Written by Angela

11 Sep 2019

After reading the recent great posting from RetReg, “Turned on by Sounds of Sex”, I found myself in the same position, after 35 years of marriage we had very amicably decided to separate and live together until our house was sold, which was taking a lot longer that we had anticipated.

During this time, I had the feeling that Angela was becoming very close to a guy she kept bumping into at her gym, as it was George did this and said this and what a scream and flirt, he was. I also noticed the subtle change in her gym attire which had gone from comfortable to tight fitting and a lot sexier.

So, it came as no surprise when one day Angela announced that she was going on a date with George.

It was one of those very hot humid summer nights, Angela walked into the lounge and spinning around so I got the full view said “how do I look”

I was gob smacked Angela was dressed to kill in a backless and sleeveless plunging white jump suit, it was obvious that she had no bra on, it gave a very nice and sexy view of her smallish boobs, she had finished the outfit with a pair of her favourite white high heels with red soles. Her blonde hair was in a much wilder more ruffled way then she normally styles it and her makeup was a lot heavier than usual. Angela although just turned 60, is one of those women who would be described as an ageless beauty, has a willowy figure, very fit from her love of the gym and looks much younger than her years.

The way Angela looked I was sure that she was out to get fucked tonight! my thoughts were confirmed when she opened her white clutch bag and no doubt left it open to make sure I saw the pack of 3 condoms.

I said, “Wow you look absolutely fantastic, where are off to”.

Angela replied, “thank you, it’s a Gala Dinner and Dance in the city”.

That sounds great, have a good night.

Angela gave a wicked grin and said, “I am planning on that”.

It was such a turn on watching Angela walking down the hallway and out to the waiting taxi wiggling her bottom in her white jump suit, I was sure that tonight it would be someone else who would be taking her out of it, even more of a turn on was that Angela was going out with the view to getting fucked!!

About 2.00 a.m., my mobile phone bleeped, it was a message from Angela, and it simply read “Hope I haven’t disturbed you, I will be back soon and have George with me, he is going to come in for a coffee lol Mandy”.

Curiosity got that better of me and I decided to get a look at George and switched on my iPad and connected to the CCTV on the front of the house.

A taxi pulled on to the drive, Angela and George drunkenly got out of the car. I must admit that I was very shocked with her choice of man; he wasn’t the type I thought Angela would go for, he looked much younger than I had expected, I thought in his mid-thirties, he was very tall, broad, looked to have a toned body and was bald, Angela looked to be really worse for wear and he had his arm around her waist and one hand firmly on her bottom and looked to be rubbing it.

I have to say that I found the sight very erotic. Angela was snuggled up against him and I wasn’t sure if it was a romantic gesture or that she was so far gone she needed him to steady her.

If it was latter, when Angela is that far gone, she is as randy as hell, let’s all her inhibitions go and is an absolute slut! I felt very jealous as George the lucky bastard was in for a fantastic time.

I opened my bedroom door slightly to hear what was going on.

The front door opened, and I could hear Angela giggling in the hallway and then her slurred voice saying, “lets miss the coffee babe and go to my bedroom, I seriously need to be fucked senseless, can you do that for me babe”.

George replied in a very broad Yorkshire accent, “you bet gorgeous, let’s go, I have waited so long to get up you”.

I heard a slapping sound, Angela bursting out in laughter and the creaking of the hallway stairs, then Angela’s bedroom door which was right next to mine opened and closed, the walls are very thin and I could clearly hear George say “Wow you look so fucking horny, Christ Angie you have a better body than my wife whose half your age”

Next George said, “keep them on Angie” Angela giggled and then a few seconds later said, “I don’t need any foreplay babe, I had enough of that in the hotel and taxi, just fuck me senseless babe”.

Was I ever as surprised and shocked? Straight away George obliged, and I could hear Angela being fucked and I am sure it was nothing like she had ever experienced from me. I could hear her saying words of encouragement, moans and obscenities like I had never heard from her before and then her lover grunting. From the thud, thud noise coming from the room he was no doubt pounding away at her pussy.

Throughout Angela was almost chanting “fuck, fuck, fuck... please... keep fucking me George, don't stop, please, please don’t stop fucking me"

I could hear George’s grunting getting louder and louder and the thudding sound happening in a much quicker succession,

then it stopped for a few seconds, I wondered if he had Cum, then I heard George say loudly and sternly “get on all fours gorgeous” and then Angela, “Oh god that’s amazing, absolutely fucking amazing, oh my god you are such a dirty bastard, but I am loving it “! Then a few seconds later the banging noise started again. Then the Yorkshire voice bellowed "You love me fucking both your holes Angie, you love my fat black cock fucking your sweet tight white pussy and my fingers in your arse” Angela whimpered "Yes, yes, yes...come on, babe, come on, babe, fuck me, fuck me, make me Cum again, please, please make me Cum..."

I picked up on the “make me cum again comment”, as Angela had not yet Cum in our house, my mind raced surely not in the taxi!!

The speed of the banging noise increased. Then I heard a long moan and Angela screaming “Oh my God, oh my fucking God, I’m fucking Cumming, I am Cumming all other your fingers and fab dick, George, I have never ever fucking Cum like this, your fucking amazing, fucking amazing”

This was followed by a loud, guttural, "fuck, fucking hell Angie, I can’t hold it any longer gorgeous I am going to fucking cum, you ready for it ".

Then I heard Angela scream out “Oh fuck, fuck, fuck, yes, yes”. As if not shocked enough Angela screamed out “don’t you fucking dare pull out, let me have it all babe fill me up, Cum inside me”.

Then a loud booming voice shouted out “That’s great Angie, Oh Yessss. Yesss, Yesss” no doubt from the long sigh George had Cum inside her.

This was followed by the all too familiar moaning sigh that Angela lets out after she has Cum, then the continual praise about how fucking marvelous he was.

I had never felt so aroused in my life. Sure, we have had a very adventurous sex life, but this was in a totally different league, to the best of my knowledge this was the first time another man had fucked Angela in over 35 years.

All went quiet for about 20 minutes and then George saying “let me go and get some beers”

I heard George going downstairs and to the kitchen, before he could get there I switched on the Hive security camera, hoping that he wouldn’t notice it was on, in he walked, in fact it was more like he was swaggering, the obvious first thing that I focused on was his cock, even in its limp state it was very impressive, long and fat hanging down between his legs, glistening from my soon to be ex-wife’s wetness and his Cum, it was actually swaying from side to side as he moved across the kitchen. I thought some guys cocks remain almost the same size when limp or erect, maybe he wasn’t a grower, but fuck if he was a grower, he had a very toned body and very broad, he had a number of tattoo’s on his arms and chest, and when he turned to leave he had a tattoo almost covering his back.

Then he headed back upstairs to the bedroom, there was some faint chatting going and again there was a quietness I thought that surely it must be all over and would he be staying the night or leaving shortly, how wrong I was when I heard Angela purring “oh my god you recover very, very fast” and then a muffled giggle, followed by George’s loud booming Yorkshire voice “Oh fuck you give the most amazing fucking B.J Angie”.

Then I clearly heard George laugh and say “OK gorgeous, you are just fucking insatiable, one more for the road then, get on all fours and then I must get back to wifey”

This was followed by Angela giggling, quickly followed by a loud grasp, then squealing, shortly after she was screaming out yet again and started offering words of encouragement to George, again moaning and screaming so loudly. It was obvious from the noises coming from the room that she was being so satisfied and no doubt getting fucked stupid again by George.

I visualised George fucking Angela, her on all fours, him behind her and from the noises coming from the room he was again giving Angela the serious fucking, she had asked for, my stomach was churning over nervously, and my mind was racing, as this guy was no doubt pleasuring Angela more than I had ever been able to.

Angela and George’s, moaning, screaming, grunting and groaning seemed to go on forever, I thought thank god we live in a detached house, then finally George bellowed “Fuck, fuck I can’t hold it any longer Angie, I am going to blow my load gorgeous”, this was followed by a long moan from Angela and strangely saying “no, no I went it in me, please, please Cum inside me again big boy, then silence and Angela giggling again, followed by extremely loud groan from George and Angela screeching and laughing “oh fuck it’s everywhere”.

I was left with the delightful thoughts of what the hell had just happened.

Looking at my watch they had fucked for nearly one and a half hours, I couldn’t believe it, we weren’t used to going for more than 20 minutes! I was sure Angela was well satisfied and from what I had heard must have been very pleased.

As if I hadn’t been shocked enough tonight, I heard Angela pleading, no actually begging for George to stay the night, she made it clear that she wanted to sleep in his arms and wake up to him fucking her, he then said he just could not stay any longer and as it was he was going to be in serious shit when he got home and then Angela was pleading with him to see her again, there was silence and he replied “Why don’t we hook up on Sunday afternoon, we could go out for a drink or better still I could come over and fuck the arse of you all afternoon, I have loads more depraved things to do to you”.

I heard Angela cooing “Oh god that sounds very rude but very very tempting, see you here at one”.

Then I heard a taxi pull on to our gravel drive and them walking down the stairs and the door open.

At that I moved the CCTV screen to show the front door and to my absolute shock they were passionately kissing, Angela hadn’t even put a dressing gown on and was naked with just her shoes on, George pulled away and I heard the door quickly shut and the kitchen door open.

I know I didn’t have the right too, but I went into Angela’s bedroom and looked around and was stunned at what I found.

As expected the room had a strong odour of sex about it, Only a few steps in and Angela’s white jump suit was on the floor, then near the bed, our once martial bed was Angela’s sheer white thong, I picked it up and was surprised how wet and sticky it was, although I knew why it was so sticky but I still lifted it to my nose and my smell confirmed Angela’s familiar sexual aroma and that it was mixed with George’s spunk, so he had fucked her before they had got back to the house!!

The bed was an absolute mess, I could clearly see several damp gooey patches on the bed sheets, there was an opened bottle of Durex Lube. Angela’s purse was on the bedside table and the contents had fallen out and there in plain sight was the unopened packet of condoms!

I heard the kitchen door close and quickly and quietly left Angela’s bedroom and met her at the top of the stairs.

Angela was very unsteady, it made me wonder exactly how much drink she had consumed, as I had seen Angela still had her heels on and was naked, her hair was all ruffled and there was clearly gooey lumps of Cum in it, her makeup was a mess, mascara running from her eyes, smudged lipstick and her chest was the brightest red and her boobs again had streaks of gooey Cum on them, her pussy which was smooth and completely bare looked wrecked, it was reddish, gapping wide open, the lips looked to be folded back and there was cummings all-round the opening off her vagina and running down both legs!!

The atmosphere was a bit tense, looking to lighten the situation I pointed to the shoes, “What’s with the shoes Angie”.

This brought a smile to Angela’s face “Oh Fuck, Fuck, OMG did you hear all that”,

I laughed “it was hard not to gorgeous”.

She gave a tired smile saying “I am so, so sorry, it got a bit wild” then looking down she added “you can see he was on the very well-endowed side and a heavy Cummer”

I moved in to kiss her and she swerved to avoid me and walked over to her bedroom, turned, grinned and replied in a slightly slurred voice “As you heard I really like being with George, being fucked by him, I have told him about our situation, and he is cool with that and I will be seeing a lot more of him, is that okay with you”.

How could I complain after the treat of listening to her performance for the last hour and half and just nodded in agreement.

Angela certainly saw a lot of George, she extended her sexual boundaries way beyond anything I thought possible, I am very liberal but even I was shocked at what Angela got up to, she spent some 6 weeks in a relationship with George and they parted, then within days she had hooked up with a guy Rajesh, someone our own age but very virile, far more than I had been for many years, he is a regular visitor to her bedroom and again was certainly able to satisfy Angela sexual needs.

Sadly, my sexual gratification from listening to Angela being fucked will shortly come to an end as we have exchanged contracts and move on 1st October.