Written by nomoreoping

16 Nov 2009

i told you last time how i saw old harry fucking a Young blonde woman, well next time she came back i called the wife to come and see, i pointed out the blonde and told her that i had seen harry fucking her, she said no way he is far too old.but i said i bet if she goes into his house she wont leave for ages, she did ,and she stayed for a couple of hours, i said to her i will be back soon,so i went across,they were both in the living room on his couch and she was wanking him ,so i filmed them on my phone and went home . i showed the wife and she was gob smacked she said he has a fucking big one hasnt he.

anyhow we went out sat night,we got home about 11 oclock ,there was a light on at harrys but no car so i knew he was alone.we went home and opened a bottle of wine and got my phone out. we were playing about and i showed her it again and said go put that little skirt on and your highest heels and go over and if you get in make sure the curtains are slightly open ,so she said i will.

she went upstairs and put on this little pleated skirt on it was about 2" below her ass cheeks her heels and a sheer top which showed her big firm tits off ,no bra and no panties, put her best make up on and off she went.

i watched her knock , saw harry answer and in she went. i watched for about 10 mins when his bedroom light went on ,i saw the curtains move and the top sash open.i went over and by the time i got there they were both sat on the couch, harry was naked and sue was sat with one leg over his, her top was off and they were wanking each other . she then whispered in his ear,they both stood up and went to the bedroom. it happened quickly,sue still had on her skirt and heels ,she lay on the bed and harry got between her legs and started licking her smooth pussy , sue started moaning saying she was cumming and said fuck me harry, he moved up and did they had sex for about 10 mins and she came a few times, then harry pulled out and came all over her stomach. as they lay down sue said how big is it harry its huge and he told her 11 inches.she then said is it right you fucked that blonde that comes here, harry said how do you know ,but she said never mind that, anyway i bet you would love to have us both together wouldnt you, harry said you bet and i couldnt believe when she said we will see .i left them and she came home a hour later . i said i saw you and would you have a 3 some and she smiled. i will let you know