stood and turned once more into his arms. I then had a very naughty thought, putting my hands on his chest I pulled back and smiled. Then slowly I bent my knees.......

I went down and releasing his hard, large, wonderful cock took him into my mouth. Mmmmm, he tastes so very good. My body was reacting in ways that are foreign to me, I wanted him so badly. I eventually released him and lay back on the bed, there was no hesitation, and he wanted me as much. He stripped and came at me, his beautiful body warm and welcoming. Kissing me as he settled over me, I felt him relax with a sigh, as if he had been as nervous as I.

When he entered me it felt so good, we both just stopped and felt each other. Two puzzle pieces fitting so perfectly. He hit all the right sports as he began to move slow and languid, pulling out to the tip and then thrusting deep into me. I came so easily.

We made ourselves more comfortable on the bed, cuddled and chatting easily. His hands were never still and stroked every part of my body. When his fingers went into my hair and massaged the back of my neck I lost the ability to talk. In previous conversations he had mentioned coming in my mouth, this is something I find hard but had thought to try. I pushed him onto his back and explored his body. Stroking his hairy chest, teasing his nipples, down over his abs and hips to his strong legs. He lay back and just let me enjoy touching him, a man confident in himself and pleased to be making me happy. I smiled and then holding his cock in one hand I took him back into my mouth. Slowly I sucked him deep into my hungry mouth, he moaned softly and I felt his cock twitch. I used my hand and mouth in unison, making him harder and his moans became louder. His hands were in my hair, not pushing or severe but caressing and caring. After a short time he told me he was going to cum, usually I would pull back but I sucked again. Oh my! The taste of him! When he had finished, I looked up and he was completely still, eyes just glazed, his breathing shallow. Oh no, what had I done? Was that wrong? “I am sorry, I thought......” I did not know what I had done, I was at a loss.

“Sorry? What for? Never be sorry.” He now seemed as confused as I.

“You are so still, are you angry?” This had been my past experience. “Have I done something wrong?”

“Nothing you do or say can ever be wrong,” he reassured me “I just need a moment to come back down.” He teased with a big grin and wrapped me up in his warm embrace.

Relaxing and teasing each other we just enjoyed each other’s company for a time. Then the kisses became more urgent, his hands more eager. “Where is your toy?” This is something we did not get around to doing on our first meet. I found my toy and handed it over to him, then was catapulted into the oblivion of orgasmic bliss. I came so hard and fast, each one on top of the previous. As he held the vibe on my clit he sucked my left nipple into his mouth. Being so very aroused I squirmed and arched into his mouth. Taking full advantage he sucked, licked and nibbled to his heart’s content, knowing that I can only tolerate that kind of attention when fully aroused. Finally he allowed me back to earth and I was a gelatinous mess beside him. Laughing he pulled me onto his stomach and held me, stroking my back.

When I came round I realised that we had been in bed for 6 hrs. I was hungry and knew he must be too. We went out, got food and came back to eat it. Sitting on the sofa cuddled up, relaxing was so natural. We just fit. As we sat I felt his hands still on me and knew he was still aroused. We went back to bed and lay with each other for a time. I held his hands, looking, stroking, admiring, we compared his against mine. The best thing about his hands is that they reach for me.

We were teasing and tickling each other; we wrestled and struggled in the bed with loads of laughter. Then in one very smooth move I was pulled on top of his hips and his cock nudging against my moist pussy. I did not fight to get away but bent down to kiss him as he entered me. I sat up and reached behind me, stroking his balls, as his thumb rubbed my clit. I closed my eyes and let my head fall back. I felt him shift under me and was surprised to hear my toy. I looked up and saw the mischief in his eyes as he held it to my clit. I had never felt anything so damn erotic. He was hard and warm inside me, and my vibe was massaging my clit. I came so hard I squirted making a mess over everything. He groaned as he felt my inner muscles squeeze his cock. “Better get off.” He instructed, and as I did he came. Wow!!!

The night lasted much longer and we made love so many times. We have become friends and I am sure there will be more memorable adventures to come. Watch this space for what he thinks of my new sexy, corset dress. By the way the title is a joke between Nora and an old pair of socks. Lol