Written by pissed of boyfriend

6 Nov 2014

My girlfriend and I have often chatted about spicing things up sex wise and have even talked about signing up even if its to send photo's and chat but now I have to tell you something in order to get your views on whether this is going too far. I work for a wealthy business man and his wife. He is 64 and she's 59.

They have a fantastic house with a cinema room and indoor pool. Its hard working for him, he's very demanding and likes to get his own way. As his assistant I've been to his house a few times but have been trying to get a promotion to personal assistant which means more perks and about a £5k pay rise. Ever since he met my girlfriend Emma he has insisted I bring her along to his house for a meal. Emma is the love of my life, she's 24 gorgeous has a figure to turn heads and has nice small but firm boobs. Well we agreed to go to his house for a meal but the week before this invite turned into a weekend 'get to know you' event as he called it. He felt it was important that if I was to be his personal assistant he got to know me better. We arrived on Friday and it went really well, the boss, his wife and Emma got on well which was good for me. He was obviously very taken with Emma and flirted like crazy which his wife seemed to encourage.

When we used the pool the boss would make sure he was there as well and would make any excuse to nudge up to Emma, putting his arm round her and stuff and she was loving the attention. That evening Emma and I talked about how taken he was with her and she said she though he was very nice, fun and handsome.

I told her it was important to me that she be really nice to him and put up with him, she said she would if I insisted . He took Emma to show her the grounds whilst his Mrs make dinner and after a couple of hours they came back. I asked her how they got on and she told me she thought he was amazing and very funny if a bit touchy feely.

By this point I was getting concerned, this was a bit weird and I told Emma this but she shrugged it off. He suggested I help his wife with the dishes so not wanting to blow my chances I did as I was told and very carefully spoke to her about it. She told me in no uncertain terms not to get in the way if I wanted to get the position. That evening he suggested they jump in the pool but told me I had to write a report about his schedule for the coming month. I looked at Emma and she told me not to worry that she would be nice and ran out to the pool room. I turned to him to say something and he just looked at me and said 'I thought my wife told you not to get in the way'. The way he said it was very cold so I did what I was told.

I tried to write but after about 20 min or so I gave up and made my way to the pool just to see if Emma was ok, what I saw was devastating. Emma was completely naked sandwiched between him and his wife everyone being very touchy, Emma's hand was underwater but she was obviously tossing him off and he was having a good feel of her tits. His wife had her arms round her waist rubbing herself against her.

I hid behind the curtains as they walked to the side of the pool and watched my beautiful sexy girlfriend lay on her back and his 59 year old wife, who in fairness has a decent body, go down on her sucking her pussy with Emma thrusting herself at her, I didn't know Emma was into women. He took hold of Emma head and fed his cock into her mouth. I looked on as this wrinkly old mad fucked my girlfriends face before he took his wife place and started to eat her pussy.

I was so shocked I had to sit on the floor and watch as he pulled her into the pool and positioned himself so she was wedged between him and the edge of the pool. I watched as he lifted her up slightly her eyes closing as he let her back down obviously impaling her on his cock. He rocked back and forward fucking Emma whoo was squealing hanging onto him her legs wrapped round his sagging waist. His wife standing at Emma side squeezing and sucking her firm boobs. I have to admit I was jealous but hard at the same time.

This old mad fucked my girlfriend like a rabbit banging her as quickly as he could until he let out a groan clearly cumin inside her and Emma a laud squeal which she does when she cums. The old man moved away obviously knackered after his exertion and his wife took his place. They kissed full on clearly fingering each other before she fed her large but less than firm tits into Emma's mouth. I left them to it and just sat in the other room waiting for half an hour before he walked in with a towel round him and gave me a wink. They didn't hide anything, the last night I slept on my own and Emma joined them in their room clearly fucking them again !