Written by Hard Tom

16 Oct 2008

I sat at my desk with a massive hard on.Just as well i have my office to my self,i run my own business.I had a few meetings so was wearing a suit.I lean back in my chair.

\"God Tony stop it i have another meeting in ten minutes.How i am suppose to meet people with this hard on you\'ve given me?\"I laughed.

\"I\'d love you to fuck my arse.I\'ve never had a cock up me before.All i can think about is how your cock would feel up my tight arse.And how slippery it would feel after you\'ve spunked up me.\"We both breath heavily i was wanking my cock hard now at Tony\'s words i could tell he was wanking him self off as he spoke.

\"I would love to fuck that sexy arse of yours.I\'d love you to fuck my arse as too.The thought of it oh fuck\".I moaned.

We carried on our phone wank until we both came.We agreed that we were both a Little scared but turned on as we have never had a cock in side us before.Tony is my step daughters boyfriend,nether of us have been with a man until now.We have sucked each others cocks snogged and wanked each other off.He lives with is parents but stays over with my step daughter some nights,so finding time is not easy.

We arranged that he would come to the office at nine o\'clock tonight when every one else had gone home. All day i could think of nothing else.

In he walk wearing jeans and a shirt looking very horny.We stood and kissed passionately.We parted slightly and stroked each other .He was already stiff,my cock was getting harder.We were soon ripping off our cloths.Both naked we pressed our hard cocks together as we snogged squeezing each others arse cheeks.

We were on the floor now Tony got out some baby oil he rubbed it into both our cocks.

\"Fuck my arse i want your cock up me\".He then turned over showing me his sexy arse.

I eased my self in he moaned softly telling me how good it felt.I soon got in to my stride.He was wanking his cock and pulling at his big balls as i fucked his arse.

\"Oh fuck yes \"He moaned.\"Your cock feels so good oh fuck me \"He wanked him self harder.\"Oh yes you love my stiffy up you,you\'ve got a sexy tight arse iam gonna cum off up your arse\".We both shot our load at the same time.

We both lay on the floor we held each other kissing and stroking each others soft cocks.

After a few minutes we were both hard again.It was my turn to take Tony\'s big thick cock in side me.He eased into my arse telling me how he was going to fuck the arse off of me.I wanked my cock just as he had done while he fucked me .\"Your arse is so hot and tight round my cock .Oh fuck \"Tony grunted.After Tony came up my arse.We lay on the floor and kissed.

Tony was going to spend the night at ours with my step daughter.We decided to stop off at the pub on the way home for a quick pint .

We sat round the table opposite each other with our drinks.Tony leaned over after a few minutes and said.\"I can feel your spunk up my arse it feel so slippery and sexy.\" \"Stop it or you\'ll give me another boner\".I told him.We both looked at each other took a mouth full of larger,and dash out to the car.

We began kissing passionately unzipped our self\'s and started wanking our cocks.\"I can\'t wait to fuck you up the arse again.\"Tony said as he wanked his cock.\"I\'m soon gonna cum suck my cock.Let me spunk in your mouth\". I said leaning back in my seat.Tonys mouth was soon on my cock i shot my spunk in his mouth.I them leaned over and licked and sucked his cock squeezing his balls at the same time.\"Suck my cock.\"He them came in my mouth we leaned over and kissed opening our mouths wide we could taste our own spunk.

Tony is a really horny guy.I do feel guilty about my wife and her daughter but we just can\'t help our self\'s.We just can\'t get enough of each others cock or arse.