Written by Derek

19 Aug 2010

Sophie was a Polish girl who worked at the same place I did, she was built like Marilyn Monroe, stacked you might say. She was also very flirtatious so one day I asked her if she'd come out with me, 'Sure,' she said, so we made arrangements to meet at a cinema she said was showing a film she wanted to see, that evening.

We duly met and went in she sort of clung to me as we sat waiting for the big film to come on. When it did she obviously didn't like it so she snuggled even closer, I kissed her and she responded passionately. I had a feeling about her and shoved my hand straight up her skirt, she parted her legs and let me feel her cunt through the thin knickers she was wearing, they were absolutely sopping wet, I mean you could have wrung them out and filled a shot glass! Now obviously I hadn't done more up to then except kiss her a couple of times, so I said, 'Do you fuck, Sophie?' 'Yes,' she answered in her lovely Polish accent, then 'we go!', we went. She took my hand and we went out through the back door into the car park.

It was dark and she led the way round the back of the cinema and we began kissing, I undid her blouse and slipped her bra straps over her shoulders to get at her tits. They were great! Not small by any means they were extraordinarily firm with erectnipples, so I bent and sucked them, she put her hand down and felt my burgeoning cock. I put my hands up her skirt and pulled her pants down, she let me take them right off. Then she leant back against the wall and pulled her skirt up round her waist, 'I see your cock,' she said. I opened up and got it out for her to feel, 'You fuck me?' she asked. 'Okay,' realising how wet she was I didn't want that stuff all over my trousers so I dropped them and my underpants. Then I pushed her legs apart and, using my hand, found her hole and eased into it. She was scalding hot and incredibly tight and wet inside. I started fucking but noticed that she seemed to be looking up over my shoulder all the time, I was really enjoying a lovely tight fuck, her cunt making sloppy sucking noises as she panted. I said, a bit annoyed, 'What the hell do you keep looking at Sophie?' 'Oh, my boy-friend might be looking out of window and see us!' she responded. 'What the hell does that mean?' 'Oh, we have flat in that high buiding there, he can see car-park!'

I said, 'So why are we fucking where he can see us?' I asked. 'Ah, I like risky fucking, he get annoyed if he see and fuck me like maniac when I go in!' 'Christ,' I thought, 'this girl's a real wierdo!', I didn't stop fucking her though! She was so obviously enjoying it that I didn't care what might happen afterwards, that was her business. I evidently wasn't fucking her hard enough for she said, 'I like big hard fucking, you fuck harder and don't cum yet!' I thought, 'Fat chance I've got of lasting having to fuck her like this.'

I said, 'Do you cum, Sophie?' 'Yes, I cum,' she replied, 'but take a long time!' 'Huh,' I said, getting a bit peeved, 'well you'd better start frigging your cunt because I shan't last a lot longer!' She put her hand down between us and I felt her rubbing her clit, 'You are a a really slut cunt, Sophie,' I told her. 'Yes, I am slut cunt, I like being slut cunt fucking men and then fucking my boyfriend, he fuck in your spunk!' , was her reply. There was nothing to say to that was there? So I just went on fucking, the connversation had taken my mind off what I was doing so I did last quite a lot longer than I usually did before I finally fired my spunk deep up her welcoming cunt.

After I'd finished Sophie said, 'Good, I like, you fuck good, you fuck me next time?' So I did several times, strangely always in the same place, she never did tell me whether her boyfriend saw us.