Written by chritine

4 Oct 2008

we have been married for 38 years and has the years went by our sex live got less and less.my husband suggested i should have sex with other men while he watched i always said no. he stopped raising the subject but i always knew he wanted me to do it.i had a few affairs with other men over the years but he found out about one of them they was a lot of trouble for a few years because i told him i never had sex with this guy. we had words over this with me saying he did not screw me. of course this was a lie but i had gone to far down the road to own up. but this all changed a few months ago we were reading a story off your site and this women had a story just like mine.that night i asked him which story he had liked he said the one when his wife owned up. i said if i told him i had been screwed by 4 men in the past he would upcast he said he would not so i told him everything what i did where i met them there names [he knew 3 of them] what sexy underwear i had on did i let them screw me bareback or wear a condom. what we talked about were we went etc.that night we had the best sex i could remember it was the best thing i ever had done now we are both up for it at least 3/4 times a week before it was 1 month. i have met a few guys since 1 my husband watched the next i was alone but he knew before i did it he dropped me off then picked me up later. we then go some country lane and have great sex. so what i say to all you women out there who have a hidden past come clean with it.it was the best thing i did go out and have fun it is only sex not love but a fun time you can have no one needs to know.