Written by Penny

31 Jan 2013

I made, what was for me, a startling discovery during my two week holiday in Majorca, with husband Dai, who was going on holiday to booze rather than bonk. I discovered that lots of young guys were more than eager to fuck an older woman, in fact some of them seemed to actively search for them. I'm fifty four, five foot six tall in my stockinged feet, and yes I do wear stockings. I'm slim, my legs are trim, though like my tummy, not quite as toned as they once were, my 34c tits still quite pert for which I'm grateful and I'm told I have a beautiful bum. For my holidays I always shave my pussy, who doesn't these days, to avoid unsightly curls escaping. All in all, I like to think, presentable enough for me to comfortably wear a thong bikini and go topless on the beach.

I can safely say that I have always liked sex, getting moody if I wasn't fucked nearly every day. After the menopause, when many women’s libido decreases, I still wanted sex, actually I wanted more sex. If anything my libido increased and I needed to be fucked every day, ideally more than once and Dai was happy to oblige. When Dai started to have problems getting it up about 2 years ago, largely through his drinking, it wasn't long before I looked elsewhere and, with Dai's knowledge took lovers to keep me satisfied. I preferred younger guys, most of the guys who fucked were about 35 to 40. I'd have liked younger, but didn't think they'd be interested in me.

The only exception was New Years eve 2011, we went to a party at a friends house. Dai was drunk by about 10pm, their 21year old son helped me take him home. With Dai, sleeping upstairs, I seduced him and he fucked me before we went back to the party, arriving back just in time to see in 2012. Just a one off, we'd both had a few drinks and he certainly gave no indication of wanting a repeat, despite my hints. Probably regretting fucking a woman older than his mother I suspected. I thought young guys wouldn't really want to fuck me unless they were drunk.

We'd already agree before we left for our holiday that if I wanted to I could pick up guys to fuck me. I had every intention of getting laid as often as possible, though really expecting it would be divorced or separated older guys. We arrived at the hotel late afternoon, Dai had been drinking since we arrived at the airport, dropped our bags off, me to the pool then the restaurant, him to the bar. He was still there after I'd eaten and went to find him, eventually prising him out and up to our room about 11pm. He was nursing his hangover when I'd showered and headed for the pool late the next morning.

The hotel had been described as lively and suited to adults, mercifully no screaming brats at the pool but lots of young fit guys to ogle. Unfortunately, most of the men nearer my age seemed to have partners, or at the time I thought it unfortunate. I found a lounger close to the pool, adjusted it, put on my sunglasses and sun hat, took off my bikini top, exposing my naked tits to the warm sun and laid back to soak up the rays.

A group of lads, I suppose aged 18 to 21 or 22 were messing about, in the pool, getting quite boisterous, not to concerned who was getting splashed. I was watching them from behind my glasses, or one in particular who kept glancing in my direction. A good excuse to stick my tits out a bit as if I needed one. The next thing I was splashed by him, deliberately I think. He climbed from the pool big grin on his face, said he was sorry, all the time staring at my chest. “Something wrong with with my tits?” I quipped. “No there great. Mind you don't burn'em. Want me to put cream on them for you?” he replied with an even cheekier grin on his face. “I doubt if you're man enough” I told him, giving him a challenging look. “Want a bet?” he said.

He stood over me, I picked up the sun cream, squirted some on my tits,”Go on then” I said expecting him to back down. He crouched next to me, his hand reaching for my tits. I was the one who backed down, grabbed his wrist, just as his fingers touched my nipple, “Perhaps I'd better do it myself. There's too many people about, but you can do my back after” he looked disappointed, chatting, watching as I massaged the cream onto my tits, paying close attention to my nipples, teasing them hard. I poured more on my hand, rubbed it onto my tummy, my fingers touching the top of my bikini thong, slipping under the material, lifting it far enough for him to see I was shaved.

I was beginning to feel decidedly randy, the thought that he might want to fuck me crossing my mind. I sat up, smoothing sun cream on to my legs, plotting how to bed him, reasonably certain he was up for it, from the way he kept adjusting his swim shorts. I finished my legs, looked at him, held out the bottle, “Still want to do my back?” he reached for it. I snatched it away. He leant forward, trying and reach it, his ear close to my mouth “Of course if you prefer we could go to your room and you could fuck me” I whispered. His head shot around, looking to see if I was serious. “Well, do you want to fuck me or not?” “Yes” he stammered. “Come on then. Lets go to your room. My husband's still probably in mine” I told him, standing to collect my stuff, smiling to myself when I noticed him, giving his mates the thumbs up, he'd scored.

We went to his room, what a tip, obviously sharing with another guy. I dumped my bag on the floor, untied my bikini thong and sat on the bed naked. Opened my legs, fingering myself, getting the juices flowing, watching him step out of his shorts. A nice cock, not huge, semi erect already. I opened my legs wider, letting him see my cunt, my fingers sliding in as I became wet. Using my left hand on my pussy I reached for his cock with my right, and wrapped my fingers around his rapidly stiffening pole. I drew him nearer until he was close enough to lick the knob end, poke my tongue in the eye, then took his young cock in my mouth.

Smooth, hard and throbbing, the pre cum tasting sweeter than older mens, I sucked him for two or three minutes, careful not to over excite him. I don't mind sucking cock and swallowing, but I wanted him to fuck me. As soon as he started trying to fuck my mouth I knew it was time to stop. I fell back on the bed, spread my legs, and pulled him on top. Still holding his cock, I rubbed it along my gash, wetting it with my sex juices then guided it into my cunt.

I'd had to much to drink at New Year to appreciate just how hard and virile young guys are. What he lacked in technique he more than made up by energetically and enthusiastically fucking me for 10 or 15 minutes, making me cum twice before he emptied his balls into my middle aged cunt. God knows how much spunk he deposited inside me, it was still running out twenty minutes later when his room mate walked in. He didn't bat an eyelid seeing me laid naked on the bed, a 54 year old woman, spunk oozing from her pussy, clearly having just been fucked by, I later learned, his 18 year old mate.

He pulled his bag out of the cupboard, looking for something, difficult when I was distracting him, scooping spunk onto my fingers as it ran from my pussy, then licking the spunk off my fingers. He kept glancing at me, turned to adjust his shorts, glanced back at me smiling sheepishly. Why not I thought, and sat up “ If you like you can have me” he glanced at his mate. “It's nothing to do with him. Do you want to fuck me or not?” his response was to pull his shorts off. His cock already erect and ready. He jumped on the bed, between my legs, slid his cock in my pussy and fucked me. No finesse, just rammed it in, fucked me for about 5 minutes before he came. I actually quite enjoyed him fucking me like that, despite his selfishness. Learning to pleasure a woman is something I'm sure he'll learn and I did my best to set him on the right track the next time he fucked and show him how a woman likes to be fucked.

They both fucked me again before I used their shower, put my bikini back on and went downstairs with them at about 3pm. Passing the bar I saw Dai, sat at the bar, with a drinking partner. I veered in there, taking my toy boys with me, tapped him on the shoulder. “Thought I'd just tell you I''ll be late tonight. This is James and this is Oliver. They've just fucked me and they'll be fucking me again tonight” I told him, I was so pleased with myself. “Right OK” he slurred, giving his new pal a stupid grin as we walked out.

We spent time by and in the pool, during which they obviously told the other guys that they'd fucked me. Larking about in the pool, me topless, getting lots of flattering attention, not to mention groped, when they managed to untie my thong. Naked in a pool, surrounded by people sunbathing at the sides, they crowded around me in the deep end and I let them play with my tits and finger me. All the guys chatting me up, making it clear they wanted to fuck me, fingers probing my pussy made me so horny I'd have let them fuck me in the pool with everyone watching.

Horny or not I had to wait until later. I arranged to meet, hurried back to our room to shower and change. A quick shower, I hadn't shaved my pussy since arriving so I attended to that. I put on a white bra and panties, a short cotton dress, my underwear visible though the thin material. I decided it would look better without my bra or panties and took them off. My tits, particularly my dark nipples were visible through the thin cotton. The fact that I wasn't wearing any panties less apparent.

I went to meet them in one of the bars, six all together but there were another four in their group in another bar. Then on to a Club. Lots of banter, comments about my tits, I gave my nipples a tweak getting them erect, poking out. I let them suck them through the dress, keeping them hard. I poured a drink on my front, the material became transparent, stuck to my body, my tits on view to them all. The conversation got ruder and filthier as the night went on. When one asked if their was any chance of a fuck or a blow job I replied “Both if you tell me your name. Dance with me and I can tell you what I'd like to do with you”

I got up, took Seans arm and pulled him into the dancing crowd. I got in close, shouting in his ear describing in detail how I wanted him and his mates to fuck me. He had his hands on my bum, I felt his stiffening cock pressing against me. Rubbing myself against him I could feel my pussy moistening. I suggested he might like to put his hands under my dress. His hands moved down, lifting the hem, his hands touched the back of my legs, moving up, a grin on his faced when he discovered my naked bum.

I could feel his fingers, spreading my cheeks, trying to touch my pussy. The dance floor was crowded, my skirt hitched up to my hips. I didn't think anyone could see that I was naked from the waist down or what he was doing. Though by then I wasn't overly concerned, just randy as hell. I took his right hand moved it between us, placing it on my pussy, put my arms around his neck and lifted myself. I felt his fingers touching my cunt. I parted my legs, felt him push a couple of fingers in my hole and I began to rock on them uncaring whether anyone was watching. I pulled his mouth to mine, kissing him, incredibly excited at being finger fucked on the dance floor, perilously close to cumming if I didn't stop him. I didn't stop him. I rocked harder, grinding my cunt on his hand for several minutes, holding him tightly, biting his shoulder when I climaxed. His cock pressing against me felt huge and I knew I wanted to have sex with him soon. I kissed him, thanked him for making me cum then shouting in his ear above the loud music “Come on lets find somewhere to fuck”

I pulled my dress back down, just about covering my bum and pussy, we went back over to the table to collect my bag. I giggled as Sean told his mates I wasn't wearing panties and he'd just fingered me and made me cum on the dance floor. They wanted proof so I lifted my dress holding it up for them to see my dripping pussy. I could see that Sean was talking to his mates, probably boasting that I wanted him to fuck me. I lent over the table to tell him to hurry, the back of my dress rising to reveal my bum and pussy. One of then kissed my bum, another ran his hand up between my legs and rubbed my pussy. I reached across the table, grabbed Sean's arm and practically dragged him outside.

I couldn't wait to get to the hotel, almost marched him across the road, up an alleyway, behind a building. Crouched down. Unzipped him, pulled his cock out and took it in my mouth sucked him only long enough to get him hard. I stood, pulled my dress off over my head, standing naked, only yards from a busy street, visible to anyone who took the alley as a short cut. I bent over, hands against the side of a rubbish skip, parted my legs and told him to hurry up and fuck me. He pushed his cock in my pussy, I fingered my clit. He started to fuck me slowly. I wanted to be fucked hard and I wanted to be fucked fast, a compelling need for instant gratification. “Fuck me harder” I growled at him, pushing back to take his cock deeper in my cunt. I felt him ram me harder, “Faster. Fuck me faster” I groaned, frigging my clitoris rapidly.

I was getting close, breathless, panting, moaning loudly. Realised several people had stopped to watch me being fucked like some whore in the street. That only aroused me more, I urged him to cum inside me, shouted I was cumming, my cunt muscles fluttering, milking his cock as he ejaculated inside me. I hung on to the skip, my whole body shuddering as a powerful orgasm centred on my cunt, coursed through me. I think I'd impressed the audience because I earned a cheer and whistles when I turned to face them, in all my naked glory, gave a little curtsy before putting my dress back on.

Sean seemed fairly impressed, even more so when I told him to go and round up the rest of the guys and that I wanted to take them all on in a gangbang, something I'd often fantasised doing. He returned with the original five plus two more, counting him eight. (Can anyone tell me. Is eight enough for a gangbang? There must be a definition) Anyway that's what I had to fuck me.

We walked quickly back to the Hotel, about two in the morning, even at that time the lobby was quite busy. We got some looks eight young lads, a middle aged woman with one of her tits out hurrying to the lifts. We had the lift to ourselves, I let the other strap slip from my shoulder exposing both my breasts. I was surrounded. In moments hands tugged my dress down over my hips and it was around my ankles. I was naked, fingers touching my pussy, tits being groped as the lift doors opened on our floor. Fortunately one of them retrieved my dress and we didn't meet anyone between the lift and their room. I dragged two of the lads, into the bedroom, the rest following. I threw myself onto the bed. I lay on my back, spread my legs and began to finger myself, no need for the lube which was in my bag. I told them to get their kit off, get naked and fuck me. I turned over getting into position to be taken from behind and be able to suck a cock. One knelt behind and began to fuck me, the other in front, cock in my mouth and my gangbang was under way.

I'm not even going to attempt to give a blow by blow account of the next five hours. Fifty four year old me and eight, red-blooded, horny, virile young men. They fucked me hard, energetically, and repeatedly, recovering quickly as only young guys can. I was taken doggy, a sixty nine immediately after with the same guy, who let another guy fuck me at the same time. I’d have quite liked to have been able to see exactly what they were doing, because though nice for me, it felt as if, as well as licking me, he was sucking his mates cock at times.

I rode them cowgirl and reverse cowgirl which I repeated with several of them, because they liked watching my cunt taking cock and being able to see it ramming in and out of my pussy. I was spit roasted several times. In the early hours, after I'd lost count of how many times they'd fucked me, my cunt stretched, sodden with copious amounts of spunk and cunt juice, two of them DP'd me. I'd almost forgotten how good it is to be double fucked, two hard cocks in my cunt for the first time in about 15 years. In one interlude I masturbated in front of them when it emerged that two of them had never seen a woman masturbating, being watched, a thrilling and stimulating experience for me too. Between two in the morning and seven when I staggered back to my room I don't think more than a few minutes passed when I didn't have a cock fucking my pussy or one in my mouth being sucked.

I slept much of the day, caught up with some of them again the next night for another less frenzied session just me and three of them. The next day they were due to fly home which I thought was a shame, I’d have enjoyed a few more nights of their hard cocks. I needn't have worried, my willingness to fuck had not gone unnoticed. I don't think the lads bus had been gone an hour. I was down by the pool late afternoon, just wearing one of my tinniest strings, laid on a lounger. Partly hidden from most sunbathers, by a table and umbrella, I was amusing myself flashing at some guys in the pool, a group of lads who'd arrived the day after us. Lying with my legs open, knowing the string was tight in my gash, my labia splayed either side, my cunt as good as uncovered, being openly watched by them got me wet and thinking of sex again.

I'd noticed them giving me the once over and overheard them talking, mainly about the woman. I sat up watching them, poured lotion on my body, rubbed it on my tits, then my tummy and thighs opening and closing my legs, as good as signalling them to come over. I think one of them got volunteered, climbed out of the pool and wondered over trying to look cool. He asked if I'd like a drink. I asked for a mineral water. He fetched it, bending over to hand it to me. I beckoned him closer. Looked him straight in the eye, smiled at him. He was close enough for me to put my arm around his neck, pull his head closer. I could see his mates watching, as I whispered. “If you want to fuck me the answers yes. Do you want to fuck me?” A strangled “Yes” “Is it just you or are the others up for it too?” I asked. “Some do” he replied. “Only some. How many?” I replied, pouting trying to look hurt. He looked over at his mates, then more confidently answered “Sixteen. All of us. We think you're the fittest MILF here” he pointed at his mates. “I'll take that as a complement” I laughed. “I've managed eight. I'm sure I manage sixteen. Look how wet I am” I opened my legs “I really need fucking now. Shall we go to your room and make a start.” I grinned, swinging my legs off the lounger, standing up and taking his arm.

He, the other fifteen and three other guys I picked up one evening, serviced me until the end of the holiday. When we returned I had a heart to heart with Dai about his drinking and my need for regular sex. We agreed that I would continue to have lovers. After my success on holiday I have three at the moment all in their twenties. But I impressed on him that I loved him, wanted him to fuck me and that he needed to stop drinking. To his shame he could hardly remember anything about the holiday, though he recollected I'd been with men most nights and they'd been fucking me. I told him that in two weeks I'd been fucked by twenty seven different guys the eldest 22 years old.

It may have been the shock when I told him how many guys had fucked me, but he's been sober now for six months and on Christmas day he fucked for the first time in 2 years and several times since. Hopefully he'll be fucking me more regularly, but has agreed that I need more than one man, to satisfy my sexual needs. At Dai's suggestion one of my lovers stays at the house two or three times a week and he watches us fuck. The last few times he's got an erection and been able to fuck me afterwards.

You may disagree, but I don't consider myself a Slut. Just a woman with a healthy appetite for sex.