Written by spanish fun

26 May 2009

my wife and i have just got back from spain, were we had a good time with a much older couple. i am 35 and my wife sue is 23 with a great body and long legs. we had been there 4 days ,when we started talking to an old couple called bob and glynis ,he was 77 and she was 62 but she looked good for her age. they were pretty tanned but we hadnt seen them around the pool, they told us you could never get a sunbed and told us of a secluded spot were they went, so we said we might go there tommorrow.

next day we got up and decided to go there and sure enough it was deserted. we lay our towels out and started sunbathing ,sue took her top off and about an hour later bob turned up alone ,he said glynis had gone shopping. bob put his towel next to sue and got undressed ,he had a little pair of trunks but a massive bulge in them and sue noticed it too.about 20 mins later bob went and jumped in the sea, so i asked sue if she wanted to go back ,but she just lay there and said she would be back later ,she wanted to top her tan up. i told her to fetch all the gear back,but before i went i set the camcorder up ,focused on the area were she was and off i went.

3 hours later she came back looking a bit flushed ,saying she was going to have a shower and lay down. i noticed the camcorder was flat so i plugged it in and watched.

i had got a good view because on it bob came back,asked were i was and sue told him, they were both laid down sunbathing ,when bob sat up and said i am going to sunbathe naked,and stripped off.

his cock was fucking big ,i guess 8\" and it was soft i could see sue on the film looking at it as he was laid on his back ,bob asked if she wanted some oil on her and she said yes thanks. he knelt over her and poured it on her back . as he knelt over her ,his cock was touching her ,and he got a semi,then when he lay back again sue sat up and said let me do you.only she went straight to his cock and started wanking him. he was soon rock hard ,very big and very fat. she took her bikini bottoms off,lay back and bob rolled between her open legs and as they were both oiled up he slid straight in. i watched as he fucked her and could hear her say god its big fuck im comming,they rolled over with her on top and i could see her riding his cock she even had him up her ass and betime they had finished it showed they had sex for 32 mins 45 seconds.

by the time our hols finished we had 3 more sessions 2 including glynis.

you will hear of them later