Written by skindeep36

8 Apr 2016

As a 46 year old who always considered himself straight admitting to my gorgeous wife that I was curious about guys a couple of years back was a hard thing to do. We would be making love and bringing up fantasies to increase our passion. We would talk about other guys joining us for a three some which always got her going, describing what two guys giving her our full attention would do with her always had the right effect. Then out of the blue one night her most recent fantasy came out, she told me she found it horny to imagine her and a fella sharing sucking my cock and then for me to share sucking his with her. Being the straight guy I was I laughed it off at the time but her fantasy kept cropping up during our love making and I found myself getting harder and harder thinking about it.

As you find most couples have a time and place that just seems natural for talking and getting things of your chest. Well ours is the bath. We take a bath together and you just know that the conversation is going to get very deep. Well on one such occasion I brought up her recurring fantasy and admitted (reluctantly) the effect it was having on me, she laughed and grabbed my cock and said "do you think I hadn't noticed how hard this gets when I do it" My cock immediately swelled in her hand as she began to wank me she asked me question after question getting me to admit that I really would like to experience what its like with another guy at least once. She asked me to stand up, so standing in the bath looking down at her she looked up at me and said here is what a guy will do for you. With her right hand she pinned my rock hard cock to my belly and took my balls in her left hand. Telling me to close my eyes and imagine it was Geoff our neighbour, a handsome fit 40 year old builder, she began to lick my balls the sucked on them, this was sending shivers and waves of pleasure through me. Then I felt a tongue licking the tip of my cock and exploring up and down my shaft. I really was in another place with Geoff, my senses alive and responding to every lick of that expert tongue. When I felt my cock being sucked deep into the hot mouth I was I was in heaven. My cock was rock hard and responding by fucking the mouth that was giving me so much pleasure. She played the role of Geoff brilliantly, telling me that since they had moved next door a year ago he had been dreaming of sucking my cock and swallowing my cum, he wanted to suck me and feel my cock swelling up, throbbing and exploding in his mouth, he wanted to taste my cum and feel my ass. (Sometime while i had my eyes closed and was in a different place in the fantasy her finger had been lubed with shampoo.) As the words "feel my ass" was said, I felt a finger slide straight into my ass and with the hot mouth sucking on my cock it had an immediate effect, it felt like my already rock hard cock was swelling more and I exploded deep into that willing mouth, it sucked and sucked me even through that sensation when you just want to pull your cock away because it is so sensitive.

I opened my eyes and looked down to see not Geoff but my lovely wife with her mouth open showing me my cum, she winked and closed her eyes and swallowed.

As I sat back down in the bath, she laughed and said "wow I think you will have to do this for real."

I laughed too and said I'd never be brave enough, to which she replied "we will see."

To be honest I think I blushed the next time I saw Geoff, but my wife encouraged me to explore that side of me if I wanted to, which I have done and hopefully i'll get to tell you more about me changing from being reluctantly curious to now being bisexual all with the encouragement of my lovely wife.

We still laugh at the fact my first bi experience was with a woman lol.