Written by Anon

24 Sep 2009

This is a 100% true story. When I first met my future wife, K, she was a 19 year old girl with a passion for sex. I was 29 at the time and very happy to have got it together with such a fit young thing. K was everything I wanted, both in an out of the bedroom. At just 5 foot, with long brunette hair, the most wonderful 34E breasts and curves in all the right places, it wasn't long before we were getting down and dirty.

I knew K had been seeing someone immediately prior to us hooking up. After we got together I found out that he'd been a married man 18 years her senior. She'd been with him for one reason only. His cock! She'd also had a boyfriend at the time and for 6 months or so had been merrily alternating between the two of them, although never at the same time (unfortunately). Although she agrees that her boyfriend didn't deserve to be cheated on, the wonderful seeing to that she got from her married man, Simon, was just too good to turn down.

As time went on K began to tell me more and more snippets of her sordid past. It seemed her Simon had had worked with her at the office. Over the course of a few months he began to drop increasingly obvious comments, complimenting her on her breasts (she won't admit it, but I know that she enjoys the attention that her low cut tops bring her) and telling her how much he enjoyed her company. One Friday evening, after three or four post work drinks, he offered her back to his house (the wife was staying at her mum's as they weren't getting on at that stage of their marriage), for a few more drinks.

Seated in the living room, he offered her a coffee and they sat and chatted. Once this was finished, he leant across and began to kiss her. She tells me she responded by kissing him passionately, which resulted in him pulling her towards him. Once in his embrace he began to stroke her back and her legs, gradually working his way up to her things. Despite, or maybe because of the drink, she was very turned on, so responded by rubbing his thighs and nervously placing her hand on his obvious hardness. He gently pushed her back into the sofa and eased her willing legs apart, pushing up her skirt to gently rub her pussy through her knickers.

By this stage, she tells me, she knew she had to fuck him (boyfriend or not)! She opened her legs wide apart for him and allowed him to slip his fingers into her knickers and gently stroke her swollen pussy. She tells me she loved the fact he knew what he was doing and she responded by spreading her legs further still and kissing him more passionately. He slowly fingered her for a while before standing up and offering his hand. 'Let's go upstairs' he suggested. She willingly agreed and he led her up to the marital bedroom.

She was now so turned on that, despite being very nervous, she allowed him to undress her and lay her down on the bed. As he lay next to her she fumbled with his jeans to release his hard cock. She took it in her hand and stroked it, while he continued to finger her pussy. After some more of this he stradled her and slipped his cock into her, bareback. There she was lying on his marital bed being pumped like never before. She tells me it was the most thrilling thing she had ever done and she loved the fact that this married man lusted after her and wanted her for nothing more than sex. He continued to do her for a while and then stopped to put a condom on. Then he slipped it back into her. She tells me it went in even more easily now he was wearing a rubber, and he continued to fuck her until they both came. Once they were done she dressed and went back to her mum's.

Nothing happened for a week or two and no mention was made at work. Then, one Friday after a few more drinks the inevitable happened! K was in need of a lift home, so of course Simon offered her a lift back to her mum's. On the way home the conversation turned to what had happened previously and Simon made it clear that he would like more of the same, but that as his wife was at home, there would be no chance of a repeat performance. 'You can always come into mine for a coffee' K suggested. Well, Simon needed no second invitation.

They made their way to the living room (K's mum and brother were asleep upstairs). K made a coffee, but this time there was no pretence about drinking it. The moment she sat down his hands were on her, pawing at her breasts and parting her legs to reveal her already damp knickers. She soon had his dick in her hands again and began to stroke him, loving the reaction she was getting from him. She was very keen for him to think she was good and wanted to show him how much she enjoyed his body, so she leaned over and took his cock into her mouth. She sucked him slowly, revelling in the way that he responded by slowly bucking his hips and groaning. The fact that he responded so well really turned her on, so she sped up, sucking him right into her mouth. Up until this point she had never swallowed, but that was soon to change. She sucked on him then stopped to stroke him while she asked 'Do you like that'. The response was for him to guide her head back to his lap and she eagerly took him into her mouth and sucked until he came. She swallowed every drop!

She continued the affair for another 6 months or so. Some highlights that she has given me have included stories about car blow jobs, standing up sex by the side of the car, being spread eagled on the bonnet of the car and pumped full of cum (a favourite of ours), illicit sex at his parents while they were on holiday and sex in a public park. More of these will follow.