Written by fatbottomedgirl

1 May 2007

Having been gagging for a bit of sex for a few weeks, I contacted an old friend of mine to see if he was up for it, and what do u know .... he was, no surprise there lol

As we are both married, it was too risky to go back to each others houses, so we opted for some outdoor fun instead. He picked me up as arranged, and Id madfe a point of not wearing any undies at all.

We drove around for a little while to find a quiet spot. We parked up and had a little chat, and much needed cuddle, (more for my benefit than his I suspect).

Anyways, we started kissing, and Id forgotten how good it felt to be kissed by him. His hands begun to wander, firstly over my vest top but when he realised I wasnt wearing a bra his hands soon went under my top. It felt so good having my breasts fondled and squeezed by his large hands.

In my mind I was desperately begging him to got lower, I wanted to feel his fingers play with my `magic button`, then he must have read my mind, because his hand started to move lower and lower, he lifted my skirt and ran his fingers uo my inner thigh and then he found it, my hairy bush, he moaned with great approval.

I whispered in his ear, `Play with my button`, which he duly did. It sent shock waves through my body, it had been ages since anyone but myself had played with it.

The more he played, the wetter I became, finally begging him to finger me. I was desperate, I wanted to feel his big thick fingers stretch my lovely warm wet pussy. One, finger, then two, then three and finally the fourth, I was amazed that He could still get his four fingers inside me as it had been a long time since I had any sort of sexual encounter, except for the occasional bout of masterbation while I was alone.

With his four fingers buried deep inside my, he then put his thumb on my button, I was absolutely amazing! I put my hand between my legs and felt the lovely juice running from me then I let him lick my fingers. I was wonderful.

There wasnt much room in the car, so we decided to go for a little walk to find somewhere where we could lay down. We found a bit of a clearing, we started kissing again and I could feel this enonormous bulge in his jeans. I needed cock, and I needed it right now! He pulled his cock out and boy was it a welcome sight! Id forgotten how thick it was and I begun sucking on it straight away, I almost gagged a few times because it was so big, but I wanted this so much.

I told him to lie on the ground, I wanted to ride him. I lve being on top. It felt so good feeling him inside me after such a long time. I began to ride him, up and down, harder and harder, faster and faster, but neither of us were comfy lie on the ground. So we got up, and he bent me over, spread my arse cheeks and started tonguing my ass ............. MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM Id certainly missed this too!

We moved slightly so I could support myself on a tree, I spread my legs and I could feel him probing my now sopping wet cunt with his fingers, I egged him to fuck me because I needed it! With one hard push his cock was deep inside my cunt once more.

He began pounding me from behind like a man possessed and I was loving every second of it. His hands held my hips tightly and I could feel every inch of his throbbing cock inside me. Im sure his cocking was hitting my cervix. It didnt seem to last for very long til I felt him shot his hot load deep inside me, and that felt real good! I missed having the feeling of my cunt being full of spunk.

We cleaned ourselves up a little and made our way back to the car. As we walked back I could feel the spunk trickling down my inner thigh. We got in the car and he drove me home.

I dont know when we`ll get the chance of meeting up again, but I hope it`s soon, Im gagging for more hot sex, and hopefully we can find somewhere where we can lay down properly without having bits sticking in us.

Many thanks for reading, and this is all perfectly true, it happened yesterday.