Written by insatiable_girl

16 Sep 2012

I've been with my husband since I was 19, I'm 31 now. We met at uni and I'm not really sure how we got into it but somehow we decided that watching the other person have sex would be the horniest thing ever. I think it might have been my suggestion. We lived it out for the first time just before we left uni when I picked a guy up in a club and asked him back for some drinks. My then boyfriend went to the toilet only to come back to find this guy fucking my arse, something my boyfriend had never done, and 12 years later still only been allowed maybe 3 or 4 times since.

I was a member of some of the early swingers websites but web connections were still slow dial ups back then and digital cameras were not affordable yet. I got more of a slut as technology improved. My boyfriend got a job where he worked shifts, I got a fuck buddy to keep me entertained when he was working lates and nights.

Stu was about 10 years older than me and had a massive cock, probably the biggest I've ever had, and I have had a few now. He lived just round the corner and was extremely handy. I'm not sure my husband knows exactly how often I popped round when he was at work but he certainly got to watch Stu fuck me a few times, he'd stop off at mine on the way home from a night out often. One night I popped round on the way out before meeting friends and was surprised that Stu had another guy there who he introducd as his mate Paul. Soon I was sitting on Stu's lap and he was lifting my top up to say, have a look at her gorgeous tits Paul. Next he wanted to show Paul my arse and my tight pussy and I was duly bent over for inspection. Deemed satisfactory, they shared me until I had a pussy full of cum and a mouthful as well and I kissed them both goodbye before they went for some beers and I went off to get the train for my night out in London.

After a bit Stu got a girlfriend and moved away, I got married and had a baby and stopped picking up men for a bit when I was pregnant and after the birth.

Stu still owned a flat in my local area and he got in touch to say he and some friends were down in the area and could they meet me for old times' sake. There were 5 guys and I met them in a hotel room, I got there first. There was a knock on the door, and having not seen Stu for a couple of years he came straight in and very shortly I was on my knees with cocks lining up to get in me from behind. Fuck, said one of them at one point as I was riding his cock, your tits are leaking! I was still breastfeeding my baby and something about being so turned on had triggered my tits to start pouring milk over the guy I was riding. No time to be embarrassed, Stu's friend Paul who had been so appreciative of me a couple of years ago was there sucking and slurping away drinking my milk as his mates fucked me. It was a quick meet as most of the lads had wives and girlfriends who were out in the town and the guys had slipped away for a quick "boys drink".

I was the entertainment on a couple of lads' nights out in the next year or so, I believe the nights were organised around my availability. I got to stay the night next time, and didn't get much sleep as they took turns to fuck me. In the morning as they had bacon sandwiches downstairs I stayed upstairs, and they took turns to come up for me to suck them. Another time I travelled two hours to a town where I stayed in a hotel room with 4 of them. We went out for drinks first and I thought the bouncer was going to throw us out when he saw me at the table having a bottle slipped under my short skirt but he just moved so he was blocking us from view of the rest of the club and enjoyed the show.

I've not met them now for over 3 years and have had another baby so had a little break from meeting for a while. My youngest is 2 now and in the last year once I got back into my size 10 jeans I started feeling sexy again and getting that overwhelming urge to find a willing cock. My husband is completely understanding of my need to get fucked by strangers. I prefer him to make love to me after I've been fucked like a slut. I ask his permission when I'm riding his cock, asking if he's sure that he doesn't mind his wife getting fucked, and as I cum on his cock I apologise for being such a slut, explaining I just love cock too much. Luckily it keeps him very happy to know that his wife enjoys herself so much. I don't humiliate him, I always get permission although it may be a bit manipulative when I ask permission in bed. I also think he may know that he doesn't have a huge amount of choice about it, although I maintain the charade of asking.

I am fussy with who I meet, and seem to get plenty of messages from the sites to choose from. I have a few local regular guys and some near my place of work as well, who I fuck after work while my husband puts our children to bed. I have a professional job now, and I like to wear slutty underwear under my skirt suit and get fucked after work as a way to unwind. I keep a tart kit in my drawer at work so I can shave my pussy at work, and put on crotchless knickers and stockings before I meet a new guy in a wine bar.

Stu has been in touch again recently. He's married now and I think has kids, and most of his friends have settled down. They are having a rare boys night, in a town 4 hours from where I live - I'm going to make the journey and spent the night with them. They've asked if I can be there for the whole weekend but we've compromised with a night and the whole of the next day with my husband getting me back for the second night. I've been using condoms with my husband since my last baby, but I've made an appointment to see the doctor to get the pill, as I think they will all want to cum in me. Stu has asked if they can all want to cum in my arse as well, so I am planning to ask one of my local fuck buddies if he wouldn't mind fucking my arse soon, so I can get in a bit of practice beforehand. I won't ask my husband, I'm not keen on him having anal with me. The last time I let him I think might actually have been the last time I met Stu and his mates as a thank you after for letting them have his wife all night.

2 weeks to go until my meet with Stu & his mates, please let me know if you'd like to hear about it afterwards xx