Written by willy

16 Nov 2008

A few years back when I was still with the ex we had an agreement that we could play away if and when we felt the urge as long as we where open and told each other of our bit of fun on the side.

So on such an occasion I had heard about a small country park near Wrexham that was known for it\'s secluded paths into the woods with a few grass meadows where lovers went to play,so on this nice sunny day I was up that way so decided to take a look.

I drove up a country lane to the far side of the woods and parked up by a style leading to a path,so off I went and found a site map of the park just as a middle aged couple D & J walked past me.

The man D said hello so I turned to reply with a smile,when I looked at his wife J my cock gave a twitch as she was dressed in just a thin white semi see through summer dress with buttons all the way down the front but she was not wearing anything else under it.

She had undone about four of the top buttons and had left the bottom four or five buttons open to,she just had a couple fastened about her waste leaving not much to the imagination but as the sun was behind her I could see her naked body no problem and they both knew what I was looking at.

He asked had I been here before so I told them it was my first visit so he offered to show me a few nice walks I said that would be great so off we strolled up a path till we came to a style.

He asked me to go first and help his wife J on the other side,I turned just as he was helping her onto the step he pushed her dress up around her hips as he lifted her giving me a clear view of her shaved pussy that was just about my head height.

As she stood on the step smiling down at me I raised my hands to grip her waist but made sure I kept her dress around her hips,J lent forward to place her hands on my shoulders and her tits came into view but as I lifted her slender frame I got my first smell of her sexy body as I took her weight holding her close to me as I lowered her down to the floor.

D smiled at me and said hey she liked that but I think you can let her go now at which I realised I was still holding her close to me but she never flintched when I slowly lowered my hands but slid them down her sexy rear feeling her soft arse as I went.

D said they often came her because it was secluded and he was a bit of a camera buff who liked to take pics of J as nature intended when she sunbathed naked in the top meadow,J asked had I ever sunbathed naked as they loved it but I just said well there is always a first time and she said I like a man who does his own thing and gave me a sexy smile.

We walked and up a hilly path till we came to a grassy meadow with a steep drop on the far side into a stream,J made as though she was a bit scared of the drop and took my hand as D went ahead,I put my other hand around her waist pulling her closer to me J then held my hand and pushed it lower down her hips and said thats better.

I took the hint and pulled her dress up as we walked,I run my hand between her cheeks and run my fingers between her sexy legs till I slid into her moist pussy at this point D turned and asked J if she was ok,J replyed with a breathless yes as I pulled my hand away quick.

D then asked me if it would be ok to take some pics of the two of us just to remember the day,J turned and said mmmm that would be nice I just said fine by me,D turned to carry on up the path and said ok you two can carry on helping each other up to the top.

J turned to face me and said she was so horny and began to undo the remaining buttons on her dress and slowly opened it to show me her all over tanned body,her skin was smooth as silk as I slid my hands inside her dress and gently touched her firm soft breasts for the first time,J looked up at me as I pulled her into me and hissed I\'m going to enjoy this as I kissed her mmmm I said so am I lady.

We broke away so we could get up to the meadow as fast as we could and found D already naked as he lay on a blanket,J took my hand and walked over to a tree turning to look at me as she leaned back onto it and slowly opened her legs to run her hands over her sexy body while I began to strip.

D began to click away on his camers as I walked over to his wife my cock aching to slide into her juicey pussy,my lust was taking over as I could only think of giving this sexy woman a good fuck that she wanted.

We kissed wide mouthed as we tongue fucked each other my cock rubbed between us against her belly as she gasped as she felt how hard my cock was against her,J groaned and pushed her cunt mound hard onto my cock so I dry fucked my cock up and down her smooth skin.

J stood on tip toes put her arms around my neck and pulled her body up mine till my cock went between her legs and I felt her hot cunt lips rub slowly over the top of my cock head leaving her love juice as she inched onto my cock.

I put my hands under her thighs and gripped her arse opening her thighs wider as I began to pump my cock slowly into her,J hissed at D his cock feels so so good inside me Babe,are you going to eat me when hes finished fucking me mmmm you know you want to eat me oohh fuck me harder please give it to me.

My cock was now slamming into her sloppy cunt as she leaned back onto the tree forcing her mound back onto my cock,she bit into my neck as her orgasm hit her my legs where now taking all her weight as she went stiff and screamed for me to fuck her.

I never even thought about what D was doing but I heard the camera clicking and him telling her things like she was a sexy slut and to fuck him good.

My balls began to tighten as I shot my load deep inside her cunt,her pussy gripped my cock hard as we both went stiff,she wimpered as she came down to earth gasping air into her lungs making her tits rise and fall against my chest as I fell into her my loins drained my cock still twitching inside her.

Our eyes met as we kissed a tender kiss that said thank you to each other,I pulled out of her and lowered her legs to the ground and stepped back to gaze upon this sexy woman,her hand went to my cock and slowly stroked it saying my my did we make all that lovely love juice and began to smile.

I turned to see D still taking pics put wanking his cock at the same time,he came over handed me his camera and asked me to take some pics of them as he played with her.

He walked over to his wife who was still leaning against the tree with her legs wide open for him,J opened her legs wider as she opened her pussy lips for him to eat her,D dropped to his knees and burried his head between her thighs as he tongued her cunt clean of our juice.

J looked at the camera as I snapped away her face said it all as she pumped her pussy hard onto his mouth her hands gripping his hair hard as she called him a dirty bastard who likes to watch her getting fucked by strangers then to clean her with his tongue and eat there juices.

J again went stiff as she whimpered as her orgasm hit her,D thrust his fingers between her slit forcing his thumb up her cunt lips and his fingers along her arse and began to bite her clit making her curse him but asked him not to stop.

D was wanking his cock hard now as he gently lapped her pussy and slowly took his hand out of her pussy,he then stood up put his cock inside her thrust into her a couple of times and shot his load inside her.

They kissed a sloppy sexy open mouthed kiss as they both licked there love juice off each other,D groping her and caressing her as lovers do and J purring like a cat,my cock was again hard at the scene I had just watched.

D took her hand and led her over to the blanket D lay on his back and told her to suck his cock,J got down on all fours and took his semi hard cock into her mouth and began to give him a slow sexy BJ,I was still taking the odd pic but seeing her like that I had to fuck that pussy again so gave D his camera back went behind her sexy arse and rubbed my aching cock up and down her sloppy cunt lips a few times till she begged me to fuck her again.

I just gripped my cock and rammed into her making her squeal with lust as she pushed her pussy back at every thrust I gave her,I gripped her hips hard as I pulled her back onto my cock time and time again my loins slapping against her arse as I rammed into her,D screamed as he shot his load into her mouth J opened her mouth wide as she gave him a deep throat BJ.

I could hold on no more as my cock exploded inside her she reached between her legs and gripped my aching balls gently squeezing them till I had finished.

I collapsed on top of her making her fall onto D as she became the filling between us,we where all gasping for air as I rolled off her.

We all lay there soaking up the rays as she slowly caressed our cocks we both fondled her sexy body kissing her and gently biting her body till it was time to go.

I met D & J several times after that and each time was as good as the first mmmm but Ill save them for another time ? let me know if anybody knows D & J so we can comper notes ok mmmm