Written by ralph

9 Mar 2017

Two weeks before we got married we decided to have a hen and stag night.Polly my future wife and i laid down some ground rules as what we could get up to on or respective nights,we decided it was no point in any restrictions as when your full of drink your inhibitions are let loose.Polly went up west with a group of friends clubbing as she love dancing,my mates and i decided to go to the local pub and see were it takes us. we had been in the pub for about an hour having a few beers and talking about how boring the night was and what we could do to spice it up a little when out of the corner of my eye i saw an ex girlfriend come i n the pub with some of her friends ,so i went over to her and invited her and her friends over to join us ,we all chatted all evening. My m8 Jeff was flirting with my ex Debbie all evening and trying to get his hands up her dress,when it was Jeffs turn to buy drinks he was buying triple vodkas for debbie and you could see there was a method in his madness with positive results.After the last call and another triple vodka for Debbie we decided to go home, but Jeff asked if we could give Debbie a lift home as it was on our way home,i said no problem . most of my mates and Debbie,s mates left together which just left Jeff, Colin, Willie ,Debbie and me. Meanwhile jeff had gone to the bar and bought half a bottle of vodka,when he came back he said to me that by hook or by crook he was going to fuck Debbie to night if i did not mind, i said no problem.When we got in the car i was in the drivers seat, Colin who,s car it belonged to was in the passenger seat and Jeff ,Willie, and Debbie in the back, with Debbie in the middle. We had only pulled out of the pub car park when Debbie said lets go for a drive out in the country before being dropped of home,so i said ok. Jeff pulled out the vodka from his pocket and offered it to Debbie who drank half of it in one go. Then Jeff started to kiss Debbies neck sensuously in which Debbie responded passionately and before you know it Jeff was unbuttoning Debbies dress which unveiled she was not wearing any nickers or bra,she did not have very big tits but that did not seem to bother Jeff who,s hand was already between her legs and his fingers playing withe her clit. by now willie was getting horny and started to suck debbies tits .Debbie started to unzip jeffs trousers and get his cock out which was rock hard, when she saw it she re-positioned herself so she could suck it which gave willie the opportunity to start playing with her clit. By now i had pulled off the road down a farm track and parked the car which by the way was a old rover 3.0 litre straight 6 saloon that was as big as a modern day limmo, hence the room in the back. by the time i parked up an turned the engine off Debbie was astride Jeff fucking him like no tomorrow and Willie was crouched over them having his cock sucked. Meanwhile me and colin were watching with excitement, then all of a sudden Jeff shot his load up Debbies pussy ,when she saw that Jeff was spent she mounted Willie and fucked him senseless which only lasted about 5 min and he too came up her. she then got of Willie and asked Jeff for the rest of the vodka which she swigged down like a pirate,she then turned round to us two in the front to go in the back with her and swap places with Jeff and Willie which we did.I did not fancy sloppy seconds so i let Colin have a play with her. when she got on top of Colins big pole she was squealing a little as she was working her way down on it, once she had taken the full length of it she started to work up and down on it building up a good rhythm by then i was as horny as hell and started to play with her arse hole, the more i was getting my 2 fingers up there and feeling colins cock through her arse hole the more exited she got and was begging me to fuck her arse, i spat on my bell end and slowly eased my cock up her arse bit by bit i got the full length in and held it there it was the first time i had anal and the feeling of colins cock rubbing up against mine was to much to handle. i new i did not have long before i came so i fucked her like a man possessed and thank god she was having the mother of all orgasms and at that point i just shot my entire load up her arse colin was already spent. after a couple of minutes i pulled out of her and she got off of Colin she passed out. We then put her dress back on and took her home to colins place i then dropped the others off home andthen i went home shitting it hopping polly was not home yet. Part 2 when polly gets home the following morning at 10.am.