Written by trac

13 Mar 2009

Hi follwoing on from the first time I was fucked by Luke my sons friend. First for the guy who seemed to think I was 28 I am 41 and my profile is ruby11. Anyway, Luke and I fucked regularly following the first time, and my husband knew and watched a couple of times. My son of course knows nothing about it as he is younger than luke and it is not appropriate. However, everytime Luke comes to the house he makes sure he gets a grope and calls me his sexy slaut or bitch. He is extremely self confident and cocky.

Last weekend he told me his family were away and that I should spend Friday and Saturday evening at his place; he told me what to wear; I wore a black half basque, stockings thigth length boots no knickers and a leather coat over thetop. When I arrived he let me in all he had was a pair of boxers ahowing off his magnificant cock and his horny body. He took my coat of roughly french kissed me, groping my tits as his did so. Then forced me down on my kness to suck him off and he proceeded to fuck my face until he came.

Then we went upstairs rto his rook, which he had fitted with a camera video and a cam on MSN. He told me he was going to video everything we did, and that a couple fo mates from the footbal club would be joininh us and I said no but he said you said anything if you want me you do as you are told. We fucked, and about two hours later the door went i was told to answer and there were two sexy young guys both eighteen at the door, Micky was mixed race the other andy was spoainish looking they came in, kissed me felt me over and Luke took us all upstairs they stripped and they had verys exy sportsman bodies too. The next two days were just sex, sex, sex, they fucked my cunt and my arse, my face my tits, I was covered in spounk in side and out over my hair face, love bites on my tits and cunt ad everywhere else except my neck they agreed to that. The fisted me dp and spitroasted me. all on video. When the guys left at Sunday lunchtime Luke said a copy for your husband and I have a copy so you will do what ever I want in the future otherwise I will show it at the next football club stag do.

So i love being his lover and he my toyboy and the threat all the more exciring. I would still like to hear from other mums who are or have fucked their sins mates.