Written by Anonymous

8 Mar 2019

sex was great in the early days but after 12 years it was getting stale and unexciting. We had gone through the stages of sex toys and sexy knickers and we wanted something new. I decided to take a trip into town to a local sex store and browse around, I told Moira that I would look in the shop and see what was on offer. There was the usual stuff nothingreally exciting except a very large dido that took my eye. I carried on looking around and came across a shelf of DVDs and browsed through them, the usual run of the mill were there but two caught my eye. One showed a good looking guy, naked and very well hung and the other was a threesome with two guys one black the other white and avery attactive women holding a cock in each hand. That was it I bought the two and made my way home.

After diner I told Moira that I had a surprise for her and that sje needed to change into something exciting. She came back to the room wearing practically nothing, everything was on display and she was excited I could tell that because her nipples were standing proud. We sat on the sofa in front of the fire and I turned on the DVD I had chosen the treesome disc. Both men were well rigged but the black guy was really blessed. they were all over the very attactive and sexy woman one between her legs sucking and delving inside her pussy whislt the other was knelt by her head with his cock in her mout and a tit in each hand. Moira was getting very excited now and was feeling her own fanny and I left her to it as I watched her and the screen. The movie stars had mounted the woman now one at the front the other back both well into her and Moira was rubbing away like mad until she came with a loud moan. She enjoyed it and she was rampant and wanted me inside her. What a ride she was. we watched the second DVD the following night with much pleasure and decided that we would experiment in the near future. Now we were looking for the right man with the right sized equipment. In the meanwhile we had a lot of imagination ofthings to come. More to follow ...