Written by ruth

18 Jun 2009


i would just like to tell you all what happened to me few nites ago im a female student studying art and crafts at mk college and being a student i dont have alot of money so i was told by friends that i could ask for a student loan ,which i did and was told that i have to be at least in college for about 5months before i could have this loan :( anyway me and a friend was messing about on her cam when this guy who she had been chatting too said do you girls like to make an older guy happy we said by doing what we knew what he was after so i said in abit of fun only if you pay for what fun your looking for when he said that he would well all i could then think about how much would he pay anyway we did alittle strip for him on cam but the next nite we met him and my friend ended up leaving early and i stayed he seem very nice we had drinks and then he said lets go for a drive which i agreed it was a pretty warm evening i was wearing this mini skirt and a very small crop top he said that i was making him very horny so i thought i would make him more hornie i sat in the seat and just opened my legs abit enough to see my white thong and then i told him that i was getting very wet he was really turning me on by this time we had stopped in some layby away from the road ,and we started to kiss i felt his hands go up my top and feel my tits which i love my tits played with and he was calling me his dirty little bitch which i love being called names i reached down to by this time a very huge cock unzipped him and took out his cock he was pushin my head down towards him as i licked around his cock and then took him deep in my mouth he was moaning like fuck as i gave him a good suck played with his balls and tried to get my finger in his bumhole while he had pulled my thong to one side and started to fingerfuck my tight little pussyhole i was cumming so much all over his fingers then he would pop them into my mouth while still sucking on him then he moved me off his cock and told me to sit on him so we both got into the baqck seat of his car then i rode deep and hard on his cock while he teased each nipple in his mouth as i rode on him the feel of his cock going deeper and deeper inside of my slutty hole i loved it he said that he could feel all my juices flow over his cock then nhe said ride me you fucking little tease mmmmmmmmmm then he came filling my pussyhole up then i reached down and gave him a good sucking i could taste my own juices and his spunk which i loved as he then fucked my mouth hard and fast pulling on my hair telling me what a fucking slut i was and that i was loving it then he came again i was gaggin on his cock by this time he said if he could have taken a pic on his fone a dirty little student slut mouth full of cum then he said bend over his car that is where he got behind me and gave my pussy alittle lick fingerfucked me hard then played with my pussy opening up my pussy hole wild and getting his tongue deep in the feeling of his tongue deep inside of me i was moaning screaming for him to fuck me which he then did fucked my tight arse while he fingerd my juicey wet drippin pussy fucked me deeper and deeper hard and fast till he came deep in my arse then he said would i be his little daytimne slut when ever he wanted a fuck oh and by the way i dont need the student loan now !