Written by Simon

18 Mar 2012

On Friday and Saturday Sue and i visited our favourite spa in the Midlands, drove home this morning, having had a good time.

Yes we encountered the usual amount of single no hopers, who follow you around, all crowd around you in the cinema, when its obvious your only in there to watch the film, but hay ho they come as part of the package. The stupid thing is, if they had half a brain, they'd back off and allow the woman to relax and enjoy the surroundings and by doing so she'd be more likely to play.

Friday was still fun and by 8pm most of the singles had gone. We went into the dungeon room where i secured Sue in the chained cuffs that hung on the wall and after rubbing her with oil, decided to take 5 and sat on the hide gym horse.

A couple who'd seen me applying the oil asked if i'd like them to continue whilst i took a break? "Knock your selves out" i replied, adding there's more oil in the bag here if you'd like it.

The woman was soon playing with sue's boobs, whilst the guy went straight for her fanny. After a few minutes of touching, biting, licking and slapping, the woman was sucking on Sue's nipple whilst at the same time she'd worked a fingertip into Sue's anus. The guy asked if i had any rules? i told him no, as long as Sue remained safe at all times.With that he unclipped her cuffs and grabbing her by the hair led her towards the gym horse. Having pushed her forward so she was bent over it i moved along and repositioned myself on the other end, the woman resumed her position behind Sue and having eased her legs apart, continued to work her fingers into Sue's now exposed anus and fanny. I though the guy was going to stand in front of Sue and tell her to suck him off, but he didnt, in stead he said to his wife, you have 2 minutes to bring the bitch or you'll pay the price. By now there were quite a few people, mostly couples stood in the doorway area watching. No matter what the woman did, from near on fisting Sue's fanny to licking her anus and slapping her bum, Sue remained defiant and her only response was to say, "Your good, but your time's about to run out".

And sure enough it had, cos the guy roughly grabbed his wife, took her to the bed and secred her in the cuffs screwed into each of the beds four legs.

Looking at the group of onlookers, he indicated towards his wife and said "just help ya selves, she's all yours".

No one moved for a few seconds, but eventually temptation overtook shyness and one by one people started to touch her.

He told sue to watch but remain bent over the horse, where he then positioned himself behind her and whilst watching his wife being touched, he began working his fingers into her wet fanny, i say wet because i could hear the squelching sound as his fingers slide back and forth inside her.

People soon became less inhibited and within minutes the wife had a dick shoved into her mouth whilst numerous hands explored every inch of her body. Eventually one guy, edged on by his wife, slipped on a condom and positioned himself between the woman's cuffed legs. HIS wife, then reaching to take hold of his dick positioned it by the outstretched woman's fanny and said to her hubby, "come on baby, now do your bit, let me see fuck her". Which he duel-y did, i'm about as far from gay as you can get, but even i was impressed by the way he pumped him dick into her. his hips were going like a piston and she was moaning with joy at every pump. All the time this was going on the womans husband continued o fiddle with Sue.

I by then had quite a hard on and said thanks mate, but i'll take over now and moved in behind Sue's glistening lips. Dropping my towel over the horse i slide inside her with one push. shagging her whilst watching the orgy taking place on the bed was great, but as i was near to coming so i eased off and slipped from her. I'm not much of a repeater, so didnt want to come so early in the evening. Un-noticed by all surrounding the bed, we slipped out of the room.

In the jaquzzi we played with a couple, the wife was black and had the most perfect boobs with studs in her nipples, towards the end of that session sue and the lady played together, whilst the hubby and i, along with everyone else in the jaquzzi watched.

After a meal break we went into the cinema. I was in the corner on the top tier of mattresses sue was next me and a chap and his missus made up that row, by our feet were two couples, and a guy on his own was sat watching us lot rather than the film. Each of the couples were touching their own partners, but eventually hands began to wonder and as Sue bent over to suck me off i could see the guy behind her had his hand buried between her thighs. after some repositioning, sue was knelt before me and continued sucking me off, the guy who'd been next to her had moved closer and down a bit, so whilst supporting herself with one arm, her other hand was wanking the guy off and behind her, one of the guy's had positioned himself behind sue and was pumping away inside her. He must of made Sue come 3 times before he slipped from her and after removing the condom, i watched as his wife knelt before Sue and began touching her, whilst the hubby had moved behind her and was screwing her bareback.

We encountered a few other people that night whilst we relaxed in the tub but it was nothing more than a probing fiddle as we sat chatting in the water. We left for our hotel at 2.30 where after cleaning our teeth we fell asleep until i woke needing a wee at 9'15.

Last night was even better, couples only, plus we met a few people we'd played with before, which is always nice. I was speaking to a couple in the tub who rated a spa in brighton, she said its clean, run perfectly and couldnt fault the place apart from the fact that its run a bit too strict where the no playing in the wet area rule is concerned. Being short she often innocently perch on the edge of his knees or the hot tub water just splashes into her face, and although obvious they werent playing, she was told to gett off or they'd be asked to leave.

That aside and i can live with rules as long as they apply to all, so Sue and i have decided to pay it a visit in two weeks time to judge it for ourselves.