Written by redhot2007

18 Jun 2007

last friday i was feeling realy horny so I was disapointed when my boyfreind was late home from work as usual and gave him a real mouth full as he walked through the door.There was an uneasy silence as he ate his tea then without a word he took me by the hand and lead me up stairs.He threw a dress onto the bed and said get dressed we are going out,I took off my cloths and went for some underwear.No underware he hissed just the dress.I said its really short and very see through but he just put me over his knee and gave my bare arse a hard spanking, now get dressed he snaped and walked out of the room.As I walked to the car I was aware of how see through my dress was and how skimpy and short it was.On the way to Doncaster town centre my heart started racing wondering whet was in store for me.We reached the first pub and had a few drinks and I began to feel a little more relaxed,then we moved on to Flares,it was at the bar when dave put his hand up the front of my dress and stroked my bare pussy but as I looked to the side of me I noticed a couple of young lads watching so I shoved daves hand away, big mistake without a