Written by sara

20 Mar 2010

I have been fucked by Mike the stable manager twice, the second time including a mate of his. I am a 41 year old married woman, whose husband ;loves to have me take lovers. I am attractice 36d2435 and toned. There was a fucntion at the stables a cheese and wine semi formal do. I went dressed in a short low cut black dress hold up stockings and high heals with no unerwear. My husband stayed at home to babysit.

When i got there Mike was at my side in an instant, he was plying me with drinks ands introduced me to three mates of his, one was a mixed race guy and the other two white in their thirties. The party went on until about ten, and Mike asked me if I wanted to go to his house that was on the site, he had been groping my arse and was aware i had no knickers. I said that would be great, but was a little surprised he asked the other three guys too.

We got into the house and Lenny went to get some vodka from the kitchen and Mike took me into the sitting room and pulled me to him and gave me a very deep and erotic french kiss, groping my tits and as he was doing this one of the other guys was bhind me undoing my dress and kissing my back.

I moved and said no, but Mike said I have the photos of last time if you want them round the stables, and you are a whore anyway so dont complain, Lenny had come back and poured the vodkas and he pulled me to him kissed me and had his hands on my tits and another guys was fingering me from behind.

I was pushed to my knees and was faced with Lenny's large and very thick cock, I took it into my mouth and sucked him untuil he came, i repeated this with the other three. then they took me upstairs to Mike's bedroom and laid me on the bed and took turnes in fucking me, i then rode Mike's cock and was bet forward and Jerry entered my arse and lenny went to my mouth, Peter the fourth guy was taking photos, and groping and biting my tits. This went on until just after midnight, Mike said that I was staying the night, so I called my husband to tell him, and after that they used their belts on my arse and after that cuffed me to the bed put on some nipple clamps and took turns in fucking and fisting me, Mike and the others calling me a cheap whore and slut; they fucked me until about two when we all went to sleep; in the moring they carried on and I was dropped home at 1pm, cobered in love bites and bruises and cum and dripping from my arse and fanny holes. I had a long bath and a sleep and when I went down stairs there was a text on my phone saying they will have me again and they had photos to share with everyone if i didn't. They are bastards, but i am secretly looking forward to the next time