Written by Mrs R

28 Dec 2008

This is no story, this actually happened.

It was one of those corporate functions where we were gathered in a hotel for lecture's and seminars. At the end of the session, my girl friends and I retired to the bar for a few drinks before dinner after returning to our rooms to get dressed.

We met in the bar and were joined by 4 gentlemen from another company, who invited us to join them.

After a few more drinks and a lovely meal, it was decided to retire to my room (I having the biggest). The 4 men joined us and we opened the mini bar to continue the party.

It was then that I suggested we play some party games, this met with groans of 'not charades' no I said lest spin the bottle for truth or dare.

Everyone excpt 2 of my friends were up for it, and as the 2 girl friends watched we spun the bottle asking more and more risky questions, such as have you ever given a blow job, do you wear stockings, have you ever been spit roasted.

The 2 girl friends could see which way the game was going and soon joined in. At this point I got up went to my case and took out my 12" vibrator and replaced the bottle with it.

Now I said its time to play strip spin the dildo. It span and joy of joy's I was first. I stood up and undid the zip on my dress letting it fall to the floor, leaving me standing in my sexy underwear including black stockings.

I sat down again, and then had to watch whilst the others lost more and more clothes, including all my girl friends who all ended up just wearing panties and stockings. the men were all naked except one.

I was feeling rather frustrated so turned to the man alongside me, and proceeded to play with his dick. Then joy it was my turn again and again, so I was left just wearing my stockings. Now it was forfit time, the man alongside me whose dick I was playing with lost. His forfit was to lick the pussy of one us. I imeadiately volunteered, it was lovely!! needless to ay the rest of the evening was just one big orgy and we girls had the time of lives.