Written by bill

29 Jul 2015

We've been married for a long time, and like most marriages our sex life was boring, I watched porno a lot but I didn't realize till I found your site, that reading was as exciting as the visual sites. Some great ideas, my wife is no prude so some of the idea,s She would try, but not all. I agree with the comment about Dave and his cinema exploits, although they turned me on and I still read them , I love women to look feminine, sexy dresses and underwear, we looked at swingers sites and dogging areas, we chose a dogging site near us and set off, my wife made it clear that they could watch but no touching, ok being new to this we followed the guide lines on the net. We thought it would be just like teenagers in a car with someone peeking.We arrived and started kissing and fondling, we then remembered we were to put the interior light on to say it was ok to watch. We carried on till we saw two faces at the window, we are being watched, well that's what we're here for she said. I undid her blouse and teased her nipples, are they still there yes good, Her skirt was pulled up to her waist and my fingers were in her knickers, the two of them are wanking, I undid my shorts and she went down on me, I figured her from the back, I could feel her coming as she looked at their faces. She came on my hand, and I came in her mouth, she sat up and they could see come running out, they shot their load over the window and left. We drove home and fucked, what a great night, hope you enjoyed our first dogging experience, I'm not an author or the best speller, so don't make me feel that we have wasted our time, if you like what you have read please comment, and we will tell you more.