Written by Mark

10 Feb 2014

I was 19 and starting the same uni as my mate Adam. We had known each other all our lives and we had decided to rent a house together near the campus. This was both our first experience away from home. We were both decent looking lads but to be honest hadn't had loads of experience with girls. I'm 6-2 tall good toned body and have a good size 8" cock. We got settled and a couple of months in Adam dropped a bombshell on me that he had spoke to his parents and decided to join the military. I should have seen it coming as he does come from a well off family with a big military background. There wasn't a lot I could say and helped my best mate move out to pursue his dream. Once he had gone reality set in that here I was in this 3 bed house how the hell was I gonna pay for it all. Not wanting my parents thinking I was struggling I racked my brains for ideas to raise extra cash. I then thought to get some house mates and put out a few adverts for the rooms. I soon had a lot of response.

One of the first people to respond was a girl called Eva who spoke with a foreign accent over the phone. She turned up the next day and when I opened the door I thought all my birthdays come at once. She was about 5-5 tall long dark hair nice size tits and a firm round bum which looked great in her jeans. She loved the house and she was really easy to get on with turns out her accent was Spanish . We had a chat about the price ect and she agreed to moved in at the weekend. She then asked about the third room I said I was hoping to rent that as well to make it cheaper all round. She mentioned she had a friend who would be interested I said great when can she come and look. Eva rang her friend and came off the phone saying she would be here in 10 mins if that's ok. Fine with me. We sat having a coffee when the door went I opened it and Eva introduced her friend as Roxana another Spanish girl. She was about 5-6 tall blonde highlighted hair slim figure bit quite big tits for her frame. We all went round the house together and she soon agreed to move in at the weekend with her mate. As I chatted to them some more I asked why they wanted to move from there current place and they both said they were looking for somewhere quieter away from the heavy drinking student culture.

The weekend soon came and Eva and roxy settled in. It was weird how our different timetables meant at times we were hardly in the house at the same time. As pretty as they both were they both didn't seem bothered about bringing men back etc. Sometimes I would be sat in my room and could here them chatting away in Spanish to each other.

They had been living in the house 3 weeks all was going great we all felt comfortable around each other there wasn't any awkwardness which was great. It was a Tuesday morning thinking I was home alone I walked from my bedroom to the bathroom naked not closing the door. I was in the shower cubicle minding my own when out of the blue I heard good morning. I turned to see Eva in the doorway giggling. I kinda froze as it turned and noticed Eva open her mouth as she glanced down at my shaven cock that's a good 6" flaccid. Oh my she said as I covered it with my hands. Didn't know you were here I said in shock. It's ok don't worry I'll leave you to it as she pulled the door to with a smile. I finished up and went down stairs where both girls were in the kitchen in there dressing gowns. As I walked in the kitchen they both looked and giggled. I'm sorry about that I said as I walked in its ok Eva said we all live here and we shouldn't be shy or uncomfortable around each other we always walk about in our underwear at our old place roxy nodded in agreement. They could both see me blushing. Roxy had to be at a lecture and got on her way. As I made breakfast I apologised again to Eva. Don't be silly she said I'm not fussed if you walk about naked or in your boxers I said the same to her an said she's right. With that Eva said ok let's get it over and done with. With that she opened her dressing gown and dropped it on the kitchen floor standing infront of me in a red bra and thong. I just looked in amazement at an amazing body ok now you she said take them off. I did as she said stripping to just my boxers. There we go Eva went on nothing to be shy about in our home. I nervously laughed and carried on making the coffee. I couldn't help but look at Eva's bum as she walked through to the living room. She had a big firm bum her thong looked tiny on her. Finishing the coffee I walked I the living room placed the cups on the table and sat opposite her on the sofa hoping she hadn't noticed my boxers bulging with my semi hard cock. It was soon rock hard straining against my tight boxers. Eva just looked and laughed. Is that hurting she said a little I replied. Take them off she said cheekily. I declined go on let it out I've seen one before you know don't be shy. After a little more persuasion I did. I stood up and Eva watched as my rock hard 8" sprang out. Your a big boy arnt you she said giggling. Did I do that she asked. I couldn't help it I replied you have an amazing body I love your bum. She laughed and stood up turning around so I could see her bum. She looked over her shoulder to see my cock twitching. Come here she said. I stood up and walked to centre of the room we kissed my cock pressing against her stomach before slowy dropping to her knees. Looking up at me she smiled before licking my balls up my shaft to my tip then watching for a second as my cock bobbed up and down as a reaction. Slowly she took me in her mouth as far as she could. She soon got in to a rhythm I held the back of her head as she slowly bobbed up and down the length of my cock. It felt amazing and I was soon beginning to thrust my hips in and out of her mouth. After a couple of mins of her suckin I held her head still and began to fuck her mouth. It wasn't long before I could feel myself ready to explode. Not sure what to do at the last minit I pulled my cock out literally as the first squirt of cum came out landing on her chest an floor I aimed my cock at her face and another 3 long shots of cum left my cock.

When I stopped coming a suprised looking Eva looked up a me and said feel better now. Before I could say anything all I heard was Eva coming from over my shoulder. We both looked towards the doorway and realised that roxy hadn't left yet and had only been upstairs getting ready to go as she was only in her gown when I came down. Neither of us knew what to say Eva standing up trying to wipe my cum off her with her hands. Roxy just began to laugh saying that's so bad your guys are naughty before turning and walking out the front door.

This is the first of many fun times we had in the house! Let me know what you think