Written by James E

14 Apr 2009

I have just returned from a short break in Spain where I had the most exciting and unexpected \"meet.\"

I am 36 and divorced; I have tried dating agencies, but found the ladies there wanting a relationship and sex was held out as bait to make one commit; hookers didn\'t interest me, so one day a friend told me about this site. But, as many of you have said, a single male is one of many here!

So I had just about given up hope of finding a women who wanted just the physical pleasure. i decided to go for a pure relaxing break without chasing that elusive girl, and settled upon central Spain.

I found a small elegant hotel and booked in. It had a swimming pool, and lovely rooms with terraces or balconies. I arrived in the evening, ate and went to bed, hardly noticing the other guests, except that they were all couples.

The next morning I went to the pool early and was surprised at how warm the air was. I settled to read some work papers and lazily watched as the other guests arrived - a short round couple in their sixties, who settled under a pair of parasols: a tall slim couple with gold rimmed specs who looked disapprovingly around before settling close to the toilets, and a third couple, who were tall and slim - late 40s perhaps - he with fair hair and as pale as they come; she with the perfect size 10 figure and golden skin - legs to her armpits, and as smart as they come. They settled on the sunbeds next to me and she smiled as she opened her novel and settled to read.

Over the next few minutes I eyed her up surreptitiously - black swimsuit, tight across her body. Long, long legs. Slim belly and small breasts with dimples where her nipples pressed against the material; and a prominent mons that bulged upwards. He (Nick) asked if I knew the area; a posh accent. I said no. He said they didn\'t either, but were hoping to visit some sites during their stay.

We got chatting, and she (Jane) joined in - a beautiful crystal voice and lovely even teeth. The fleeting thought crossed my mind of what she would look and sound like as she orgasmed, and I laughed inwardly at myself... as if!

The attendant brought us beers, and then Jane strolled off to the loos. I (and the other men round the pool) watched as she moved, and Nick sighed and said \"If only I could give her what I would so like to give her\" I asked him what he meant, and he replied without hesitation or apparent embarrassment \"I have not been able to get a proper erection for he past two years, and I know Jane misses that\"

I sat stunned and changed the subject, but Nick interrupted and said \"For God\'s sake don\'t ell her what I\'ve just told you\" as Jane returned to her sunbed.

For the next hour I tried to work out what he had meant and why he had told me - was it the beer talking, or was he suggesting the impossible dream for me?

We ate lunch at the bar - Jane chatted relaxedly when Nick left us alone for a few minutes, but there was no suggestion of sexual innuendo.

After lunch, Nick said they were going to their room for a lie down, and said how they had a lovely ground floor terrace with French windows, overlooking a private piece of lawn.

After 20 minutes or so, I decided to wander round the hotel grounds, and soon found the private piece of lawn. There were three ground floor rooms, one with the French windows opened. I walked slowly by and overheard gentle murmuring talk; as I looked in I caught a glimpsed of Nick lying o the bed, next to Jane. Both were naked. He was stroking her gently between her legs, that were open and facing the windows. I could see no more and hurried away to a discreet distance in case they shouted out.

I felt so turned on, but a bit pervy too. I looked back at the windows and saw Nick come to them, naked and pale, with his cock swinging gently between his legs. He looked over in my direction and waved in a friendly way.

He went back inside, and after a few minutes I walked slowly back past their room. As I passed the window, I stopped to tie my shoe lace, and took a step on to their terrace so I was out of view of the other rooms. I looked in, and Nick smiled. He put his finger to his lips to tell me to be silent, then went back to stroking Jane between the legs. She was lying across he bed, naked except for, I was shocked to see, a blindfold.

After a couple of minutes watching her body gently move to Nick\'s fingers, he beckoned me into the room, again putting his fingers to his lips to silence me.

When I was in, he said to Helen \"I think I\'ll just shut the doors\" and he came past me, whispering \"Absolute silence, please\"

I nodded and was content to gaze at Jane\'s perfect body in the gentle Mediteranean afternoon light. Her legs looked longer, and her body softer, but her captivating features were her full lips, her pert breasts with erect nipples, and her beautifully trimmed bush with open labia.

Nick went back to the bed and resumed his fingering of his beautiful sexy wife.

\"Do you think James would like to be here now?\"

Jane giggled and nodded

\"Do you think he fancied you?\"

\"I don\'t know\" she said, \"Aren\'t I a bit old for him?\"

I shook my head at this - James is my name, and she looked only 10 years or so older than me, and in perfect shape.

Nick then said \"I bet if he were here, he would have a huge erection\" and I looked down at myself; Yes; I was turned on, with my cock pointing to the ceiling, gently oozing its precum.

\"If James was here, would you like to hold his cock?\"

She nodded gently.

Then Nick waved me to the side of the bed, and he took Jane\'s hand and put it on my erect knob.

She gasped and withdrew in horror, closing her legs and huddling up to Nick.

He held her close, and I heard him talking to her gently; I heard him say, \"Yes, it\'s James; don\'t worry\"

After an age, she settled back into the lying position, but I sensed that she was too uptight to enjoy any further action. Nick, though, thought differently.

He went back to kissing her nipples and massaging her clitoris, and Jane gradually responded.

Nick looked up to me and said \"We have talked about something like this for ages, but never done anything. Jane is quite nervous. I have promised her nothing will happen that I am not happy with - do you understand?\"

\"Yes of course\" I replied.

And after a few more minutes, Nick asked if she would like to cum. She nodded, and he asked if she would like to cum on my cock. She held him close. Nick looked at me and pushed Jane\'s legs open wide. She was hugging him tight. He beckoned me forwards and told Jane to lift her bum off the bed so I could enter her. And he told me to fuck her.

I looked for a condom, but couldn\'t see one. Nick said \"Enter her now or never\"

I looked at her sweet cunt and knelt between her legs. And I let my cock find the way into her hot wetness. I sensed her tense up and hold Nick tighter and I penetrated past her labia and into her vagina. It was hot and wet. I went all the way up to my balls and started pounding her.

Within a couple of minutes she was responding and I felt her cunt walls tighten as I sensed her orgasm building. Nick let her go and she lay back on the bed with her arms outstretched and her head bouncing up and down and I fucked her hard.

Then she started to moan - I recognised the build up of an orgasm. I kept pumping and she started squeezing me harder. Her face flushed. Her lips parted and were red and wet. I kissed her. She responded with her tongue deep into my mouth.

Then her orgasm overtook her, and she crossed her legs over my back as she grunted and gasped through her climax. Her cunt muscles were fantastic, pulsing rhythmically against my knob and shaft.

I kept pumping till she subsided and lay back on the bed.

After several minutes, when she was breathing normally, she said \"You\'re still hard as iron - that\'s fantastic. Is the condom still on okay?\"

Nick shook his head at me before I could reply, then said to Jane \"Can he cum in you?\"

Jane replied \"As long as the durex is properly on\"

Nick looked at me, and said \"Cum now\"

I wasn\'t sure, and hesitated \"If you don\'t cum now, then go\" he said.

So I started to pump again and pounded away in Jane\'s tight post orgasm cunt till I felt the sperm building up in me and the waves of sexual release taking hold. I hadn\'t spunked insided a woman for over 18 months, and I was going to enjoy this.

I released it all, and loved every second. I felt my knob sliding in and out of my own spunk, and Jane said \"Is it still on? I feel very wet\"

Then I felt Nick\'s hand take my slackening prick, and pull it out of Jane.

I moved over, to see him erect and he plunged his cock into his wife\'s cunt, making a loud squelching noise as he forced my spunk out of her.

He pumped for a few thrusts, then grunted and came in a series of short spasms.

He rolled off Jane quickly, and went to her head. He put his prick in her mouth and told her to clean it. She licked it clean very neatly. Then he told he to lick my knob. I went to her head but she moved her face to one side. But Nick told her it was her duty, and so she licked my prick and balls.

Then Nick told me to get dressed and leave.

So I did.