Written by M

12 Aug 2008

Saturday, just gone, was a disco night at our squash club. My wife went in a very sexy, short low cut party dress, looking stunning with her waxed tanned legs. The evening was warm, and I spent most of the time at the bar. Craig who is about 22 years old, my wife always liked him, and he often flirts with her. he spent a lot of time dancing with her, very close and feeling her up a lot, I saw his hands a few times go up inside her skirt, no doubt finding she was commando. he went to the lo and t said that she was very turned on, and i told her to fuck him if you want to, she said she did and he had a very big cock. I had seen him in the chagning rooms and he has an incredible fit athletic body and even when soft his cock was massive.

when he came back they dance very dirty dancing together, and I could see him saying something to her and they both left the dance floor and went towards the door, I followed, as sa them go into the squash court area, I went upostairs to the viewing gallery, Craig was kissing T his hands up her skirt fingering her, he had the top of her dress down and her tits in view, then she went to her knees and took out his massive cock it was at least 11" she then proceeded to suck him and he clearly enjoyed that, afte a while he pulled her up and pushed her aganst the wall and picked up her legs and started to fuck her against the wall, she was screamming and he was pumping her hard, he got her to go onto her hands and knees and then took her doggy, fngering her arse, before entering her arse sing the cunt juice as lub. He cam inside her and gruned loudly as she canme loudly again, she sucked on his cock cleaning him up. I had cum sometime before, havin wanked myself silly.

I left and went back t the bar, he reunred about twenty minutes later, after another fuck T told me. they came to the bar, and Craig and T exchanged numbers, and he looked at me and said your wife is a great fuck, just like a slut. He texted her Monday and is fucking her again tomorrow.