Written by Chichesterhandy

1 Oct 2018

I suspect that like most solo guys on here, it can be very hit than miss.

I've always found it pays to plan well and let things run their own course. I'm somewhere between a builder and a handyman, and have used this as a way in to help guys fulfil their fantasy of watching they partner with another fella.

It usually takes time, weeks or months, before plans come to fruition.

However on Saturday it was the polar opposite.

I was working in Chichester, decorating a kitchen when my phone pinged with a message. It was from a guy I'd messaged cpl years ago but things went tits up. I had met him and his wife. However she just wasn't ready. I'd arrived to be let in by him and he set out his ground rules. He ushered me into the lounge where his wife was loosely tied to an office chair, blindfolded, in the middle of the lounge. I carefully followed his instructions but 10 mins in, as I had a mouthful of tit and three fingers in her cunt she said "stop. I can't do this."

It was not a drama and I soon left. On. Saturday his message read:

"hi mate. Me again. Sorry for the short notice but things took an unexpected turn overnight and today. She's up for meeting a guy right now. Can you be in worthing in an hour?"

Within 10 mins, I'd tidied up and was on the A27 heading to worthing. I remembered exactly where they lived and it was a huge case of deja vu as again I was let in. This time he showed me into the lounge whee his missus got up and said hi followed by a kiss on the lips.

Together they explained that previously he had persuaded her to try but she didn't feel happy. What changed is the previous night she had been out on a hen night, had watched her married friend get fucked by a stranger, and had been fingered by his mate. Instead of feeling guilt, she felt empowered.

She confessed all in the morning and was adamant she'd like to fuck a stranger in front of her husband. I was just the lucky guy. Husband wanted to sort out a fella before she changed her mind.

We had maybe 20 mins of small talk when she took matters into her own hand. She reached for her handbag... Handed me two condoms... And said "fill them both before you leave please." with that she disappeared upstairs and told me to wait.

In no time at all she came in, this time dressed for sex. Quite a tall lady.. Long wavy black hair, 5ft10 in her over the knee boots, slim, black microskirt and nothing else. She oozed sex. Husband made himself comfortable, got his cock out and played with himself on the settee while I sat on their armchair. She really played the roll of a slut. Cmon lads.. Clothes off. We stripped instantly.

She bent over and kissed hubby before moving to me and sat astride me snogging me. Her microskirt was hitched up and she moaned as I sought out her cunt. This time she gave encouraging signs and soon worked her way down, sucking hard on my nipples on the way down to suck my cock.

After a minute or two I slid down to join her on the floor, she instinctively moved around to plant her cunt on my face. Unbeknown to me hubby was now kneeling just above my head and suddenly his cock passed my face and into her.

I sucked her clit as well as I could and thankfully she stopped working on my cock as she came. I would have been following soon but was just able to hold back.

As she came her hubby also blew his load into her. There was a moment of quiet before she stood up, slid a condom on me and lowered herself onto me. She stayed squatting and bounced fast before grinding onto me as I placed with her small tits. She encouraged me to pull her nipples hard and hubby reappeared to help me out, biting her tits pretty hard.

She was in total slut mode and it didn't take much to take me over the edge, filling the condom with man juice.

Again things came to a stop and in a very English way we stopped for a cuppa tea. Drinking it on the settee, her in the middle with a leg draped over me and hubby's knees as we sat either side.

We watched some porn to get me going again and this time it was hard and fast doggy as he bent over the settee, hubby under her. It was porn sex, me slapping her arse and slipping a craft finger up her bum. Husband also being a bit crafty by licking and sucking my balls as I fucked his wife.

It all ended as I came, to be replaced by husband while she sucked my flaccid cock.

I was soon dressed and not for the first time, driving away from their home although this time feeling happier than after my previous visit