Written by Blackhorsegirl

16 Jan 2019

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Well I was hanging around at lunchtime today waiting for a delivery and browsing this site.

I decided to revisit the excellent stories posted on here by nstaffscpl and was interrupted by the arrival of the delivery. My wife picked up the iPad and continued to read. She had enjoyed our first attempt at recounting an escapade which we had posted on here a few days ago and asked me about the stories I was reading as I waited for the package to be brought in. She seemed very interested in the description of Dee standing at the window for all to see in one of their hotel meets.

I signed for the delivery and discovered that my iPad and wife were nowhere to be see. I heard her call and went upstairs eventually finding her in a back bedroom leaning against the windowsill. Nothing odd about that perhaps but her jeans and knickers were at her ankles and she looked back at me and said” fuck me now”.

In the story she had on the iPad, the window in question was described as being high enough to not worry about being seen. I can assure you this was not the case for us. This window is overlooked by at least a dozen houses although hardly 100 yards away and a popular footpath. Well I felt it would be churlish to point this minor technicality out at this moment in time. I walked across the room and caressed my wife’s pussy and rubbing her clit, feeling the wetness, she pushed back against my hand and I lowered my trousers with my free hand and pushed into her as hard as I could.

We were both looking out of the window watching dog walkers on the path and she suddenly laughed and said “how many curtain twitchers do we have in those houses do you reckon”. I replied let’s just make sure they enjoy the show and we fell into silence until I felt her orgasm building and she gave a satisfied groan. We tidied ourselves up giggling away to ourselves like a pair of school kids and I have now suggested that we go dogging to let her have the experience of us having public sex and being watched at close quarters by strangers.

She didn’t say no.......

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