Written by skindeep36

10 Apr 2016

We relived my first time with a guy many times, me in my head and vocally as I described in detail my first adventure with Harry. My wife knew it was turning me on and asked would I do it again. I admitted that yes I would but would like to try it with other guys.. So egged on by my ever horny wife I began to talk more frequently to guys online...

One guy stood out amongst the others because of his easy good humoured line of chat. He was very matter of fact about his bisexuality which as I'm sure you realise by now got me intrigued ( I'm a nosey boy really). He was a local guy, had his own apartment in town and when he sent some body pic i thought "yes i could lol"

Again as always my lovely wife and myself discussed me potentially meeting him, she knew I wanted to but like the first time I was a bag of nerves when he suggested me coming to his place one Friday evening saying we could share a bottle of wine and have a chat and see where it might lead. Again I had hit on a non pushy fella who sensed my nervousness.

Well the evening came and my wife (who is physic) drove me into town and before I got out of the car handed me a couple of condoms. I stalled and looked at her, that look that asks why? She smiled and kissed me and said "you never know when it will happen". I am being honest when I say I was shocked I was content for now with oral and while I had wondered about anal sex it still wasn't on my to do list. Pocketing the condoms I left her in the car and walked to the apartment. As I approached the door I again had that feeling that the eyes of the world were on me and knew what I was there for. I almost turned away but took the bull by the horns and rang his door bell. It was only a few seconds till the door was answered but I had time to feel that sickness creeping in again that I had felt the first time.

When he opened the door my jaw dropped, there stood Kev, a fella a few years younger than me that I have known for years. Looking at each other we just had to laugh, well what else can you do? He said come on in and led me to his beautiful apartment where we sat in the living room. Immediately I said sorry I didn't know you were bi, he laughed and said 'you are a surprise too". Getting me a glass of the old Red I sat on the sofa and he sat across from be in an arm chair, we chatted and drank, asking questions back and forward regarding our previous experiences, he was amazed that my wife who he knows well knew and laughed when I told him that she had dropped me off. (I didn't tell him about the condoms lol)

To be honest our conversation flowed freely and the 1st and then a 2nd bottle of wine was drunk. I had reservations about taking this any further when out of the blue he said "sure come on in here we will be more comfortable". As he said that he stood up and walked out of the living room, I followed him into a bedroom that had a huge double bed and very large mirrored doors on the wardrobes. He set his wine down and sat on the bed, he smiled and said "well we know each others secret now it would be a pity to waste this opportunity" My cock as usual made up my mind for me (the chess player again). I sat with him on the bed and we kissed for the first time, It felt different somehow, different than the first time with Harry, I sensed a more affectionate approach, not hard and lusty.

We lay back on the bed kissing and groping at each others bodies through our clothes... in minutes we had stripped each other till we had both only our trunks left on. I followed through on my promises to him from when we had been chatting online. I licked and sucked him all over while he lay back and enjoyed the attention. I kissed his face, his neck licking as I went. Licked and sucked his chest then bit gently on his nipples. I licked his stomach and was encouraged by his moans from the pleasure I was giving him. Getting to his tight trunks I could see the outline of his rock hard cock. I sucked along the length of his shaft through his trunks which had him trusting it towards my mouth. ( I had only the day before seen this done on a bi porn video so though sure why not mmmm) Im glad I did now that was amazing and as my fingers found the waste band of Kev's trunks I gently released his lovely rock hard cock.

I took that hard cock in my hand any gently touched the end with my tongue, Kev was already leaking precum and I let my tongue play with it on the head of his cock, the taste was sensational, the sweetness was so good, I sucked Kev's cock deep into my mouth and back up again, I was so turned on I actually tried to deep throat him, I managed quite well lol. He was moaning and writhing on the bed telling me how good it felt. I looked up at him as I sucked and realised he was watching me. I looked at him with smiling eyes as I took his cock from my mouth kept eye contact and licked the head of that hard hard cock. ( it works for me when my wife does it so i thought why not). I actually could see the pleasure in his face, he was lost to the sensations my mouth was delivering to his cock. I sucked and licked and began to feel his ass, his ass cheeks firm in my hands. I let a finger slip towards his bum and got a "mmmm" as a reaction. So I tried again but this time I kept it there, again the "mmmm". I pressed a little on that rose bud, Kev responded by pushing his bum hard onto my finger so I played with it as I sucked him. Kev's reactions to my ministrations to his body had me In a state of pure hard horny lust. My cock was rock hard and having as I said before watched a bi porn video (they corrupt people for sure lol) I knew what I want to do next. Moving between his legs I worked his legs over my shoulders and licked the shaft of his cock, up and down then stopping to suck on his small balls (Am I the only one with big balls lol). He loved it I sucked and licked those smooth balls while he took his cock in his own hand and wanked. But I wasn't where I wanted to be yet. I took a sneaky lick below his balls, the reaction was good, so I licked again then I went that little bit further and lightly touched the rose bud with my tongue. He moaned out loud and began to stroke his cock hard (like i said I'm a fast learner) so i did it again then again until i was licking all around and on the tight little place. Kev was writhing about wanking hard and I never missed a beat. I knew by his twitching he was close and I heard him say fxxk yes I'm cumming. I quickly rose up a little and took his cock head in my month, getting slapped on my chin with his fist as he wanked that lovely hard cock. When he came it exploded into my mouth and I went deep on him as he released his grip. I got spurt after spurt of hot cum and swallowed it all.

He lay back on the bed exhausted, sated? I don't know which but he was one happy satisfied guy. I lay beside him and gently rubbed his chest as he caught his breath and came down from his high. I was very happy and thought well thats that then another great experience. But Kev had other ideas, he moved to sit on top of my chest and dropped his still leaking cock in my mouth, I sucked again and licked his balls, he reached behind him and stroked my raging hard cock through my trunks. Then moving back and between my legs he removed my trunks, took my balls in one hand a cock in the other. Kev flicked his tongue all over that sensitive area between my legs sucking my cock in-between licks. I lay back and let him give me that much wanted pleasure. He had me on edge a couple of times and stopped, he obviously knew when I was near to cumming. Then he stopped and came up and kissed me again.

He looked me in the eyes and said "I want you to fuck me", stammering a bit I said I had never done it before. He said that was ok he would take control. Wanting this experience I quickly put on a condom (thank you physic wife) while he lubed his ass. Then he straddled me and told me to just let him do the work at first. Taking my cock in hand he sat back and I felt it touch that rose bud that I had been licking only a few minutes ago. As he sat back I felt my cock enter that tight ass. As resistance came he would rise up and down again, sliding a little further down on my shaft every time. It wasn't long till he was right down and I was to the balls in my first male ass. Kev rode me slowly then faster the slowly again, rising up till my cock nearly came out and then right back down to my balls again. I have to tell you that was some sensation.

He rode me like that for a good while then suddenly got up and said I want to watch. "watch what?" I said, "I want to watch you fuck me".. Ahh yes the long mirrors on the wardrobe doors! "go for it" I said. He got of my cock and moved round on the bed getting on all fours and presenting his ass to me once again. There was no slowly slowly this time I moved in behind him and buried my cock deep and hard into that ass. I watched Kev watching me as I fucked him hard. He wanted it hard and fast and told me so, so that is exactly what he got. I watched us fucking in the mirror as I banged that tight ass and when I knew I was cumming I asked breathlessly where do you want it. Kev said "right where you are" so I came deep in his ass my body shook and my legs trembled as I unloaded jet after jet into that hot ass where I stayed until my cock slipped out a few minutes later.

Kev took my condom off and sucked my cock clean before saying "WOW" and giving me a quick kiss.

Back in the living room it was back to the wine and some more chat, apart from saying that we would both like to do it again sometime it was like I said in my last story "back to being straight again". Kev and I have become fuck buddies, Its just so safe and discreet.

My wife collected me when the wine was done, and what a story I had for her. She called me her naughty boy when she had all the details and reminded me that I was to find someone to play with us both. When she knew it was Kev that I had been with that was ruled out straight away as she knows him so well.

I promised to keep looking for a suitable fella to fulfil her long held fantasy, and sure while I was looking there might be another step id like to take, but at this time I didn't tell her that.