Written by STEVE

9 Jun 2017

We were all mid 30's to 40 and going to Spain on holiday sharing a villa, myself, my wife a slim blond, my mate Rich and his wife Jane a slim girl with a mass of curly black hair. We all did our own thing during the day but met up for evening meals n drinks, one night that being several drinks! I n the morning I got up around 9 and left my wife still hung over and fast asleeep. I went outside and thought 'we're not overlooked I'll have a skinny dip in the pool' Rich had gone off mountain biking and Jane off looking at ruins so happy days I drop my shorts by the pool n have a swim then lie out on the sunbed still starkers.

After a while I hear my wife come out of the villa, only its not her its Jane and I'm spreadeagle sunbathing. 'Thats a nice start to the day' she jokes and I flip over onto my front dying of embarrassment. She has a quick swim and then heads for a sunbed saying 'I'd like an all over tan as well' n promptly lies face down and wriggles out of her bikini.

After a few minutes she asks me to put sunoil on her back. My shorts are by the pool so I wrap a towel around me as best I can and start to rub oil onto her back. 'Do all of it' she says so i go to her feet and work up her legs.

Did she just ease her legs open a bit as I neared the top or did I imagine it? Not sure and not wanting anything uncomfortable to deal with I very briefly passed over her bum to her lower back. 'Thats not enough do it properly' she says so I redo her bum, massaging the cheeks and rolling them apart a bit to try and see her pussy without being too obvious. She definitely arched her back ever so slightly each time so I eased back a bit for a better view and went down the back of her thighs and back up the inside a bit. Again, the legs easing open bit by bit and the little back arch. I had a fantastic erection and the towel wasnt helping much!

As I went up her legs the last time my thumbs just brushed the edges of her pussy and went on past and up to her back. Im still ok if she doesnt want to play I thought, so I moved up to oil the top of her back feeling my cock bump against her legs. She opened her legs a bit more so when I went on a forward stroke my cock bumped her a bit higher until it nuzzled her pussy.

I thought 'next move is yours so theres no misunderstanding' She starts doing the little back arch thing again so my cocks nudging around her pussy, she sighs gently andas she reaches under herself I feel cool fingers take hold of my cock and rub it up and down her slot before easing herself back and inserting the first inch or so. We spend a few minutes just easing the knob end slowly in and out of her entrance before I eased forwards and slowly pushed the whole length into her. We started a very slow full length in and out, I've never felt a pussy like it, absolutely flooding with juices and her muscles were like a hand was massaging my cock. She had a massive orgasm, almost biting a hole in the sunbed cusion trying to keep quiet and the vice like grip of her pussy pushed me over the edge a few strokes later.