Written by Monty

6 Jan 2016

On the monday after Xmas I had arranged to go out for the evening with three of my mates. It was my turn to be the nominated driver but I was not too upset as I had seriously overdone the alcohol on Xmas day and boxing day and I felt I needed to detox . I collected my mates and drove them to a local country pub. After closing time I dropped each one of them at their respective homes, the weather was dreadful with heavy rain and storms as it had been for the past month

I had about a ten mile drive back to my parents house where I had spent Xmas, I needed to take a piss after the amount of orange juice that I drunk and drove into a forest carpark that was enroute. I saw that there was another car parked there, a Volvo but the windows were steamed up so I assumed that it was a couple having some fun, I had heard stories that the carpark was sometimes used as a dogging site.The rain had slackened off a little but I pulled on a waterproof jacket and walked to the bushes to relieve myself.

When I had finished I looked towards the Volvo and saw that it was still in total darkness and curiosity got the better of me and I walked towards it. My footsteps on the gravel would warn whoever was in the car that I was close and I decided that if there were any signs that I was not welcome I could get back to my car safely.

I could hardly see into the interior of the car but I could make out some movement by the drivers seat. Suddenly a light came on inside and I saw that there was only one person in the car. It was a woman sitting behind the steering wheel, her seat was partly reclined and her skirt was lifted up to her waist she was naked from the waist down, her legs were parted and her hands and fingers were busy massaging her pussy. She had a small triangle of dark hair just above her pussy

The rain was starting to get heavier so I pulled up the hood of my jacket, I must have stood there watching her for a few minutes, from the way that she turned towards me and held her lips open I guessed that she knew that she had an audience. Suddenly the side window lowered and a voice told me to go to the other door and get in if I wanted to get out of the rain. I quickly went around and sat in the front seat beside her.

For the first time I had a clear look at her without the fogging of the windows, she looked attractive in her mid thirties or early forties with shoulder length dark hair and glasses. She turned to face me and said in a matter of fact manner that she was not into fucking with strangers but she would enjoy playing with my cock if I would do the same for her, if I did not agree to those terms I should leave. I said that I would be delighted to stay.

She took my hand and pressed it to her wet pussy, she shivered slightly as my fingers stroked her slit and said that my hand was cold but it would soon warm up. I slipped my middle finger into her and rubbed my thumb over her clit, then asked me to put a second finger in. She moved her hips back and forth on my fingers forcing them deeper into her. By now my prick was uncomfortable in my jeans so with my free hand I unbuckled my belt and unzipped. myself. I pulled my stiff prick free from my underpants she reached across and took it in her hand moving slowly up and down the shaft, stopping occasionally to squeeze the head gently.

She was breathing deeper and said that she was very close to coming and asked me to squeeze her breasts, I reached across and lifted her sweater up to her neck then pulled her bra up so that I could cover and squeeze her breast and erect nipple with the palm of my hand. She lifted her thighs off her seat and pressed herself down hard on my fingers until she gave a loud sigh and I felt the inside of her cunt trembling on my fingers. She had removed her hand from my cock and she used both hands to keep my fingers rigid

inside her until her orgasm subsided. When I did remove my fingers they were soaked with her juices, she continued to rub her own fingers around her pussy lips, she lay there with her eyes closed and her mouth open until her breathing returned to normal.

She pulled her skirt down but lifted her sweater and bra up so that both of her firm breasts were now exposed to my hands, she then turned to me.and asked me to recline my seat, which I did, I pushed my jeans and undershorts down to my knees and lifted my shirt above my stomach. She went to work with both hands on me, one hand cupped and tickled my balls while she wanked me with her other hand which was still covered in the juices from her orgasm. I had both hands on her tits.

She started to talk dirty to me to get me to come quicker but I was taking some time, probably because it was now very late and I was tired, she pumped my cock vigorously saying that she wanted to see my spunk. Then she asked me if I would come quicker is she sucked my cock , I said that I probably would so I was delighted when she moved her mouth over the head of my cock and after a few minutes I told her that I was about to come, I expected her to remove her mouth but she continued to use her lips on me and I came into her mouth. When I had finished she opened her mouth and dribbled the spunk that I had just ejaculated into her mouth over my cock and balls. She opened the glove box and pulled out a bunch of tissues which she handed to me so that I could clean myself. I pulled my jeans back up and thanked her and took a last look at her breasts as she staightened her clothes. She said that she had also enjoyed herself. It was still raining and just as I was about to open the door she lifted her skirt again and pushed two of her fingers into herself then reached over and wiped the fingers against my lips. Happy new year she said.