Written by stevie30gee

16 Sep 2015

I had just been watching My Wife Liz entertaining some friends of my neighbour Jeff, who now had his friend Dennis and a Man whose name I didn't know who had just had my Wife face down over a bench, they were all sat looking at Liz as she gathered up the plates and glasses wearing her French Maids outfit with the top undone exposing her boobs to their eyes , as well as getting a flash of bum and pussy when she bent over .

I heard Dennis tell Jeff and the other guy there he had had enough watching Liz with their friends and seeing her naked apart from her hold ups an heels with her boobs jiggling about, he said you 2 can watch as I am going to put my cock between those tits and coat them with my cum . He called Liz over telling her what he wanted to do , she nodded in agreement and all our eyes looked at Liz as she pushed the outfit down her body to step out of it, as she went over to the quilt on the ground to lay back leaning on her elbows to watch as Dennis stripped off .

As Dennis pulled his boxers down his cock sprung up in front of him , I had to admit he had a good sized cock and thick which Liz does like ,she had told me she preferred thickness to length but Dennis had both . I watched him lick his lips as he stood over Liz , she said don't you want this then Dennis as she lifted her legs spreading them wide apart. he looked and told her that will be for later but now I want to fuck those big tits of yours after watching them for the past few hours.

He knelt over Liz bent his head to lick, suck and bite her boobs leaving them marked with his teeth as if to say these are mine and stopping to kiss her now an again, his cock and balls rubbing against her pussy, as Liz had her hands in his hair and on his shoulders . We 3 Men watched as he moved up Liz's body to rub his cock over her nipples and lay between the vee of her boobs as her hands now held them , he slowly moved back and forwards adding spit to his cock , while Liz stuck her tongue out to lick the cock head as it reached her chin .

I saw Dennis smiling at Liz as he fucked her boobs as she smiled back , he leant back behind him to rub Liz's clit every now an then and slide a finger inside her making Liz stop, close her eyes and take a gasp of air each time, it was quite a sight to watch as the head of his cock appeared from between her boobs and her tongue licked it or she gave it a brief suck.

After awhile of this even Dennis could not hold back and moved back to aim his cock at Liz's boobs telling her here it cums Baby ! We watched as he held his cock and pumped his cream over Liz's boobs some missing hitting her face, she smiled up at him as he finished saying I think you needed that Dennis. We then saw Liz put a finger out to scoop up his cream and lick off her finger as she put her hand out to pull Dennis's cock to her lips and lick the drips from the head of it.

I looked up at Jeff and the other man who were now both undressed and rubbing their cocks , Jeff the larger of the two and it passed through my mind now I wondered how many times he had actually had his cock inside my lovely wife in the past few weeks. As Dennis got up to go sit down, I heard Jeff say come on Bill lets give this girl what she wants , as they got up Jeff said to Liz how do you want us, Liz said to Jeff I want you in my mouth as Bill fucks me to start with ! Jeff said come on Bill lets fill her up.

Jeff sat back on the quilt as Liz bobbed her head up and down on his cock as Bill lifted Liz up onto her knees her sexy arse offered up with her pussy as a home for Bill's cock to enter, I think looking at Bill's face he liked Liz's perfect arse as it was going to be the 2nd time in just over a hour he would be fucking her from behind, he reached under her to hold and feel her boobs, as he slipped inside her hot wet pussy.

As Dennis and I watched from our different points of view, we could see Bill enjoying massaging my Wife's boobs as he fucked her and Jeff gripping her hair to hold her head still or push deeper as Liz sucked him and smiled up at Jeff now an then. I saw Dennis get up go over to Liz's side and run his fingers down her spine and over the back of her neck and watched her reactions to this as she humped her bum up to meet Bill's cock and sucked even more eagerly on Jeff's cock as those are spots she likes to also be touched .

This was to bring Bill and Liz to a climax as he began pumping his hips against Liz and they both began humping urgently as they came together, as Bill pulled out he sent a final spurt over Liz's bum, and Jeff said well I think its my turn now Liz as she lifted her head up and went Mmmm , Yes please ,Jeff !!

I watched Jeff as he knelt up behind Liz , putting his cock between Liz's pussy lips coating it with Bill's cum , then rubbing it between her spread bum cheeks and over her tight hole , Liz groaned a Mmmm noise, I thought I knew what Jeff was up to but didn't think Liz had realised just yet, her head still resting on her arms and the quilt.

Watching I saw Dennis hand Jeff something and realised what it was as he held it in one hand and squirted some jelly on his fingers as he was still running his cock over and inserting his cock into Liz's pussy. She gave a little scream as his finger invaded her tight hole and then relaxed as Jeff worked his finger inside till he put another in and Liz turned her head to Dennis and smiled as she knew what Jeff had in mind now. Liz said to Jeff be gentle with me Jeff, I have never had a big cock like yours inside me there before even my hubs has not had me there ( he Grinned ), He played along saying are you a virgin there then , Liz closed her eyes and said Mmmmm yes I am !

He knew she was lying as he and I had seen Lee sliding his cock inside her tight arse and depositing a load deep inside her the previous week, even letting slip to me that was something he would like to do to her ! We 3 men all watched closely as Jeff coated his hard cock in jelly squeezing some into her tight hole he pressed the head inside her Liz gasped out Fuck!! , Jeff ! you are so big an hard !! I can feel you stretching me , Oh so Big!!

Jeff took that as go deeper and he pushed another couple of inches inside her , she screamed out God , its so big, he pulled back a inch and pressed another 3 inside her , Liz had her mouth open but nothing came out, Jeff said how's my virgin and winked at Dennis I guessed he must have told him about Lee!! Liz said oh its good but you're so hard inside me is it all in now as she finished speaking, Jeff drove the rest of the way inside Liz causing her to groan and tell Jeff off for not telling her as his groin ground against her arse.

Jeff said Soooo good ! your so tight on my cock, as he pulled out a couple of inches before filling her up again, he rocked himself back and forwards riding her sexy arse , even Liz was moving to meet his thrusting cock telling him you are so deep , so hard and so good Jeff . Now this was something I never expected to see after that day in our back garden was the sight of our 60+ year old neighbour , his cock buried balls deep inside my attractive and sexy wife Liz with her telling him how good it was . I could see Jeff was about to cum as he held Liz humping her lovely arse when she said Oh Fuck !, I am cumming Jeff , please fill me up , which he promptly did .

He pulled out as Liz lay down flat on her front , as Dennis said would you like my cock now Babe !, Liz rolled over saying not up my bum you can fuck my pussy though , he said that's what I meant , I think I will save that for another day and laughed ! Dennis held Liz's tired legs up and wide and edged forward till his cock pressed inside her, he looked down , telling Jeff you horny old goat she has loads of your cream leaking out of her arse ! The 3 of us stood watching as Dennis drove his cock deep inside my Wife's pussy , filling her with his long, thick cock she loved so much, she reached up to pull his face to hers to kiss him, she then said don't you 2 ever stop doing this to me , you horny old men as I love your cocks when you fuck me , then said sorry Bill forgot you were here !

As Dennis laughed saying well you are our witness Bill to what Liz just said , as he also laughed, Dennis had made Liz cum 4 times before he put his load deep inside her pussy, he let her legs down and she lay there exhausted , his cock semi hard and glistening with their juices when he pulled out. I had to hold back from laughing myself as Dennis went over to slap and rub his wet cock over Liz's face as she lay there to tired to lick him clean.

They all got up only Bill and Jeff getting dressed as Jeff said I will drop you home now then Bill , as they walked towards the car I had to move so not to be seen , Jeff drove off , as I looked to see Liz cuddled up with Dennis on his lap in a chair, after awhile they went indoors and Jeff returned without Bill to go indoors .

I made my way back through the fields and wood to my car to take in what I had seen that day as I drove off to find somewhere to eat and sleep that night.

That was that day over hope you liked I do have some other tales of Liz with Jeff, Dennis and others if you want me to tell more let me know , Folks, thanks , Stevie