Written by Redhot2007

20 Jun 2007

Carrying on with this true story/without a word Dave took me by the hand and lead me over to the seating area where he swiftly put me over his knee,my dress was so short my naked arse was already exposed but Dave still pulled it up further before giving me about ten hard slaps.I could feel my arse burning red which always turns me on and makes my pussy wet.As I got up and ajusted my tiny dress I noticed the two lads from the bar stood with about ten other lads,it must have been a stag night the fact that they had seen me getting a bare arsed spanking made my pussy even wetter."GO and fetch the drinks now" Dave said.I got up and had to walk right through the middle of the lads,one of the lads that was stood at the bar stood in front of me and said "you must have been a realy naughty girl"whith that he lifted my dress and exposed my red hot ass.the other lads moved round me so no one else could see and within seconds there were hands allover me at least two hands shoving fingers up my now sopping wet pussy there were hands opening my arse cheeks while one pushed his fingers right up my bum hole,within seconds I had a massive orgasm.I looked round and saw Dave with a huge smile on his face.To be continued!