Written by 1smile4u2

9 Apr 2010

friday afternoon gettin ready for my hot date with paul dress sorted tan the night before and already feeling horny with spare cash i thought i would pop into town and get the undies sorted . standin in the changing room in bra and panties,the sales assistant came in to measure my breast size she sliped the measure behind my back ,i could feel her heavy breath on my chest as she stroked the measure across my already hard nipples she looked at my and smiled she advised my that she would get a better idear of my bra size if i removed my bra .unhooking my bra she let my 36dd breasts free ,she asked me to turn around she put her hand around my chest brushing my nipples complementing my chest size .as she left to get a suitable bra i could feel how wet i was my pants were so wet .when she returned she told me i was her last customer and the doors where locked so we could take are time ,she had brought me panties by mistake so feeling realy horny i sliped my panties off as she knelt down to help my legs slightly open she lent forward ,i held her head her hair so soft and pushed it into my wet pussy her soft warm tounge probed my shaven pussy .............