Written by Rosie4u2

23 Jul 2014

I was invited to an awards night for the company I was working for. I performed well and won an award and had to go to a hotel at Canary Wharf for the Presentation dinner. It was staff only and no partners. I needed a new dress to wear, something long and formal. I looked with my husband and he liked the one you can see in my profile pictures, It had a long split on the side. He likes my legs especially with Stiletto heels.

On the Evening before The Event I dressed in my dress, new panties and bra and holdups. I tried stockings and suspender belt but you could see the through the dress so decided to wear the black holdups. However unlike suspenders I was worried the holdups would slip down too much. My hubby got so turned on looking at my sexy dress and underwear and he got his cock out. He pushed it into my mouth and within a minute he spunked in my mouth. There was lots of cum which I showed him and then swallowed.

Sadly I was sharing a room with another female worker of the company. It was time for Dinner and we walked to the lift and into the room where the dinner was held. There was champagne which always goes straight to my head. I went to my table with my reserved place. I was next to a pervy looking fat guy who introduced himself as The sales Director. An important Guy but I had not a clue who he was. The meal was lovely and the awards followed. I won a crappy plate for my efforts!

The formal Dinner finished and the lights were dimmed. I was feeling really tipsy by now. The Director grabbed my arm and told me to stay. I said ok and returned after I had taken a pee. I could feel mens eyes looking at me as I walked through the room. I realised that I was flashing lots of stocking to every time I took a step.

I returned to the table and he was waiting. He told me he thought I was beautiful and that he noticed my stocking tops earlier. He asked if he could have a feel to ensure they were holdups. I said Ok but I must have a rise. Not the rise I had expected though. Alot of people had dispersed and I said ok just slip your hand up the split under the table. He did just that and felt my bare soft thighs. I told him to take his hand down but he refused and forcefully put his hand on my inner thigh and his fingers were rubbing my pussy through my panties. He then slipped a finger into my panties and into my pussy. I was feeling quite drunk and was enjoying the attention and let me have a nice long feel and fingering session. He was really smooth but not at all handsome.

We went to the bar for more drinks and chatted for a while. I sent a text to my husband and told him how naughty I had been. He told me to go back to his room and give him a BJ later and to text him again when I had done it. I didn’t want to do this with him to be honest.

The disco had been playing and The MD came over and asked me for a slow dance. The Sales Director was pissed off! I think The MD had seen me being naughty under the table. He too me to the far side where it was quieter and darker. Straight away he put his hand up the split and felt my bare thigh and then cupped my bottom. After a little while I could feel his fingers going inside my panties at the back and his fingers were on my bum hole. It felt as though he was trying to finger my bum. I told him no and he removed hhis hand. He grabbed me hard and pulled me against his big hard cock that must have been fully erect. He was pushing it hard against me in time with the rythm of the music. I told him what a naughty boy he was and what a big cock I could feel against me. We sat down and he told me to feel his cock under the table. As he was the top guy I thought I had better and rubbed him nice and slow.

Neither of the men were at all attractive and I didn’t want to have sex with either. I said I was going for a wee wee and went off towards the ladies. However I went to the lift and back to my room. I was pretty drunk and needed some sleep. I got ready for bed and sent hubby a few texts telling him everything. He had a wank way before the last one was sent.

I knew I had been a little bit slutty!