Written by spanish fun

5 Jun 2009

last time i wrote my 23 year old wife had sex with old bob .the fact we were on holiday,along with the sun and drink must have made her sex mad because two days after she had sex with bob i had been out in the sports pub and had left her sunbathing.

when i got back about 4 hours later she was sat in the apartment having a drink with bobs wife glynis . they were both topless and glynis has a great body for a 62 year old ,anyhow when glynis left sue shocked me when she told me they had been in bed together. she has never had sex with a woman before but she told me that they had been sunbathing for 2 hours when glynis had said lets go upstairs , take a shower and put some after sun on .they had come to our room and sue was in the shower when glynis stepped in with her and said she would rub her back and as she soaped her she began touching her.

they got out of the shower and got the after sun out and as glynis rubbed it on her she started kissing her neck and before she knew it they were on the bed with their tongues in each other mouth, she said that glynis knew about her and bob ,and she wanted to have her herself.,they had been having sex until 10 mins before i came in .i was hard as fuck so we had sex ,i said next time i want to watch and she said lets try it

more to come