Written by Manchester Guy

22 Sep 2014

I suppose we all have a favourite wank fantasy - the one that never fails to get you off. You use it sparingly as you fear it might get worn out through over use. I have a couple but this true story never fails to get me spurting

My ex-wife volunteered to work as a phone 'counsellor' as a student in Birmingham. She was 20. They mostly dealt with homesick students, freshers worried about their courses etc. They occasionally got calls from students with relationship problems or sexual problems. They'd also get calls, usually in the middle of the night, from older men who clearly were not students and who wanted phone sex. If she was alone, or if her co-worker was asleep in the next room she'd occasionally go along and listen. Sometimes she even got turned on. Once or twice she said she'd pull her jeans down and rub her clit listening to men tell her about their fat cocks and what they'd do to her if they could. She'd never let on to them that she was wanking and just listened, occasionally giving simple answers to things like:

"How big are your tits?"

"Tell me what knickers you're wearing"

Stuff like that.

This usually happened at least once a night (the sex calls) and some nights, especially weekends around 1am, there'd be multiple calls. On one Friday night, after it had been particularly quiet, the guy working with her asked her if she could cover for him as he wanted to go out to a club for the last hour or so. She said that was okay as it'd been a dull night and he may as well stay out and make a night of it. And off he went. She wasn't planning anything, it just didn't seem to warrant them both being there.

She read her book, made tea, and answered a couple of routine calls. Then around 3 she got a call. The instant she answered she knew it as a sex call. The man's voice was heavy, almost croaky, his breathing heavy.

"Hello" she said

"Hello" he answered.

"Can I help you? Are you okay?" she went on.

There was silence. His breathing steady and heavy. She knew he was wanking.

"I just wanted to talk" he said after 30 seconds.

"That's okay ... what about?"

Silence again. He cleared his throat. She could sense he wanted to tell her.

"Its okay", she said, "It's all confidential"

"Are you alone?" he said.

She hesitated. They were not supposed to reveal if they were alone.

"Yes, I am" she said.

Again he was quiet. Then he said,

"Can we talk about sex?".

It was Karen's turn to go quiet now. Then she said, almost in a whisper,


"How old are you?" he said instantly.

"20 ... you?"

"I'm older than that", He said, "... a lot older."

"How old?" she was guessing he was about 40.

"I'm 55" he said. "Is that too old"

"No, that's fine" she said.

"Tell me what you are wearing" he went on

"Jeans. A t-shirt." She answered.

"... and under those?" he replied.

"bra, knickers."

"Tell me what they are like" he said. "Skimpy?"

"Yes. Very skimpy." she replied. She felt her pussy suddenly become very sticky. And her hand fell to her waist. She undid the button on her jeans and pulled at the zip. Her hand slipping down to her knickers.

"Take your jeans off" he said. He was pushing it, she thought, but she wanted to anyway.

"Okay" she added. She kicked of her trainers and struggled out of her jeans.

"They're off" she said and slumpe3d back into the chair, opening her thighs as her fingers touched her wet pussy lips through her knickers.

She could hear him coughing and moving about. Then he cam aback to the phone.

"I'm very hard" he told her.

"Huh huh" she responded. Not knowing what to say.

"Its so hard, like a poker."

Eventually she had to ask.

"Is it big?"

"8 inches." he replied "And thick"

Her heart pounded. Her hands almost trembling.

"I'm rubbing it now. So fucking horny ... what are you doing?"

"I'm stroking myself" she said.

"Tell me" he commanded

"Just rubbing through my knickers." She heard him groan.

"That's lovely" he said, "are you wet?"


"Mmmmm" he replied. "My balls are heavy with cum. My dick is soooo hard"

"Nice" was all she could think to say.

"Are you going to cum?" he asked.

"I think so" she said. She knew she was.

There was a pause. Then he said,

"Do you want to fuck me?"

She didn't reply, however, her fanny was soaked. Yes, she wanted his cock in her, but she couldn't bring herself to say it.

"I know where your office is. The address is in the advert. I can be there in 15 minutes."

Twenty minutes later. The office door bell buzzed. She went down the stairs to let him in. There was an uneasy, embarrassed air as she let him in and went up the stairs in front of him. In the office they stood facing each other. She'd got dressed again. He was about 6ft, grey hair, slim but well built. Her heart was racing again.

"I don't even know your name" he said.

"K - Karen", she said.

He took his coat off, dropped it to the floor and said,

"Take your clothes off".

She stripped off her jeans and t-shirt. Then her bra.

"Keep your knickers on" he said.

He walked towards her and pulled her too him, his hands grabbing her arse. His head dropped to her tits and he licked and sucked on her nipples. Her legs were weak with lust as he licked from nipple to nipple and his fingers rubbed roughly through he knickers.

"You're fucking soaking" he said.

"Yes" she murmured.

He stood back, told her to sit on the couch and stripped away his jogging bottoms and t-shirt. He was tanned, mostly hairless with a tangle of blondish pubes around his thick cock. He went to her, rubbing his cock as he did so and went down on his knees between her legs. He pulled her arse towards him and immediately put his mouth over the knicker-clad pussy gently nibbling it. She could feel his lips and tongue all over her slit and rubbing over her clit.

"I've a daughter your age" he said, then standing up added " take your knickers off"

Karen slid her knickers off. He lay down on the carpet and motioned for her to come to him.

"Kneel over my head" he said

She dropped to her knees over his head, facing his torso and now erect cock. She felt his hands on her buttocks as he tongue dived into her vagina. He licked her vulva with long, deliberate strokes, the full breadth of his tongue, then would concentrate on her clitoris giving it deft, fast strokes. She grunted, pressed down onto his mouth and came.

She slumped over his chest, one hand on his stiff, swollen dick. He hadn't lied - it was big and thick. His foreskin had pulled right back and a large shiney knob-end looked like it was ready to explode. She stroked his shaft and balls as he continued to lick her, and then pulling his foreskin all the way back she took his knob-end in her mouth, and cupping his heavy shaved balls she began to move her head up and down, her tongue running all over his marble-hard dick.

After just a few minutes of this he rolled her off him and onto her back, scrambling between her thighs. She lay there and lifted her head to see him stroking his fat dick as his other hand played with her pussy lips. The sheer lust on his face turned her on so much. Here was this married man, old enough to be her father, almost uncontrollable with sexual lust about to fuck her with the thickest dick she'd ever seen. He inched forward til she felt the bell-end nudge between her wet, puffy lips, stretching her open. Then he slid into her soaking hole, coating his veiny shaft with her cum juices. She bit her lip as his dick stretched her wide open and felt him deep, deep inside her.

"Fucking hell that's tight", he hissed.

Then he began to slowly move in and out, slowly at first then a bit faster. She lifted her head again and saw her labia distended and wrapped tightly round his swollen penis, each stroke of his pulling them up and down his glistening shaft. It was the horniest thing she'd ever seen, It felt fantastic as his bell-end nudged into the cervix on the inward stroke. And then he leant over her, pressing his weight against her smooth skin and kissed her. She responded and as their tongues wrapped round each other, and his dick pounded her pussy,she cam again.

"Fucking hell" she cried "I'm cumming"

He gritted his teeth and pounded her fast and hard, and within 20 strokes pulled out and groaning, shouted "Shit" as he pulled at his purple shaft and sprayed hot blobs of spunk over her belly and pubes.

He didn't leave til nearly dawn. After a short break he had her sucking him hard again before he wanked off standing over her as she sat in a chair licking his balls. He then licked her til she cam twice more. And then finally just as he was leaving he stood in front of her, fully clothed but with his jogging bottoms pulled down slightly and tossed off for her again.