Written by sqwsmith

14 Jun 2010

Hi this started a month ago I keep a eye on my wife after some thing was not quite right

At the time life for me was good had work coming in ones more but Joan the wife was being nice letting me go to the pub and not getting on to me seemed okay if I had a night out with the lads things she objected to a lot before and our sex life had picked up she seemed to be horny a lot more but it was not to last a few weeks may be a couple of months

Then the sex side dropped off a bit till after a few weeks it was back to as it had been ones if I got lucky in two weeks may be but I was still going out and not getting moaned at

Then one weekend Joan had gone to the shops and left her phone at home it was ringing so I picked it up hello a blokes voice said I said hi and he cut me off I was confused and curious so looked in the phone and his number was Anne the name with it I couldn't think of any Anne's we know when Joan came home I never said any thing

I got to look at her phone a few days later it looked as if they are on the the phone a lot to each other which made me think so I started to keep an eye on things and Joan

I came home in the afternoon a couple of days later and came in the back door and she was on the phone I tried to listen but couldn't make much out she spotted me and hung up surprised I was home next time I got hold of her phone it was locked

After that she started to ask where my jobs where to get some idea of my ware about's in the day and my be when I would be home so I have been telling some lies as well as making sure I am not home till six each night I sit in the van to make sure its the same time each night

I drive by the house in the day time to see if any one is there but so fare it only been her car there or she is out the weather better had some nice days hot ones Joan loves the sun I come home she tells me she been out in the garden all day getting a tan which she looked as if she had low top on and looked a bit red a day later she had top on done up to neck and it was hot still when she had a shower I walked into the bathroom and could see marks on her neck and one tit before she turned round and told me to get out they looked like bits love bites I pretended not to notice in bed she had on pajamas buttoned up

A day later she asked where I was going I told her it was about fifty miles away I may be a bit late to night I was local my job was done by nine and went and parked in a street near home where I could see the house a couple of hours later her car came out I let it go and fallowed and as we got out in the country I had to keep back more and lost her so speeded up I got a glimpse of the car as went down a little lane I drove down she parked up in some trees I pulled off some way past in the woods and got out and walked to where I thought she was but got a bit lost on the way I found a path and was going down it as I spotted her and a bloke coming up it hand in hand I run to the left into a small open area and hid on the other side almost under a big bush and laid there

To my surprise and shock they walked almost up to me and looked round then sat down on the grass I had them almost in full view they talked quietly I could make some of it out it seemed as if it was me they where talking about she said he almost sore then bits you left on me I got way with it his not to bright like that but not on my neck any more he said have you let him shag you no not for three weeks his been after it he can wait

His hand came over and lifted her breast and rolled her nipple in his fingers she pulled the top over her head and took it off she had no bra on then lifting her bum wiggled her skirt off all she had on was stockings and laying back down told him to get his cloths off as well

He was standing as he striped looking down at Joan and smiling this the first time I got a good look at him but couldn't really recognise him or say I knew him left with only boxes on he had moved more side on as he pulled them down as he did this thing came out fuck its huge god its dam thick and not hard its bigger than me it swings out in the open as he sits down he has his back to me they are kissing I can see her arm moving to the side she must be rubbing it then she rolls him on his back and moves down his body lifting his cock leans in her tits swing nipples as hard as rock sticking out her fingers couldn't go all the way round it she rolls the foreskin back off the cock head a huge bell end bigger then the shaft like a mushroom on the end its a lot bigger now she has both hands wanking it in the middle one over the other and there are inches top and bottom it must be a foot long well it looks it

Her head comes down over the helmet but that about all she getting in her mouth he is hard now standing there like a babies arm with a fist fucking massive she is sucking licking loving it he must be fingering her at the same time after a time she swings her leg over him and pint the thing at her pussy she sits down but comes up and try again this happened a couple of times judging by her face its hurting her eyes are closed her mouth is open then a loud jesus christ fuck her body is lower she struggled then lifted a touch moving back down breathing hard panting tilting her head back mouth open impale her self on it almost forcing her self on to his dick gasping loudly she must of taken it a real look of pleaser on her face as she sits there fuck that big she says she lifts and start to ride it then he flips her over on her back then he hammer her legs in the air going for it she getting noisy moaning gasping as she climax lots of times it seems

He is thrusting really hard now she has arched up under him as he let out a loud gasp as he cums in her they lay there he rolls off they are kissing then lay still next this she say I need a wee and stand up walks over to where I am hiding squats down in front of me almost to piss her cunt is open stretched spunk is almost running out of it as she pee

She go's back him and lay down with him as they cuddle and kiss I move off back to my van