10 Aug 2015

At this particular time my Wife Liz was about 28 , she is Blonde about 5-7" tall, great legs an bum with 36E boobs, we had a daughter at school and had moved into a old semi detached cottage set in the middle of some fields in the country, part of a family estate, our Neighbours were a older couple, her (Mary) late 50,s, him (Jeff) early 60,s. We used to get on with them very well have a good laugh and joke , the house was a strange arrangement in that their bathroom window used to overlook our back garden and the glass in their 5' x 3'6"window was clear ( as is usually mottled glass) ,they used to have venetian blinds pulled closed.

Now I knew Jeff used to fancy Liz and at every opportunity he would be looking or spying on her , now Liz likes to get out in the garden looking at her plants, vegetables and likes to sit an relax there as well, at weekends we would set a paddling pool up for our daughter to cool off in ,in the summer.

Also Liz likes to get her boobs out and is happy to walk around with just a bikini bottom on a lot of the time , we also had a downstairs bathroom and Liz would often open the window to let the steam out , which just so happened to be next to the garden gate so anyone who came too our house with deliveries would come thru the gate and as they turned to close it could glance in to see Liz having a shower /bath.

If I was working in my shed or garden I often heard the gate open as Liz always has a radio on wherever she was in the house and I would look up to see the Postman , delivery drivers as well as Jeff if he was dropping some fruit or veg round from his garden to give to Liz, stood watching Liz thru the open window. I had also had a large mirror made and put up in the bathroom to reflect the light as it was not the biggest bathroom which also gave a good all round view of Liz in the bath or shower.

If Liz had the chance she liked to sunbathe in the garden as we were a little way off the road down a track which also happened to be a signed footpath further on it was a bit overgrown as it crossed the river a couple of hundred yards from our house . It was a lovely river and nice to swim and paddle in and we never used to get very many people walk along the path.

So I would come home and often catch Liz topless and sometimes naked in our garden, as Jeff was semi retired he would often do work for the estate owners on other houses , returning at odd times of the day in his car or he may even just work in his workshop in his garden. We had a hedge between our garden and his and I often noticed him spying at Liz thru the gaps in the hedge ,I never used to say anything to her, I also noticed he would go in and I could see a gap appear in the blinds in the bathroom where he would be peering down at Liz laying out sunbathing.

At any chance of seeing Liz topless or naked Jeff seemed to be around , I saw him one day from our garden ( he obviously didn't know I was home) watching her from the gate as she oiled her body with sun tan oil , then as she lay back, come in with some vegetables, while Liz had her Ipod playing in her ears as she lay on the sun bed naked with her eyes closed under her sunglasses.

He stood quietly watching from about 6' away as Liz lay back her oiled boobs and hard nipples warming in the sun, her legs apart slightly her shaven pussy on display to his eyes , then she turned over to lay on her front spreading her legs wider apart showing more of her wet pussy. After awhile of standing there he gave a cough and Liz thinking it was me stood there said could you be a love and put some oil and massage my back ,shoulders and bum!!

I watched as Jeff put the vegetables down on the grass, picked up the bottle of oil and putting some on his hands began to oil Liz's back and shoulders, with her telling him where to put his hands, I knew she was feeling horny as I could see her rubbing her pussy against the towel on the sunbed. Liz was also moaning Mmmmm that feels good hunni !!!! as she wriggled her bum and opened her legs a bit wider.

When Liz said now my bum I thought he might have a heart attack or something, I saw him adjust his cock in his shorts as he reached her waist an spread his hands on her bum and watched his fingers pressing and rubbing the oil in to her skin , as he went down the sides Liz lifted her hips for him to reach under her . He was obviously doing a good job on Liz as I watched her kneel up so her bum was raised her knees as wide apart as the sun bed would allow as he ran a finger down the crack of her bum.

I watched his hand disappear between her legs , as his fingers must have found her clit and pussy as I watched her press backwards and guessed she was feeling his fingers delve deeper , as her bum gave a few involuntary movements and had no doubt just soaked his fingers as she let out a low groan of delight at having just climaxed. I looked at Jeff's face grinning from ear to ear now ,his fingers still inside my wife, as she put her arm out behind her feeling for that bulge in his shorts ( that she thought belonged to me ) , she found it and without moving her head began to pull Jeff's cock free.

Once she had set it free I saw her finger tip rubbing his pre cum over the head, then she slipped a knee down on to the grass as Jeff held the bed to stop it tipping over then Liz lifted her other leg on to the grass burying her head on the sun bed with her bum in the air. I saw Liz rubbing her bum over the head of Jeff's cock .

Then just for a minute he seemed to pause as if he wasn't sure what to do ,when Liz made his mind up for him , by saying ! please ! I want you inside me now , just fuck me I am so wet and horny I want your hard cock inside me !!! I watched as Jeff now knelt up proud and upright his cock standing out in front of him just touching Liz's bum as he held it in one hand and pressed forwards , up to now he hadn't made any noise but he gave a deep mmmmm as his cock slowly filled my Wife's wet pussy .

I almost expected Liz to stop and turn her head as she realised it wasn't me , but she didn't seem to notice an just pushed back as Jeff filled her, with her arm reaching behind her to hold his bum tight pulling him in to her . They knelt there rocking back and forwards Liz having one cum after another as she said , OMG please fill me up Hunni ! please , please , please ! as Jeff suddenly gave a grunt, going red faced and holding Liz's waist he held her tight to his groin and filled her pussy with his well aged spirit produced from his loins.

I watched as Liz turned her head towards me her eyes still closed her mouth forming a smile and looking relaxed as Jeff kissed her shoulder an then pulled out , Liz's pussy had formed a 'O' where his cock had been, his cream dribbling out as he knelt up holding his shorts in his hand around his waist , he got up and calmly walked over to the gate making no noise as he made his way back to his garden.

I made my way indoors as Liz just knelt there for a few minutes totally relaxed, till she came in to find me , coming over to kiss me as I made a cuppa for us both , while she went to the bathroom to clean herself up , she came back saying MMMMMMM !!! that was nice ! We will have to do that again more often in the garden !

That was the story of the first time I watched Jeff fucking my Wife, It proved not to be the last time either,, I would like to hear any comments you have as I have some ideas of what had happened that day and would be interested to see if we come to the same conclusions. Stevie