9 Sep 2015

I was packing my bags into my car getting ready to leave to catch the overnight Ferry to France as I had some installation work to do there in a clients factory, it was a lovely hot Saturday afternoon, our daughter had gone out for the day with her Gran and my wife Liz was laying topless on our sun bed with just a bikini bottom on.

As I went to an from the house to my car I could see our neighbour Jeff trying to see thru the hedge we had between our back gardens as he was meant to be giving it a trim with his shears, as I passed Liz I said I see you have your peeping Tom still then and laughed, Liz grinned and grabbed my hand as I next walked past her .

Liz pulled me down to kneel at her side took a ice cube from her glass and ran it over her nipples making them stand up, so she now had my full attention, then she gave me the cube between my fingers and pushed my hand down under her bikini bottoms and I rubbed it over her clit and tucked it inside my wife's hot pussy .

Then Liz said please fuck me now I will miss you and Liz rolled off the sun bed on to the grass knelt on all fours wiggling her bum at me , well it was a sight no man could resist so now having forgotten all about Jeff next door I took my t-shirt and shorts off ,knelt behind her rubbing the head of my cock over her lovely bum coating it with my pre cum as I untied her bikini and ripped it out from between her legs making her gasp.

I looked at the swollen lips of her pussy they were wet with excitement and I wondered if it was because she knew Jeff had been watching her , Liz reached under her to hold and pull my hard cock inside her , I held on to my Wife's jiggling boobs pulling on her nipples and switching my hands between them and her hips and shoulders as we fucked like rabbits .

We were enjoying our open air fuck , Liz seemed more vocal than usual , I was sure this was for Jeff's benefit as after awhile with Liz cumming over my cock twice I told her I was going to fill her pussy up with my cum, as I did straining to give her every last drop , she told me to kneel in front of her so she could lick my cock clean.

After she had, I said I would make us a drink and went into our kitchen ,I looked out the open window and caught sight of Liz still on all fours but turning her self around so her bum was facing in Jeff's direction and due to the shade over our kitchen window I don't think Liz knew I was in the kitchen watching her . I saw her hand reach under her to open her pussy and turn her head to the far side but behind her to hear her say just loud enough for me to hear, Jeff you can do this to me later once hub's has gone as I realised Jeff's wife Mary was in London with her friend Ginny for the weekend to see a show.

I made a noise of walking out the back door with some drinks , my own cock was still in a semi erect state after Liz cleaning it with her mouth and watching her show her cum filled pussy off to my much older neighbour, making Liz jump nervously and sit up on the sun bed again this time but still facing towards Jeff's direction with her legs spread wide and her pussy still seeping with my cum as she took the drink as we chatted both naked in the warm sun.

It was soon time for me to leave to make my way to the Port and Ferry, as I drove off I felt my own cock growing as I thought of Jeff coming round to service my sexy wife Liz and him no doubt spending the weekend with her , filling my Wife's pussy and having her suck his big old cock as many times as he could manage too !

After 3 hours I was waiting to board and rang home to tell Liz I would try an ring later before I got out of signal range once we were at sea , as she lifted the phone I heard her say shhhhh! be quiet ! ,we chatted awhile between the odd little noise my wife was making sounding like Uhhh! , Uhhh! as we chatted I thought she is being fucked and in the split seconds of silence between us I could just hear Jeff groaning in the background.

I thought well he didn't wait long to have his wicked way with my wife , but I also knew Liz was as bad as him as she does love cock/s inside her and likes the attention of a Man / Men, so after awhile of listening to them I put the phone down , my cock now trying to burst thru my jeans.

I did phone later when at sea to say good night and did hear a cough in the back ground so I assumed Jeff was spending the night with Liz in our bed , after thinking about them for awhile I fell asleep to be woken by my alarm the next morning. After a day of traveling I eventually arrived at my Hotel rang home to hear Liz chatting with someone she told me she had made a cream tea and had Jeff and MOL (Mother outlaw) there with our daughter in the garden, so I said I would call back a bit later when our daughter was in bed.

I called back after 9pm to hear Liz saying Quiet!!! as she picked the phone up, she spoke to me but sounded a bit breathless and as we chatted I could hear her making the Uhhh! , Uhhh! sound again mixed in with the odd slap of flesh against flesh, I asked if she was alone now and was our daughter in bed , as she told me OH ! Yes ! , I heard Jeff speak saying oh I am cumming , Hunni , I said to Liz you are on your own are you , she said oh yes it was just on the TV I pressed the volume on the remote.

Well after that I said good night and thought that old sod next door is banging my wife again and she is lying to me as Jeff is filling her with his big old cock she loves so much , I rang each evening for the next few days not hearing anything else and Liz kept asking when I was coming home, I was getting on quite well but decided not to let on to her that news , I had estimated 13 - 15 days work.

It turned out the Client had ordered a essential part I could not do without to go any further ,which had not turned up at site, so he told me he would bear any costs as he was pleased with the speed of work if I wished to return home and he would call and chase the part the next week. I thought I would try to get a ferry home in the morning arriving Saturday at home which I did , when I got near home I recognised a couple of cars that belonged to some lads who were mates of Lee ( who I had watched with Liz in her car about 3 weeks previous in the woods just along the road ) as I drove down the road towards our house I saw the brake lights come on as the cars turned down the track to our house , I decided I would drive on and park up in the woods.

I put my work boots on with a olive jacket I had, making my way thru the wood an fields to our house, as it came into view it had all lights blazing downstairs and just our bedroom light on upstairs , as I got nearer I could see Liz with someone in our bedroom , I stood watching as I realised it was Lee and he was taking the blouse she had on off her shoulders but there was no bra underneath as I watched his lips kiss and suck on Liz's boobs and nipples , before he took his t-shirt off as well.

Then they went from view I guessed onto our bed and I made my way closer to our house I made my way to the front windows looking in I saw 4 of Lee's friends who were stood laughing and chatting just opening some packs of beers , one lad was looking at our dvd,s we had and found some ones I had forgotten about in some blank cases on the top shelf, I heard him say look at these as they just had black marker pen writing on them all.

They put the TV on put a dvd in the player and as it started I realised it was a film I had taken in our previous house in the lounge it showed Liz walking in dressed in a French maids outfit wearing stockings, suspenders and some 5" black patent heels I couldn't hear the film for the lads voices as they settled back in the sofa and chairs, It showed me sat on our sofa and it showed Liz bringing me a glass of Wine over to me putting it on a table next to me then her turning and bending over keeping her legs apart an straight to pick up a imaginary bit of fluff off the carpet but displaying her bum to the camera with just her g-string like a cheese wire between her cheeks .

All the lads shouted Fuck !!! look , at that arse in unison, even I thought how good it looked as the lens zoomed in, seeing her pussy lips bulge either side of the string as it all flooded back to me how the rest of the film went on , a couple of the lads were absent mindedly gripping their cocks through their jeans as it showed Liz undoing the string of her dress revealing her boobs bringing comments of look at that pair, love to cum over them, what great tits etc, then Liz coming over to unzip me and pull off my trousers and lick, nibble an suck my cock thru a pair of CK white boxers I had on till they became see thru with the wetness from her mouth.

I watched as one lad pulled his cock free , wet his fingers and began to stroke it as he watched, while on TV Liz was undressing in front of me , the lads giving a continuous commentary now of what they would like to do with her, then the screen showed Liz pulling my boxers off as her mouth worked its way over my cock. The lad stroking his cock said fuck if she likes that she will love this as I looked to see he was a good 2" longer and thicker than my own cock, I then realised they were all expecting to fuck Liz that night while I was away in France.

Then the screen showed Liz pouring some wine over my cock to lick off, then as she stood in front of me it showed my free hand in her g-string and pulling it aside as my fingers found out how wet she was for the camera before pulling it off and as I lay back it zoomed in on Liz's pussy sliding down over my cock, to cries from the lads of bet that feels so good as Liz began to bounce up and down on me I had tilted the camera to show her boobs bouncing and the look on her face.

All 4 lads had now taken their cocks out of their jeans or pulled them down their legs , I looked to see they were all different in shape an size , one lad seemed like he might not last much longer as he had pulled up his vest top rubbing his chest hairs with one hand as he rubbed his cock with the other , on screen Liz was having one cum after another her hands pulling on her nipples, biting her lip, till she went still and I guessed that was when I was filling her with my cum, as the camera showed her face and travelled down to her pussy as Liz leant back her arms behind her on my legs as my cum dribbled from her wet pussy .

We were all intently watching the screen as suddenly I moved back a couple of feet from the window as I saw Lee who was naked lead Liz in to our lounge dressed in a short black see thru gown I had bought for her with a tie belt which just covered her pussy an bum. As Liz looked around I saw a smile appear on her face and I heard her say what are you watching , then she said , Oh my goodness , where did you find that !!! as the lad who found the dvds told her , she said I had forgotten all about those up there.

As Liz looked at the screen, she said its a good job my hubs isn't here as you are all bigger than my hubs you would give him a complex, he would hate to think of you watching our films, then Lee said well whos next then lads , he looked around said think Darren better go next before he cum's, as the lad who had his vest pulled up , kicked his jeans an pants off went over to Liz and kissed her grabbing her bum as Liz held his cock .

Then just as they turned to go upstairs Liz turned her head to say is there a disc with blue writing on it , as you may all like that one as Hubs hasn't seen that one yet and laughed as they walked out the room, the 3 lads all asked Lee about Liz when she left , as one of the other lads who looked to be Asian or part Asian said I think Darren will soon be back down as he was pretty worked up watching the film. I might just go up and wait at the door!!

I hope you like my story as much as I have re-telling as bought back some great memories if you want to hear some more and the rest of this story ,please let me know or if you think its run its course I will not bother to type up anymore as takes me some time to do this, would appreciate your honesty, Thanks, Stevie