Written by Mr_Wize51

10 Jan 2013

Following on from my first posting here’s another chapter in my life. Jump forward and I’m mid 30s and married. I have a step son who’s 18 and he goes our regularly on Fri-Sat night clubbing. We had an open minded household and he’d grown up knowing he was OK to enjoy the fun sides of life. Most weekends were full of the sounds of either him fucking like crazy or of us, sometimes even both he and us (No NOT in the same room...don’t be silly he wasn’t my son but he was HERS).

On one occasion he went out with his Mum and they came back with a work colleague of hers who was 41 at the time and she sidled off to his room after a coffee and made the most erotic din. Now one night his Mum had gone to visit relatives and was away for the weekend. He knew I liked other woman as we’d chatted about it before, in fact HE was the one that said “If you ever do anything I won’t grass on you, after all she used to all the time before you two met”.

And so it was that on the Friday night he’d gone out and returned at about 1am with two girls. Both were very sexy and both had huge boobs (A common liking between us). Coffee and chat and I did wonder what was his game, however he let me know he’d picked up the blond one and her dark haired friend had just come back rather than go home alone. It was a 3 bed house so no problems.

After a few giggly moments in which he kissed his date in the room they decided privacy was better so all three left. I stayed watching TV and soon I could hear the squeaky bed, muffled moans and giggles from his room. This always drove me mad with desire as moaning and sex sounds do it for me big time. Soon she became very vocal and after a few minutes I heard footsteps. The door opened gingerly and in walks the dark haired girl.

“You OK”? I asked, “Need anything”? She sat down and smiled a sheepish smile. “Can’t sleep, it’s all that noise”. I laughed and said ”Yes she is a bit loud isn’t she”. She commented back that she often is and that it can be annoying, also that she ALWAYS appears to score but she doesn’t as much. I asked if there’d been anyone at the club she’d liked and she replied yes, but none showed interest. I said they were all fools as she was a nice sexy girl. At that moment we both heard her friend cry out “Oh FUCK yes”. We both looked at each other and the tension was electric.

“Sorry it isn’t you”? I asked. “Yeah”! Came the reply “He’s hot, and you’re not bad too, for his Dad”. I explained I wasn’t his Dad just step Dad. I then commented how I thought it was fine what was happening and it was also natural to be turned on by knowing her friend was up there with him. “She’s a randy fucker” said the girl with a cheeky smile. I sensed a moment had arrived and I looked her in the eye “Well as the house is rocking shall we join in”?

Within minutes we were half naked and she was on her hands and knees taking my hard cock deep in her soaking wet pussy. She moaned softly and long as we fucked for what felt like an age. I built us rhythm and soon I was thrusting hard into her my tum slapping against her arse. I felt her tense and then squeal as she orgasmed, such a thrill I let go and flooded her pussy with my cum.

We kissed and played for a while and I licked her shaven sex. She came again and then we realised we were the only ones making noise. Footsteps... We dressed quickly and must have looked flustered as her friend walked in. “Come for a drink” she said and went to the kitchen for a glass of water. When she returned she looked red faced and randy as hell. Her breasts were as near out of her top as possible and she sat beside her friend.

“Glad we came now”? she said to her. She nodded and with that she leaned forward and whispered into her ear. After a short exchange like this the dark haired girl got up and disappeared upstairs. We chatted about this n that for a few minutes and then I had a shock. Her friend started moaning. The knowledge my step son now had his cock in the same girl as I’d just had was wild. “Thought we’d swap” said Blondie with a smile. I needed no second invitation so I dropped my jeans and sat back on the sofa. Blondie walks over after removing her skirt revealing no panties and straddles me. Lowering herself down her soft wet pussy engulfs my cock. “Oh” god” she said, you’re bigger. We fucked long and loud for most on the night. In the morning they left and when we finally met later not a word was spoken...We just carried on as if nothing had happened.