Written by Jason

25 Sep 2008

Friend Sonia was making the most of her 50th. birthday.....big family lunch, day out in town...and during the week a girlie night at hers. My Jen was invited, and the theme was a hot-tub party. First time for Jen, so she spent nearly as much time sorting out a cossie as she did getting ready.

I dropped her off at Sonia's with the reminder to call me when she needed picking up, which I knew from any of Sonia's 'do's' would be very late.

The call came just after 1 am; I picked her up, and couldn't help notice a strangeness in her demeanor, quite apart from the intoxication....hesitant, slightly withdrawn. Just before we got home, she asked me to stop the car. My mind was working overtime. Before bursting into a flood of tears she said that she had made love to another man. Now, like many long-distance husbands, I had been hoping she would have some extra-marital fun at some point....I had no qualms unless the other guy was so Mr.Perfect that she left me for him.

I made light...parties are like that...don\'t you deserve a little fun? have I ever struck you as the jealous type? She slowly regained her composure...was I really not angry? Would I ever be able to make love to her again?

I suppose we spent an hour in bed talking all this through, me gently fondling her breasts when I decided to take the bull by the horns...I asked her to talk me through it, telling her that I would find it incredibly erotic. So to the narrative.

On arrival at Sonia's, drinks were served, and soon an invitation to the hot tub. As clothes and dressing gowns were shed, it became obvious to Jen that only she and one other woman, Sybil, were wearing costumes...the oyhers climbed in naked. Sonia wasn't having any of this...no more drinkies till the cossies come off! was the cry. So, once in the tub, Jen shed her last vestige of modesty. The drinking and chatting went on for an hour, until suddenly, appearing from the sideway were 2 young firefighters. Gasps and squeals as they approached the tub, announcing that a fire had been reported here...Sonia twigged...a surprise from hubby Gary, bless him.....She assured them that there was no fire, but that the motor in the hot-tub pump might be overheating. Taking his cue, one of the 'firemen' announced that it was against rules to enter water recepticles wearing the uniform, as it may get waterlogged. So started the classic strip-tease.....two young, well-built men in good shape slowly removing every last stitch.....there they stood, at the side of the tub, their handsome cocks almost waiting to be grabbed....'Right, Ladies, in we come....' as they both eased into the crush of seven naked women, most of them Sonia's age.

Birthday girl led the way, pulling the taller guy down beside her, telling him what a gorgeous hunk he was and started to kiss him passionately....the second man looked round, spotting a buxom woman called Jackie, and moved in to woo....that put him next to Jen, who found herself stroking his bottom and thigh under the water...then almost by accident (she said!) touched the tip of his cock. The guy moved round more full-on to Jackie, who he was now snogging enthusiastically, obligingly parting his legs so that Jen could feel his balls..they were very big, apparently, then ran her hand out along the length of his cock. Not realising it, Sonia had told her guy that the night was young, to go and say hello to some of the other girls....so Jen was taken aback when a masculine hand ran up her thigh to take her starboard tit....'mmmm.nice body, Ma'am...' his smile would have demolished a block of flats, and soon she found herself the full object of his attention.....deep tongues, a finger playing with her vagina lips, before slowly sliding in to seek out her little love-jewel...and within seconds he found it...a sensation shot deep into her womb as his fingers re-awakened a heat long forgotten.....she disengaged her hand from the other man's cock, and sought out that of her new lover....it was hard, it felt huge, it was smooth...she wanted to wank it hard, but knew that wasn't how a lady behaved.....unconscious of the others in the tub, she turned round to face her man....smiley, relaxed....he pulled her right leg over his so she was straddling him....placing his hands under her bum, he lifted her up until she could feel the tip of his cock probing her cunt....he tried to ease in, but it slid away....he adjusted his position, then struck gold, as Jen felt his helmet pierce her labia, pause, then continue on it's way until she could feel her pelvic bone hard against his....there was discomfort, too....his length had pushed farther into her womb than man had been before, but the slow motion he started soon replaced it with an electric sensation that got stronger and stronger until a shuddering orgasm took her whole body.

When it had subsided, the guy simply said 'Phew...' and let his still-hard cock slide from her honey-pot.

At this point I assumed that was it...Jen has never been more than a once-a-night girl...but no. After a few more drinks, and watching the others playing with the 2 guys (except Sybil, who at this point made her excuses and left) Jen was accosted by the other man, who by this time had assumed the name of Kev. 'Aha...the lovely lady who squeezed my balls!' after convincing him she was having fun, he suggested they go over to the dimly-lit gazebo for some real fun. Jen protested that it was too cold...playing right into his hands as there was a gas heater there....so, towels in hand, he led her, naked and dripping to the open-sided gazebo. An upholstered chaise that filled one side, and it was on this he laid her, towelling her body , and adjusting the heater until she got the full benefit of it's warmth.

She remembered his cock....long, curving upwards, really shiny head, but not too big...and those lovely balls...she reached out and took it in her mouth, deep-throating till she gagged....he stroking her shoulders and breasts...then...'69' and what a 69, she felt his tongue and fingers exploring every hole and crevice, and swears he had 3 fingers up her bum, and without pain. But it was her g-spot that got the music playing....Jen says she can remember shouting something, but she felt her cunt filled with his lusty young cock...she says she came several times while he was still shafting away, until at last he slowed, and withdrew a still hard cock. 'Did you cum?' she asked him. No. She didn't think the other guy did either...long stayers? Unheard of in our relationship! The reason for this became clear later.....towards the end of the evening both guys surrounded Sybil in the tub being viusly wanked by any girls that could get hold of a cock, until with almost military precision they shot a very nice load over Sybil's ample tits, one thick and creamy, the other milky, although much of it was swallowed by those nearest. As is usually the case, once they had cum, they went, but left behind a very confused woman called Jen. Picking up on the point that she had not been dutifully annointed by her 2 studs, I filled her there and then, and 20 past 7 the next morning, whith what for me was a big load. She still frets, but I have told her to accept the next invitation double-quick. Why not?