Written by Chrissy

24 Oct 2011

Rod and I met at University in 2000, when we were both nineteen and in our second year. My parents were unable to give me much financial support so during the first year I had done bar work, waitressing, and similar jobs to earn money. Returning after the summer holidays my first priority was to find a job, even back then it wasn't easy and although I found bar work it didn't pay much. I sometimes worked with Rod and asked if he knew of any extra work. “Depends what you're prepared to do” he told me. I told him more or less anything provided it was legal.

It must have been about a week later, I was using the university fitness suite and I noticed him watching me. I found him attractive so carried on, bending so my shorts were tight over my bum, stretching, sticking my tits out, that sort of thing. I was a size 10, with 32d tits, a pert little bum, shapely quite muscular legs. Eleven years on, I'm still a size 10, regularly visit the Gym, and my body is probably more toned now, my stomach flatter, though my tits are now 32c. I finished showing off and Rod came over, invited me to go for a drink. We went to the bar, chatted for a while, he enquired if I was still looking for work and when I told him I was he explained that he earned extra working for an agency providing stripagrams, asking if I was interested. I had my doubts, but he told me more and the idea of earning as much or more for just taking my clothes off, as I earned in several hours bar work was tempting, so I agreed to go with him to the agency the next afternoon.

I wore my usual mini skirt and top, with a sexy, matching lace panties and bra underneath, expecting that I would be asked to pose. The “interview” lasted about 20 minutes, during which I stripped, dancing naked in front of Rod and the agency owner. I had expected to be embarrassed, being nude, but the most embarrassing thing was that I actually got turned on by the situation and my pussy got very wet and I could feel my juices starting to trickle down my legs. If he noticed he didn't say anything, just asked when I could start. I told him immediately and he said he'd arrange with me to go with another girl first to be shown the ropes, adding as we left, “Shave your pussy before your first job” then with a dirty grin “The punters will be able to see how wet your cunt is”

Rod came with me when I did my first solo job about a fortnight later, my pussy freshly shaved and feeling quite moist before I even started. It went well, and being my first time I remember it. I'd stripped and was naked except for stockings, suspenders and heels. I was dancing in front of the birthday boy, could feel my pussy was really wet and started caressing my body, squeezing my tits, my hands moving closer to my pussy, stroking my smooth mound, until my fingertips brushed against my clitoris. I think I almost came I was so excited. I moved my hands to my thighs, slowly bending over, legs, parted exposing my cunt to all, then crouched down, legs spread wide. I could feel my nipples poking out hard as I moved my fingers either side of my pussy and pulled my hole open, displaying my pink wetness to around 25 guys, pushing my fingers inside my cunt, fingering myself. I let them all get a good look, lifting my fingers to my mouth, sucking my cunt juices off, debating with myself whether to continue and masturbate until I orgasmed, while they watched. I'd have liked to, but just stroked and fingered my pussy and caressed my tits stopping when I was close to cumming. I finished, laid on my back, legs up in the air, spread wide, displaying my gaping cunt to them, then grabbed my clothes and left with Rod. In the taxi back to my house I was so randy I'd have let Rod fuck me in the back of the car, but instead I stroked his cock through his Levi's, while he had a hand inside my panties rubbing my pussy, the driver glancing in his mirror when I came. I took Rod up to my room where we fucked for the first time.

We started going out with each other from then on. He'd sometimes come with me to bookings, particularly if it was someone who hadn't booked with the agency before. I’d sometimes go and watch him, enjoying the hen nights, particularly when some of the girls got carried away and sucked his cock. With his encouragement, my performances got dirtier, and for an extra tip I would masturbate or use toys to fuck myself, though after the first time I didn't need any encouraging, because I found being watched masturbating so arousing and sexually exciting. On occasions, I went further if I liked the look of a guy, getting his cock out, squeezing it between my boobs for a tit fuck, though stopping before they came.

Only once did I go further. I had been booked for a stag do and when I arrived, the best man took me to one side and asked me to give the groom a blow job. I told him that I wouldn't, but he pressed me, said they'd had a whip around, £150 I think. It was enough to have my computer repaired, I took the money, put on a really dirty show, masturbating, used a dildo and a beer bottle to fuck my soaking pussy before getting to work on the groom. I sat on his lap, wriggling my bum against his stiffening prick, then undid his shirt, licking down his body while undoing his belt, unzipping him. Crouching down I pulled his boxers down, wrapped my fingers around his cock wanking him fully erect. I was so aroused being watched, I opened my legs and used my other hand to hold my pussy open then started fingering my dripping hole whilst licking his length. I could hear his mates cheering me on, encouraging me to give him a blow job, the groom half heartedly telling me to stop, whilst at the same time trying to push his prick in my mouth. I saw Rod watching, nodding for me to go ahead so I parted my lips, took his cock in my mouth, sucking hard as I slowly engulfed his cock sucking him deep. He couldn't stop himself I felt his throbbing cock, moving as he pushed in and out fucking my mouth. I could feel my own orgasm building, as I pushed my fingers in my cunt, four fingers in my hole, my thumb rubbing my clit, excited by having an audience. I was about to go further, mount him and ride his pole, desperate to have a cock inside me, and fuck him in front of everyone, when his cock twitched in my mouth and he came. I swallowed his spunk but was close to cumming, my pussy soaked in juices, in urgent need of a cock.

I couldn't wait to get home for a shag, so practically dragged Rod into the toilets, were he fucked me in one of the cubicles, the door wide open, watched by about six guys who'd followed, guessing what we were going to do. As Rod fucked me I called out to the guys to get their pricks out and wank. With Rod's cock buried in my cunt, fucking me hard and deep, six guys I'd never met before wanking I soon reached orgasm, two of the guys reaching out and supporting me as I came, almost collapsing as Rod pumped my pussy full of spunk. I couldn't stop myself, I'd never done anything like it before, but as Rod withdrew from my cunt I pulled one of the guys closer and told him to fuck me. He entered my sodden hole sliding his cock up me as I heard myself tell the others, to keep themselves hard because I wanted them all to have me. I pulled one to my mouth sucking him, reached out squeezing one of the others heavy balls, wrapping my fingers around his impressive 8 or 9 inch prick, keeping hold of it, intending to save him for last, as one after the other, they fucked me. I heard and saw others coming in to use the urinals, then stay to watch me being fucked, bent over a sink.

I'd been fucked six times, my cunt flooded with creamy spunk and I wanted the the big lad. Despite having just been fucked by Rod and five other guys, I felt my cunt stretching as he penetrated me from behind, his cock tight in my fuck hole as he slid his prick up me until it must have been almost touching my cervix. He started slowly, pulling almost out, stopping with just the tip in my cunt. I felt his hands spreading my bum cheeks, then a wet finger touching my anus and being pushed up my arse. He worked his finger in my bum then slowly slid his cock back up me, filling my cunt with his fat cock. He steadily fucked me, his finger poking my bum as I frigged my clitoris, feeling his thick hard cock, sliding against my fingertips as he rammed me faster, soon having me moaning loudly, begging him to fuck me harder, to cum inside my cunt. I heard someone banging on the toilet door trying to get in. I glanced over my shoulder, there must have been 14 or 15 lads, including the ones who'd already had me, stopping the door opening, all watching me fuck. Seeing them watching me was enough to send me over the top. I reached climax, groaning as he fucked me harder, slammed his cock inside me fucking me hard. I felt his cock, pulsing in my cunt as he came, a spurt of sperm shooting inside me with his last three or four thrusts, adding his spunk to the mixture running from my hole. He pulled out and I hung on to the sink, looking down between my legs, at the spunk dangling from my pussy and running down my thighs. I felt a cock nudging my bum, then sliding inside my pussy as one of the new arrivals started fucking me. I turned my head, looking at him and the others, “You can all fuck me if you want. Just don't let any more in” I told them. They all fucked me in turn, cumming inside me and to my delight the guy with the large cock managed to get erect again and fucked me a second time after all the others.

Afterwards I cleaned myself up while Rod went and fetched my clothes and I dressed ready to leave, well fucked and £150 richer. It was one of the last jobs I did before exams and leaving university, but certainly the most memorable. It was also my one and only gang bang, in fact the only time I took multiple cock and I would often masturbate, even after I married, thinking about that night. At least masturbating, whilst fantasising I was being fucked by several men, was as far as it went until recently. About six months ago I accepted a promotion which means being away from my husband all week. For the first two or three months, my fingers and vibrators worked overtime, that is until one evening I was out having a drink when someone tapped me on the shoulder. Rod, who I hadn't seen for about 8 years, was standing there, as handsome and sexy as I remembered. Did we have some catching up to do!!!! If you want I'll post what happened another day.