Written by skindeep36

9 Apr 2016

My wife's fantasy of me playing with another guy then became a regular occurrence in our love making and we began to look at internet sites for someone who just might be either curious themselves or with a little experience.

I found talking to guys online both a turn on and hellishly embarrassing because my wife was reading every word I wrote (as she still does) After a couple of weeks I got a message from a guy who said he was in the next village to us, saying that he was bi and that he understood how nervous I would be the first time...Conversation flowed back and forward for maybe another two weeks..He assured me that if I met him and didn't fancy him that he wouldn't be offended and when I asked how we would get down to it, he put me right at ease and told me not to worry that he would make the first move.

My wife said "go for it otherwise you will never know" so I took the bull by the horns and messaged him telling him I was ready to meet. Getting back to me he was delighted and really put me on the spot by saying he was free that very evening with a perfect place to meet. I felt sick in my stomach, I wanted to say thats too soon and wanted to just forget the whole thing.

My wife kissed me and felt my cock through my trousers and said "you might not want it, but this seems to want to go!) My cock had as usual started thinking like a chess player (a few moves ahead). Then she said "this is what you have been waiting for go get him" we both laughed and I said ok then immediately felt that sickness deep in my stomach again.

I messaged him back and we arranged a time and place to meet. That was the longest 3 hrs i think I ever experienced. My wife knows me so well and obviously realised that I still wasn't sure. She came to me as I got out of the shower and got on her knees and took my cock straight in her hot mouth, she sucked me till I was rock hard and beginning to move my hips trying to fuck her mouth. At that she stopped, licked my cock head,laughed and said "now you have something to compare later on with.) The bitch lol.

I met Harry on the Main Street of his village where he had told me to park, he had pulled in behind me and came to sit in my car to talk... He was what he had said he was, about 6ft, slim, and good looking, he was wearing tracksuit bottoms and a tee shirt.... I found as we chatted my gaze drifting towards he crotch.. noticing this he put his hand there and gently played with his cock as we talked... He asked me if I would like to go somewhere private to which I thought its now or never. So I followed him to a little house in a nearby housing estate... Walking to the house I really did feel like the eyes of the world where on me.

Safely inside he led me to the living room where he sat beside me on the sofa.. I hadn't time to worry about when the first move would come because he immediately reached over and kissed me.. Oh fxxk, kissing a guy, Oh fxxk. I really in all my fantasies or my wife's had not even considered that kissing would be any part of this. But my cock told me differently, it responded immediately, rock hard and straining against my jeans. I thought wow and decided then and there to have this experience as it might be my one and only. As we kissed his hands opened the buttons of my shirt and he explored my nipples, chest and stomach. I responded by lifting his tee shirt over his head and explored his hairy chest. When I pulled on his nipples I got the same moan that I hear regularly from my wife and when my hand wandered down his stomach and stopped at the waist band of his tracksuit bottoms he stopped kissing me and said "go on feel you first cock" ...Now or never had become my moto by now lol. So I slipped my hand under the waist band and into his pants. What an amazing feeling, I took the most amazing big hard cock in my hand and just held it, feeling its heat but most of all it was so thick and fxxk it was hard..

He stood up and at the same time lowered his tracksuit bottoms and pants to his knees. I was now transfixed on that big rock hard cock, I didn't need telling twice when he told me to suck it. Licking on the head and feeling its girth in my hand is something that I still remember vividly... I opened my mouth and sucked the head of his cock, tasting someone else's (other than my own) precum for the first time, I now know why my wife loves it so much... I sucked him deeper and struggled with his thickness.. My head bobbing up and down on his cock holding it in my hand so I could control how far it goes (a tactic my wife uses) I was lost in a whole new world... His moans and premium leaking only served to make me hornier and I wanted to release my cock so badly...

He must have sensed this and said come on lets get more comfortable... Leading me to a bedroom he stripped naked and i saw his fit hard body for the first time...then turning to me he undressed me.. he knelt in front of me as he pulled my jeans and pants down together, my cock sprang free, rock hard and pleading for attention. It didn't have to wait long. He pushed me onto my back on the bed and got between my legs. He didn't put a hand on my cock... he licked my balls and sucked them, nuzzling his mouth all over them... then he licked and sucked along my shaft and back again... but when he took my cock in his mouth it reacted immediately. I had to fight of the urge to cum in that hot mouth...He licked and sucked then took my balls in his hand and sucked gently on each one... I lay back and let him pleasure me.. I closed my eyes and savoured this expert attention.

I was in such a horned up state I wanted to taste his cock again, so I manoeuvred my self so that I was about to experience my first 69 with a guy.... As he had given my balls so much attention (i am a quick learner) I sucked his. His balls are a lot smaller than mine so I was able to get them both in my mouth at the same time and apply gentle sucking to them. Little did I know but I had hit the jackpot. This was his thing the more I sucked on his balls the more he moaned, fxxk i was moaning too with the attention his hot mouth was giving my cock. I took his thick shaft in my hand and sucked him deep into my mouth again... He began to fuck my mouth and groaned I felt his cock pulse in my mouth as it exploded filling my mouth to overflowing with hot cum. I swallowed (taught well by my wife) that hot liquid and kept sucking till he could take no more.. It was then that I realised he had stopped sucking me... I was rock hard and my cock gave a little twitch which must have touched his cheek. All i could hear was mmmmmm and then my cock was taken in hand and engulfed in his hot mouth once again.. He sucked me deep and then back up my shaft till it nearly came out of this mouth then down deep again, the sensations in my cock at the time was unbelievable. I like to say I lasted a long time, but no I was ready to blow and blow I did. when my orgasm came it was like it started in my toes and raced through my body and I exploded deep in his mouth, he never missed a beat, he sucked and sucked me until I had to tell him to stop.

Its odd and I still feel it is odd, that after the act it is like turning straight again, we didn't kiss, I don't know if he wanted to but I know I didn't want to. We got dressed and chatted about maybe meeting again and then I left and that was that, a great experience, one not to tell the grand kids lol.

Returning to my lovely wife I was apprehensive, I knew there would be a lot of questions and the "go on tell me about it" so I told her what I just told you. I did expect a negative reaction to me admitting to kissing a guy (imagine that lol. not afraid to tell her I sucked his cock but afraid to tell her I kissed him). Well she was brilliant, she reminded me that when we make love its the kissing that gets the passion going and why should that be different between two guys. I love that woman!

I did meet Harry a few more times over the next year or so, he is always the same horny passionate guy. He prefers oral and being the inquisitive person (or as my wife calls me "Dirty Fxxker" that I am) I wanted to maybe go just a little step further..