Written by ralph

14 Mar 2017

Polly had just been fucked from behind by Gerard while sucking Michelle cock.Jean had been giving Stephan a blow job in the front of the car but she did not want him to come as she wanted his big cock inside her. 5 min later the car pulled up outside the french guys flat, Stephan said that we had arrived and every one got out of the car and started making their way to their flat,Polly was trying to get her bra back on and do her blouse up but Gerard insisted that she walked to the flat as she was.Michelle was walking in front Polly behind with Gerard followed be Stephan and jean .Gerard was walking with Polly with one hand on her bum and telling her what he was planning to do to her when thy got in,by this time Polly had gone past the point of no return she had Gerard come running down her leg and Michelle come in her belly and to drunk and to horny to care. Michelle opened the door and made his way up the stairs with Polly behind and Gerard behind Polly with his hand up her skirt and his finger trying to get into her pussy. when they got into the flat Polly noticed it was rather larger than expected and quite plush inside, she asked Michelle what they did for a living and Michelle replied they worked for the french embassy ,he and Gerard were part of the security team and Stephan was a pencil pusher.Polly asked were the bathroom was as she needed to freshen up,Stephan pointed to the bathroom. when in the bathroom she went to the toilet and then decided to have a quick shower and freshen up, whilst in the shower Stephan walked in and started to kiss the back of her neck and behind her ears meanwhile his hand were all over her tits then she felt his cock growing larger between her bum cheeks which was turning her on then all of a sudden regard stepped in the shower and started to kiss her and using his tong .This was the firs time that she had ever experienced two guys naked in the shower like this, within minutes they were washing her all over very sexily and at every opportunity there fingers were going up her pussy and her bum as well as her tit were being kissed her nipples sucked and then she started to come. after she came she got on her knees and started to suck their cocks ,after about 5 min of cock sucking they picked her up of her knees and started to put shaving cream on her pubic hair, they then proceeded to shave her smooth like a baby's bottom then they turned of the shower and with a couple o towels they dried her off. They then led her to a bedroom, on walking past the front room she saw Stephan standing up naked with the biggest cock she had ever seen inc porn films, this cock was lifted straight from a donkey. And there was jean on her knees trying get all in her mouth, no wonder she was exited when she saw the size of his cock. Polly was then led to a bedroom were she was laid on the bed, Gerard laid next to her and started to to kiss her gently and slowly playing with her nipples mean while Michelle had parted her legs and started to lick her clit, after a few minuets she came again then slowly Michelle slid up her body and in one fluid movement his cock slid in to her pussy,he slowly eased it in with the least discomfort and slowly he started to build up a rhythm Polly was now in heaven she then got Gerard ,s cock in her mouth and started to suck it vigorously and then she stated to come Michelle noticed and started to up his speed and also pushing it in deeper when all of a sudden she orgasm-ed her body was out of control and shaking she had never orgasm-ed like this before. after coming down from this Michelle was still rock hard and so was Gerard. Michelle then spun her over with her on top and started to slowly and gently go in and out of her, within minutes pollys is responding and starts to fuck back and pushing her self down on his cock then she could feel a lubed finger going up he bum ,she squealed a little and said she has never had any thing up he bum before bur Gerard insisted he would be gentle with her and she would enjoy it slowly Gerard was working two and then three fingers up there and Polly was very comfortable with it when all of sudden Gerard removed his fingers and slowly pushed his cock up there when it was all the way up he left it there for he to get used to it, then Michelle started to move his cock in and out , at that moment Polly was experiencing a totally new sexual experience, Gerard stated to gently move his cock in and out very slowly and the sensation was mind blowing . While all this was going on Polly could hear jean screaming a little and was imagining her getting impaled by donkey dick . meanwhile Gerard and Michelle started to start fucking Polly with a vengeance and it was not long before Polly had another orgasm but Michelle and Gerard were going at it like steam hammers and a few minutes later Gerard emptied his balls into Pollys arse and then Michelle came hard pumping his hot come into Pollys pussy . A all three just laid there for a couple of minutes before Gerard got off Polly who then went off to the bathroom to clean up polly rolled off Michelle and laid back and fell asleep with come dribbling out of both holes . She woke up about 6.30 am very sore and very hung over as she went to get up Michelle tried to puller back into bed telling her he had not finished with her yet but polly got up any way and went to the bathroom to have a shower, as she got out of the shower Stephan walked in with the biggest cock she had ever seen, she could not take her eyes of off it.Polly asked were was jean and he replied fast asleep, the next moment Stephan pulled Polly towards him and started to kiss her meanwhile his fingers were playing with her clit and getting her juices going, he then moved backwards toward the toilet and sat down on the seat forcing her to sit astride on his monster cock .She slowly lowered herself on it and bit by bit she took it all,as she was on top she was in control ,this night could not get any better and within minuets she was fucking his cock for all she was worth till she had her last orgasm and was begging Stephan to come up her which shortly after he did. Now that she had come down to reality she is panicking about getting home and breaking the news to me. she quickly wiped her self got dressed and wen to get jean but jean was not wanting to go home she wanted to stay longer. so Polly said her good buys to the guys and left. she got a cab home and there we are at the kitchen table listening to this story which i found very hard to believe., she then pulled her skirt up and said feel my pussy which i did and there was a little bit of come oozing out and it was very swollen and tight, she said now do you believe me? i said yes. she then said are you sure you want to marry me still? i said yes but i have something to tell you about my stag night, and i told her every thing, and she said we are as bad as each other plus we both experienced anal sex for the first time, we both laughed at the same time.PS i had recently found her sexual diary and i got the details from the diary, that was 35 year ago and we are still happily married.