Written by Mike

21 Nov 2010

This story is a few years old now. I have always been bi, mmore gay than bi suppose. In my younger days I had a good body, very sporty. Hade first guy sex before I should have and then put myself about a bit a gay clubs and bars.When I went to university I was quite short of cash, being a student in London is expensive. One day in my first term I went to meet a mate who was working at a five star hotel in the Wesy End, he was working and we were going for a drink when he finished. I sat in on of the bars, I ordered an orange juice and sat lookig round. I was dressed in tight white jeans, summer shoes no socks, short sleave shirt and was feeling relaxed.

After a while a guy came over to me and asked if he could sit down and join me I said OK. As he sat I looked at him he was an arab about mid thirties I guess fit guy with strong hands. We chatted he bought me a vodka to go with my orange juice, and asked me if I was there for business, I said of course (not really knowing what he meant Said good and went to get a drink, my mate who was working at the bar came over and said he thinks you are on the game, and I so oh ok, and he told me what to charge. The guy came back and ask me to his room, in the lift he had his hand on my arse rough sqeezing it. When we got to his most amazing room; he offered me £200 and told me to strip my clothes off and he did the same, he had a good body with a lovely thick cock, he told me to get on my knees and suck him, he held my head and face fucked me, he then turned me onto my face on the bed and got his belt and used it accross by buttocks about five or six times really hurting me then he turned me over put some pegs on my nipples and sucked my cock, after a short time he raised my legs over his shoulders and put some lub on and gentley put his cock inside me and started to fuck me hard, over vthe next two hours I rode him, and he fucked my arse doggy. He was rough but I enjoyed it and got paid too.

Over the next three years I worked as a pro about three times a week. I had a lot of business at that hotel my friend acting as a pimp, also worked as a male massage for a gay agency, and also getting picked up in gay bars in Leicester Square Close Encounters was always good for business but sadly closed down. I was fucked by some really ugly and horrid men, some kinky guys who wanted me to dress in sex lingerie and some really horny men. I love every second or mostly anyway.

I still will act the slut for men and couples, like to be used. Older more experienced and still as dirty