Written by Ajb77

21 Dec 2009

Hi all. I recently posted a story about me nearly becoming a cuckold.

Well, things are progressing in a direction of me becoming a sub to my wife. She has taken to treating me as a type of slave. I have to call her boss.

She now when kissing me, only allows me to open my mouth and be kissed. No tongue from me. I have to only receive hers. She tongues my mouth and takes greater pleasure from that then me kissing back. I have asked her to spit in my mouth too. I was nervous at first in asking but now she says she feels the power over me. She now just spits and asks me to come and get it. It gets me horny as hell and turns her on loads. I feel so inferior when she spits in my mouth. Wonderful.

Nipple biting is another one of our play times too now. My nipples mind you. She adores biting them till I cry out. She really goes to town on them. She rubs her clit while she and comes really hard. I often think of her being fucked from behind by another guy while shes biting me. She makes me beg to have my cock sucked, which she does so well.

The other night there I suggested she make me lick her arse. Knowing that this is a really submissive thing to be doing. She put on stockings(fishnet) red bra and high heels. She looked amazing. She knelt in front of me and ordered (if a little quietly) me to eat her ass. I hesitated and she told me again getting angry now. I ate it but didn t like it as much as I thought. She loved it though. She sat on my face at my asking and I was loving it. I ve asked nicely if she would have me wake to her sitting on my face smothering me. Shes thinking about it.

During our new found pleasures she has developed a taste for cum. She never before would consider allowing me to cum in her mouth but thats changed. Just before I cum, which she orders me to do, she says she gets seriously turned on. Every now and again she kisses pretty soon after I ve cum but I long for her to come straight up after I cum and spitting it all into my mouth. God the thought of it drives me nuts. I ve tasted it in small amounts before but never a whole load. I am too nervous to ask her to do it incase she thinks me weird but I d do anything she asked. If only she knew what I d be willing to do.

She has asked me to suggest something else for her to do seeing as she now swallows my cum. I cant think of anything just yet, but I will have to come up with something. Its just keeps on getting better.

The biggest turn on for me would be to suck a guy off just before he fucks her and have me tied up, taunting me while they went to town on each other. Just before he came she would wank him off into my mouth. Way off yet though I think. But you know the saying, all good things....

She has said that I shouldn t look at anyone else and only belong to her. This is tough as I have a wondering eye and have had many affairs. All of which I told her about. No secrets here! But oddly enough I have the feeling deep inside I will obey The Boss!! She is my Goddess !! I love to obey her.

Till next time.....