Written by Alex

17 Jul 2014

My wife and I have been going on holiday to beaches where we could sunbath naked for years and it was just last year that I had the strangest chat with a complete stranger, I had been walking about taking in all the nice looking females not being able to just sit and sunbath like the wife I had to keep on the move most of the time go for a swim or a walk so as not to get bored.

It was about our third day and we always went back to the same spot if possible it was nice and wuiet and had a bit of shade that I could get in from the sun when to hot, A few guys had chatted on their way past or to ask the time sort of thing But this day a guy who I had noticed a few times stopped and started chatting and ended up commenting on all the nice females about i agreed with him he said he like to see all the different shaped bodies and loved nice tits it was all guy sort off chat nice and relaxed on the naked females shapes we were having a good chat when My wife shouted over to say she was going for a swim.

I don't know how but the chat started on how nice my wife looked and did I not mind other guys seeing her naked, It sort of took me by surprise I had never been asked or thought that much about other guys looking at her like I looked at other females I just said it is only looking no big deal he said that is cool letting others see your wife naked and she has such great tits, him saying that sort of made it sound so horny and he ased if we were swingers, I told him no we were happily married thats when it sort off got a bit erotic I was getting so arroused hearing a stranger talk about my wife, he said I see you like chatting about your wifes tits and asked if I liked to play with them and did it make her horny I seemed to get carried away a bit and thought I would tease him some.

I told this stranger that I like to suck her niples till they were nice and hard and it would always get her in the mood he told me how he would like to suck on them and see how hard they woud get it was like we were teasing each other he asked if I would let someone else enjoy touching her tits I told him they were just for me to enjoy Thats when he asked if she got nice and wet when i was sucking her nipples I told him yes she gets so slippy when horny.

We both had huge hardons by this time and he said that he could see I enjoyed speaking about my wife would I mind if he watched while I played with her tits I told him she would not let him watch He said she would not need to know and that he would watch from along the beach it would be so horny for both of us dont you think I sort of agreed he said ok wait till the beach gets quieter and see if you enjoy doing it and he headed off.

I could not get it out of my head what had I agreed to and it was making me quite horny thinking about it a few hours had passed and I could see him a good bit away and thought what the hell I looked around and there was nobody about I lent over Kim and gave her a kiss she said what was that for I told her that I just loved her and thats when I started to rub her tits Kim said dont people are about I looked around and said there is nobody watching and she relaxed I lent down to suck her nipple and wanted to see if he was watching us and found he was not there and was a bit disapointed but kept sucking anyway Kims nipples got all hard in my mouth I turned to kiss her and found the stranger only about 20' away behind it sort of shocked me and thrilled me at the same time and squeezed her tit so he could see how hard her nipple was he smiled and had his cock in his hand.

I was sort of frozen for a second holding my wifes tit up for his inspection this was a new experience for me and found I loved doing this Kims eyes were closed and enjoying what I was doing not knowing that so was somenoe else enjoying it My hand went down to her pussy and it was wet my finger slipped in so easy I loked up to see if he had noticed and he just nodded and started to move round without thinking I pushed Kims leg to open her up more knowing he was going to see more than i had ever emagined I would He kept walking while i watched him all the while rubbing Kims clit to get her to cum He had come closer now and was just below our feet and kims legs were wide apart I took my hand away so he could look at her wet pussy I started to kiss her so she could not see him and all the while wondering what he was doing Kims breathing was in gasps and I knew she was cumming and loke round he was on his knees my eyes could not believe what I was seeing a stranger masterbating inbetween my wifes legs and he shot his load and some of it landed on her leg I just rubbed it in so she would not feel it and ended up puting it into her pussy .

Kim opened her eyes and said that was so nice but we were mad and we could have been caught I told her it was ok I was keeping watch I looked around but he was gone and I sighed with relief that Kim never knew what I had done.

Nice start to our holiday.