Written by Debbie

31 Jan 2012

My name is Debbie, I am 50 this year, 5'7” and slim, my legs are quite long and toned from hours spent in the gym. My 32c boobs are mercifully still firm and pert, with little pink upturned nipples. I have short, currently honey blond hair, you'd be unable to find my natural hair colour by looking at my pussy because I always keep it completely smooth. I have worked in sales for the last thirty years, driving the length and breadth of the country in various jobs in that time and, come to think of it, have probably had sex in every county in England. I separated from my husband about a year ago, and wish I'd done it sooner, arguments, separate bedrooms, sex non existent. I say no sex, at least not with him. Occasionally I'll let a client fuck me, if I fancy them, to secure an order, as I had done over the years, but that was getting less frequent as I got older. I'd always had a high sex drive and missed sex desperately, as a result I masturbate at least once a day, using just my fingers or vibrators, depending where I am.

I'd been out on a few dates, hadn't really hit it off with any of them, though I went to bed with them and had sex, none of it particularly memorable. I spent last Christmas and New year with my elderly parents, so no opportunity for sex. Last Friday, I was running early, returning to our office, just to drop things off, then home for the weekend. Being a Friday afternoon I didn't want to get back to the office before about four forty five. As I'd done numerous times in the past I pulled off the motorway and drove to a forest park about 5 minutes drive away to waste an hour. Being a January afternoon it was as I expected, deserted except for one empty parked car. I parked well away from it in a corner, left the engine running, heater on, lowered the drivers window an inch or two, listening to the radio.

The previous night, after going without sex since before Christmas, I'd struck lucky and met a guy I've known for a few years. He's about 15 years younger than me, travels around covering a similar territory and we probably bump into each other two or three times a year, usually ending up in bed fucking. I was sitting in the car thinking about the previous night, his lovely thick cock, how he'd fucked me twice, bringing me to orgasm several times. My hand strayed to my pussy, rubbing myself through my skirt, as I daydreamed. That was enough to get my juices flowing, a quick look around, no one about. I unzipped my skirt, lifted my bum and tugged it up around my waist, pushing my panties down to my knees, then ran my hands up my thighs to the bare skin above my stockings. I parted my legs, looking down at my smoothly shaved pussy framed by black suspenders and ran a finger along my gash, Mmm nice and wet. I quickly pushed the seat back as far as it would go, and reclined the seat back. A final look around still deserted as I lay back, head below window height, hidden from view.

I like to touch my tits when I play with myself so undid my blouse to the waist, unclipped the front fastening on my bra and released my boobs. With one hand I caressed my tits, teasing the nipples erect, with the other I began to masturbate. A bit risky but I’d done it there and other places before and that was part of the turn on for me. I could feel my hard clitty under my fingers, as I stroked my pussy before sliding a couple of fingers into my slippery hole. I pushed a third finger in masturbating, now with my eyes shut, fantasising I was being fucked, squeezing my tits, pinching my nipples hard. I could feel the lovely tingling sensation I get building, a warmth spreading from my pussy, as I started to breath more heavily. I fingered myself harder, pushing my fingers in my cunt, moving my other hand from my tits, frigging my engorged clitoris. I cum far more quickly masturbating than from being fucked, my fingers flashing in and out of my pussy, the only thing on my mind satisfying my sexual urge. A moan of pleasure, then another, a flush of heat, centred on my cunt, spreading out over my stomach, my tits I knew would be flushed pink. I could feel my nipples get even harder as my orgasm started and I clamped my thighs together, thrusting against my fingers as I came.

I lay, clamping and unclamping my thighs, my fingers still in my pussy as my orgasm subsided and my breathing returned to normal. I don’t know why, perhaps a noise, but I suddenly had a feeling I was being watched. I opened my eyes looking at me was a man, thirtyish, wearing a waxed jacket and cap, a grin from ear to ear. I don't know why, initial shock, but I just burst out laughing, “Enjoy the show did you?” He'd seen everything, had obviously enjoyed watching me masturbate. He was quite nice looking and didn't turn away when I moved my hands. Rather than embarrassment I felt exhilaration that I'd actually been caught wanking, getting a kick out of displaying myself to a complete stranger.

I let him have a good look, opening my legs wider so he could see how wet my cunt was, relieved I'd taken the time to shave my pussy the previous evening. I rummaged in my bag, found a tissue, slowly dried my pussy while he watched, before pulling my panties up. I still had my tits uncovered, wriggling to pull my skirt from around my waist to below my stocking tops. He was still watching me, “What are you. The local perve?” I asked with a giggle, through the gap in the window. “No just an innocent passer by, who happened upon an apparently empty car, with the engine running with a not so innocent woman wanking inside” he replied cheekily, looking at my tits, before continuing “Do you come here often?” emphasising “Cum” a dirty grin on his face “I cum here most weeks and other places” I told him suggestively with a wink, easing my tits into the cups, doing up my bra and buttoning my blouse. I moved my seat to its original position, put my seatbelt on, car into gear, lowered the window beckoning him closer. I really fancied the look of him, he certainly wasn't a member of the dirty mac brigade. I reached out, squeezed his prick through his trousers, finding it rock hard and promisingly large. I let go of him and called, “I'll be here same time next week if you want to watch again and maybe you can show me what you've got in your trousers” As I started to drive off he threw a folded piece of card through the car window which landed in my lap.

I drove about 200 yards before stopping, out off his sight and opened the piece of card. Printed on it was his first name, Marcus and his mobile number. I put it on the passenger seat, went to the office then returned home, taking his card with me. I left it on my bed, thinking about ringing him after I showered. I prepared something to eat, still undecided. Two or three glasses of wine later and I went up to my bedroom, fetched my favourite vibrator from the dressing table and laid on the bed naked, my phone next to me. I touched my pussy, already moist from thinking about Marcus, how big his cock might me and how nice it would feel in my pussy. I started to masturbate, just using my fingers, then my vibrator, fucking myself with it until I came. I grabbed my phone and took a picture of my wet gaping pussy. Before I could change my mind, I sent it to Marcus with a message, “Remember me?” Nothing happened immediately then about 10 minutes later my phone went off. A reply and a picture “How could I forget. I think I have something you'd like. Ring me if ur interested” I looked at the picture. Interested!!! was an understatement. A picture of his erect prick, held in his hand, probably a good eight inches of hard cock, just what I wanted. Of course I rang him straight away, found out where he lived, called a taxi which was waiting for me by the time I'd dressed “appropriately” and I was at his cottage just over an hour later.

I know this has been very tame compared with most stories but it's getting late now. I'm in my hotel room naked, my vibrator sitting on the table temptingly and before I go to sleep I intend to play, not to long just enough to make me cum, then after the weekend I need an early night! I'll save this now and post it when I get a chance.

It's just before 4pm Tuesday. I have a final appointment so while I'm waiting I decided I'd better get this checked and sent because hopefully I won't have time later. The guy I'm meeting always takes me out for dinner and we usually end up fucking, which I much prefer to do than spend my evening writing about it.

I'll tell about my weekend with Marcus and some of his mates in the next part, that's if you want me to continue.