Written by M&D

28 Sep 2008

A few months ago my wife, Mel and I attended a party for her parents golden wedding anniversary. Since we live at the other end of the country it was arranged that we’d stay over at my wife’s sisters. I’ve always got on well with my wife’s sister Karen but never really taken to her husband Phil, who always struck me as a bit stuck up.

The party was a bit dull if I’m honest and I spent my time slowly drinking and comparing the sisters. Mel is curvy with lovely 44d boobs and great arse that her figure hugging black dress accentuated beautifully. Karen is even bustier than her sister and was nearly spilling out of the tight fitting top she was wearing, she was also wearing tight fitting trousers which clung to her buttocks and I couldn’t help thinking that she had an even better arse than her sis and wondering if she took it up the ass. Like her sister occasionally had.

We got a taxi back to Karen and Phil’s house around 1 am. None of us were ready for bed so Karen put some soft music on and Phil brought in a couple of bottles of wine. We’d all already had a few and both girls were giggly. As the first bottle of wine was emptied Karen suggested we should play spin the bottle. We laughed and chatted and it was decided that we would play but as Phil and I really didn’t fancy the idea of kissing one another and the sisters felt the same about each other, we decided that whoever span the bottle could ask a truth question or dare if it landed with me having to kiss Phil or Karen having to kiss Mel

Mel span first and it pointed at me. So we had along lingering French kiss as her sister and brother in law looked on. Next Phil span the bottle and it pointed at Mel. He lent over to her and kissed her passionately on her lips. I could see her kissing him back and felt a pang of jealousy. It went on like that for a while as we carried on drinking and laughing. I finally got to kiss Karen and made the most of it taking my time and enjoying the taste of her lips as she kissed me. After a while and a few frankly lame questions and dares Karen span and it pointed at Mel. “Flash your tits” she said. “How?” said Mel and I could see her point. The only way she could get her tits out was if she took her dress off. “I knew you’d bottle it,” said Karen. “I’m bottling nothing,” said Mel and looking at me asked me to unzip her dress. I hesitated for a moment then moved behind her. My hands were trembling as I did what she asked and pulled her zip down. Her dress fell to the floor and Mel hooked her thumbs into the straps of her bra and lowered it exposing her breasts to us for a couple of seconds before covering them back up.

She made no attempt to put her dress back on and as I looked over I saw Phil licking his lips, as he looked at her in just her lacy black bra and panties with matching black hold up stockings. As luck had it Phil’s spin landed on Karen and he groped her tits as he kissed her. Mel then span and you could see the delight in her face when the bottle pointed at Karen. “Ok” said Mel “strip!” “What all the way?” said Karen and Mel nodded laughing and said “ok you can leave your knickers on”. I don’t think any of us really thought Karen would strip but whether it was the booze or a competitive streak she did. Karen stood and first unbuttoned her top and then took it off. Her large tits were fairly falling out of her white lacy bra. Then she unzipped her tight trousers and pushed then off as she stood in just her bra and a tiny g-string I saw her look at Phil for confirmation. He just swallowed and gave a slight nod. She then unhooked her bra and dropped it onto the floor. I was transfixed and couldn’t take my eyes off my sister in law’s large naked tits.

I dragged my eyes away from Karen’s tits and took my spin. It landed facing Karen and I felt her naked tits pressing against me as I took my time kissing her. When I finished Phil said “soft git you should have kissed her tits” and I made a mental note the next time to make sure I did. The next spin was Karen’s and before she spun the bottle she suggested a rule change. “Lets make every spin truth or dare,” she said. We all agreed and she spun the bottle. It pointed at Phil and she thought for a moment then said “your turn, show Mel your cock”. He gave a lazy smile and then unzipped his pants and took out a very large, semi hard cock. It was much bigger than mine and he wagged it up and down as he pointed it at Mel. On his spin the bottle pointed at Mel and he said “You might as well join Karen in going topless” then added, “you can leave the stockings on, I like those”. Mel obliged and removed her bra and it was Phil’s turn to enjoy a good look at my wife’s naked breasts as they bounced easily within his reach.

Mel’s tits wobbled as she took her spin and I thought to myself that this was easily the most erotic thing we’d ever done and wondered where it would end. Her spin finished pointed at me and Mel said “Time you boys joined us, strip babe” I realised there was no way out and asked how far “all the way” both girls said together and then collapsed into giggles. So I quickly stripped off knowing that I had a raging hard on. And finally pulled my boxers off and exposed my stiff cock to the girls. As I took my spin I noticed that Karen was having a good look an my hard dick and when the bottle landed pointing at her I thought “ok lets see how far this is going” and said “ok Karen suck my dick”. “You’ll be lucky,” said Phil “she doesn’t do that for me”. Karen was gazing at my hard on but hesitating. “I knew you’d be first to bottle it,” said Mel triumphantly. “Oh is that right” said Karen and bending over my lap took the end of my cock in her mouth and gently sucked it as her tongue lightly licked the stiff head of my cock. Mel is a fantastic cocksucker and Karen really wasn’t in her league, but it was nice to know that she was sucking my cock and didn’t like to suck her husband.

I think we all knew where it was going after that. Next it was Karen’s spin and when it pointed at Phil she told him to get naked. He did this quickly and his cock was good and hard as he slipped off his underwear. His cock was very large and easily longer and thicker than mine, as I watched Mel I could see she couldn’t take her eyes off it. It was Phil’s turn and when it finished pointing at his wife he contented himself with telling her to get her knickers off and I was treated to the sight off her neatly shaven slit but also disappointed to see a telltale thread trailing out of her cunt which I realised meant it was her time of the month.

I knew it wasn’t Mel’s as I’d fucked her that morning and when the next spin saw her have to remove her panties and we were all sat there naked I did think that might be it but Mel reached over and took her spin When it finished spinning it was pointed at Phil. She looked at his massive stiff cock and then at his eyes as they took in her naked body and then said, “suck my tits”. He really didn’t need asking twice and taking one of her tits in one hand started sucking the other. Mel’s eyes closed as she allowed herself to enjoy the pleasure Phil was giving her. I then saw his hand drop to her cunt and he sipped a finger into her cunt. I thought she’d stop it but her hand just found his cock and she slowly wanked is big stiff cock.

I know I could have stopped it but it was so erotic watching my wife with another man that I couldn’t. When she took his cock in her hand he knew it was game on and his fingering started to become faster and harder Mel moaned in pleasure and I felt a hand wrap itself around my cock. Karen had taken my tool in her hand and wanked me as she watched her sister and husband. Phil was now in the process of lying Mel on the floor and spreading her legs before burying his head between them and starting to lick my wife’s slit. I was kissing Karen and playing with her tits as I watched them. I had asked if I could fuck her and sadly she had confirmed it was her time and that she couldn’t. “I wish I could I’m so horny” she said and I knew just what she meant. I watched as a shudder ran through my wife’s legs and realised that a man I didn’t like very much had just made my wife cum and was about to fuck her. But first Mel took his cock in her mouth and started doing what she does best, sucking cock. Karen was wanking me hard and kissing my neck as Phils massive glistening cock slid in and out of my wife’s mouth and her hands stroked his heavy balls.

I knew from experience that if she wanted him to he’d soon be filling her mouth with spunk, as I love to do. But she had other ideas and letting his rock hard cock slip from her mouth, she lay back and spread her legs in an open invitation to be fucked. Phil took hold of her hips and Mel let out a long low moan as he slid the full length of his massive tool into her gaping wet cunt. As he entered my wife I shot my spunk over his wife’s hand and started rubbing her clit hard before she recovered her breath and asked me (apologetically) to stop. As we watched Phil was picking up speed with Mel. His massive cock was slamming into her slit as she writhed and moaned loudly. Phil was taking his time and was clearly enjoying fucking my wife. He pulled out of her and turned her onto all fours and then slammed his cock into her and he roughly rammed his meat into Mel all I could do was play with Karen’s big tits and wish I was fucking her.

Phil slapped Mel’s arse as he screwed her and even stuck is finger in her arsehole as he continued to shag her hard. I was wondering how many times he had made her cum as her juices were glistening on her inner thighs. Then Phil gripped Mel’s hips hard and rammed his cock balls deep into my wife’s cunt taking her breath away before filling her slit with his seed. As he pulled his cock from her now gaping slit their combined juices oozed out of her gaping well used cunt.

They were both totally exhausted from their exertions and just lay there panting and stroking one another totally forgetting Karen and I. Eventually they gathered there wits and rejoined us. Mel was totally shattered and asked to go to bed so we gathered our clothes and went upstairs leaving Karen and Phil downstairs. Once in bed Mel was asleep in seconds and I soon followed her. In the morning I was awoken by the pleasant sensation of having my cock sucked. I opened my eyes and saw Mel’s head bobbing up and down on my shining cock. She teased then got faster and faster until I could hold back no longer and filled her mouth with sperm. She swallowed, licked me clean and then apologised for leaving me out last night. I told her that it was the most erotic thing I’d ever seen and asked if she’d had fun. She told me she had and that Phil’s was the biggest cock she’d ever had in her mouth or cunt and that she’d lost count of the times she’d cum as he’d fucked her. I told her she could have it again on one condition and she asked what that was.

“I get to fuck you at the same time and then Phil watches me fuck Karen” I said.